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Translated by Ada

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When Tian Xin awoke again, Ryan was still sleeping.

She opened her eyes in a daze and suddenly found herself in the arms of a handsome blonde.

She thought she was dreaming and blinked hard.


Suddenly, like a movie in her mind, she remembered what had happened in the past two days.

She almost screamed again when she thought of the moment when the handsome blond man transformed into a giant lion.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly and covered her mouth in time.


Tian Xin still could not believe that the strange scene was real, and she lived with him for more than a month.

She hugged the lion to sleep every night, but it turned out to be a man.

It seemed that she and this man also had wild sex!


God, the Virgin Mary, was she crazy, or was the world changing too fast Why did she have no sense of reality at all Also, where exactly was this place Why was there a man who could turn into a lion Was he the product of the legendary human-animal hybrid


Tian Xin could not explain the current situation with all her medical knowledge.

In the end, she simply stopped thinking about the case.

The right thing to do now was to get away from here.


Although the big lion had no intention to eat her, it did not mean that he would let her go home.

What if he planned to keep her as the “lady of the house” She did not want to stay in this **ty place where there was nothing.


Tian Xin gently squeezed Ryan’s hand on her waist, putting it back on his body.

When he didn’t wake up, she rolled off the bed made of hay.

Then, not caring about the soreness of her body, she stood up, picked up her backpack, and carefully walked outside of the cave.


When she left the cave, she didn’t know the direction to take.

Since she couldn’t find her way home anyway, she ran first to where she could.

Now that it was spring, she shouldn’t be starved to death by freezing.


Tian Xin ran without knowing how long.

The soreness of her body was getting worse and worse.

The place between her legs was not swollen, but it hurt when she brushed against it.

In the beginning, because she was nervous and wanted to run away quickly, she didn’t care too much.

After running for such a long time, the pain seemed to get worse.

This made her want to shed tears when she moved a little.


Tian Xin really could not run anymore.

She sat under a tree to catch her breath, and it looked like he was not chasing after her, which slightly relieved her.

She was resting under the tree and thinking about what she should do next, but she fell asleep in a daze.


Suddenly, a tall black figure emerged from the side.

His figure was bigger than Ryan’s, with dark skin and black hair scattered in a messy way all over his head.


His eyes never blinked as he stared at Tian Xin, who took a nap under a tree.

His nose twitched twice to confirm that she was indeed a female, and a flash of ecstasy passed through his eyes.

Although she smelled of another male, indicating that she had a partner, he couldn’t care less at the moment.


The Bear Clan females were getting fewer by the day, and the Fox Clan, which had more females, did not treat them well.

Every year there were very few females willing to stay in the Bear Clan, and last winter, there were none.

If this went on, they would be in danger of extinction.


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