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Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada





Her sudden booming voice attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

Ryan immediately came to his senses and withdrew the force of his hand.

He picked up her hand, which was red from his firm grip, and gently rubbed it in distress.




Only then did Moussa see that the person standing at the door seemed to be Ryan.

She called out, her eyes a little red, “Ryan.”




Ryan shuddered at the sound of her voice and did not dare to look at her.

He just answered in a low voice, “Yes.”




“Great, you’re back.” Moussa was excited and rose to her feet, but Chelsea pressed her back to the cushion and warned in a slightly sour tone, “What are you excited about Sit properly.”




Moussa flattened her mouth but leaned back on the cushion as she looked concernedly at Ryan.

She immediately focused her eyes on their clasped hands, and her mouth gaped in surprise that Ryan had found a partner




Looking back to the small white hands, Moussa was even more surprised.

She was, surprisingly, a girl.

Oh my God.

Could she be, like her, from the modern world




“You … you …” Moussa was so excited that she could not speak.

It took her time to ask a complete sentence, “Are you from the 21st century ”




Tian Xin, being asked, was stunned.

Wasn’t it the twenty-first century Did it mean that she had crossed over very severely and came to a world that was hundreds of years ago




So Tian Xin asked, “What century is it now”




Moussa saw that she had not yet understood the situation, so she asked, “Do you know what computers, TVs, cars, buildings are” Although she had decided to stay in this world, she was the only woman here, making her feel lonely.

Meeting someone from the same world was more exciting than meeting someone from another dimension.




Chelsea frowned at her excitement, but he understood how she felt when she suddenly met someone of her own people.

He didn’t say anything to stop her but kept patting her back to try to calm her a bit.




“I know.” Tian Xin, who had not yet understood the situation, was a bit puzzled by her question.

Yet, she nodded and answered.




After Moussa confirmed that she was really from the modern world, her eyes reddened again.

She turned to Chelsea and said, “Chelsea, you and Ryan go ahead and get busy.

I’ll talk to … Um …” Moussa looked in Tian Xin’s direction.

She didn’t know her name yet, and no one had introduced her.




“My name is Tian Xin.” Tian Xin met her inquiring gaze and said aloud.




Moussa nodded at her.

She turned to Chelsea again, continuing, “Um, I have something to talk to Tian Xin about.”




“Hmm.” Chelsea nodded and stood up while instructing, “You have to be careful and not get too excited.” Then he took the lead and went out.




Ryan also patted Tian Xin’s hand.

He told her he would come to her later and followed Chelsea out.

After all, he had disappeared for such a long time and brought back a foreign female, so he had to tell the elders about it.


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