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Going Home

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The female under his arm was gone when he felt a gust of wind blow-by and then felt a pain in his hand.


Murdock was annoyed and looked around, wondering which one was looking for death to snatch the female from his hands.


He saw a blonde figure standing there with the tiny female in his arms ten paces away.

Murdock was shocked that the golden lion Ryan appeared.

Could the female be his partner, but he had not heard of him already having a partner


It was tricky, and Murdock was not sure he could beat the golden lion.

On second thought, this place was already very close to the Bear Clan’s territory.

There should be family members waiting to meet him at the border.


So he raised his head and let out a long and piercing whistle, signaling to the clan to close in on him.


When Ryan woke up and saw no sign of Tian Xin, he noticed that her smell was getting weaker, and he guessed that she might have escaped while he was asleep.

He was so anxious because it was too dangerous for a female to be alone in the forest.


If she encountered some lion beastmen out hunting, it would be better.

She had his smell on her body, so they would not do anything to her.

However, if she encountered those bears and tigers eyeing the lions, the situation would not be good.


Thinking of this, Ryan immediately got up and followed her scent while secretly vowing that she was his.

She belonged to him and only to him.

No one could covet her.

Initially, it was because he yielded that he lost Moussa.

This time he wouldn’t let anything happen, not to mention that he had already had intercourse with her.

He would seed her as soon as possible so that she would be pregnant with his child and never leave him again.


When he was about to catch up with her, he suddenly smelled the scent of a male.

It was not very strong and seemed to be deliberately masked.

Ryan could not be sure which clan it was, whether there were really other males around, or just the smell of males passing by.


But he immediately slowed down the speed, looking for some strong-smelling plants in the vicinity to cover up the smell of their body.

This place was near the border of the Lion territory.

He must first determine whether she fell into the hands of another clan.


Ryan slowly approached, and sure enough, she was carried over the shoulders of a Bear beastman, who was dashing towards the Bear Clan’s territory.

Ryan had a headache.

Although he did not care about a male from the Bear Clan, this place was very close to the Bear Clan.

If someone met them, it would be dangerous.

He could retreat effortlessly if he was alone.

However, it was an arduous task to snatch Tian Xin back from the hands of the male and take her away with him.


Ryan was hesitant to go back to the Lion Clan and gather the right people before coming to the Bear Clan to get his partner back.

Although the Bear Clan were savage, they wouldn’t hurt the females, so he wasn’t worried about Tian Xin’s safety.


Ryan was hesitating when he heard Tian Xin’s voice shouting for help.

He ended up losing his mind and rushed over without thinking, snatching her back from the bear beastman.


Now hearing him send a contact signal, he felt that something was wrong.

He held Tian Xin and retreated quickly.

The black bear discovered his intention and immediately came forward to fight.


Ryan put Tian Xin on his back to fight and retreat.

He was forced to send a distress signal to the lions.

He was still a little embarrassed to see Chelsea, and if not as a last resort, he really did not want to ask for help from his people.


Seeing that he sent a distress signal, the black bear attacked more fiercely, blocking all his path so that he could not retreat.


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