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Eating The Love Fruit By Mistake

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


She had almost covered a hundred miles around but could not find the way home.

How could the forest seem to be endless If she wanted to go home, it appeared that she really had to find the lion’s master to do so.


However, looking at the dumbfounded expression of the big lion made her very discouraged.


Ryan went hunting that day.

Fearing that she might want to follow him again, he ran away in a flash, leaving Tian Xin chasing after him for a while before he had lost sight of her.


She was bored wandering around.

On the way, she looked for something else that she could eat.

She was tired of eating meat every day for more than a month, but the weather was cold, and there was really nothing else to eat.

Now that the weather had warmed, the grass was sprouting, and the leaves were getting greener, she should be able to find some leaves and wild vegetables that she could eat.


Looking around, she suddenly found a tree in front of her that had produced a few red fruits.

It was amazing that there were fruits in the early spring.


Tian Xin quickly rushed over and climbed up the tree with great dexterity.

She tried it with a silver needle to see if it was poisonous and happily picked off several red fruits.

Tian Xin was so happy that she ran back to the cave, washed it with water, and couldn’t wait to eat it.

She was nodding while eating it, and it was good, and it tasted so good.


Tian Xin ate one and then licked her lips but was still a little bit unsatisfied.

However, it was not easy to get these fruits, so she could not eat them all at once.

Tian Xin would like to ask the big lion if it would like to eat when it returns.

If it wanted to eat, she would reward it with one.

If it didn’t want to eat, it would be better.

She would save to eat it one day.


She was holding the fruit and giggling when Ryan came back.

He did not feel comfortable with Tian Xin wandering around alone, so he didn’t dare go far.

He only caught a few small beasts in the vicinity and hurried back.


As soon as he entered the cave, he saw Tian Xin holding the love fruit and giggling.

It scared him and hurriedly threw down the prey in his mouth, rushing over with a single move to knock the fruit out of her hand with a wave of his front paw.


Tian Xin was stunned by his sudden action.

She reacted and yelled in displeasure, “Stinky lion, what are you doing” Frowning, she leaned down to pick up the fruit.


Seeing that she was still going to pick it up, Ryan hurriedly grabbed it in front of her and threw it far away.

He also made a warning sound of ‘oooh.’


Tian Xin then realized how he did not want to let her eat the fruit.

Could the fruit be poisonous


Tian Xin got scared.

She helplessly sat on the ground, anxiously grabbing the big lion, and asked, “Is the fruit poisonous I’ve already eaten one, and will I be poisoned to death”


Ryan’s headache grew.

She actually ate the love fruit by mistake.

This situation became more and more chaotic.

He really didn’t know if he could resist the temptation of the love fruit, which makes females in heat and provides a unique taste through their bodily fluids.

It would make males passionate as well.


Ryan was upset and did not know what to do.

The effect of the love fruit had already begun.

Tian Xin felt hot throughout her body as if countless ants were crawling everywhere.

She gradually became confused and instinctively kept tearing her clothes, letting out a painful moan, “So hot.

So itchy.

Oooh, I’m dying.

So uncomfortable.



Smelling the strong smell of lust in the air, seeing her white skin a little bit exposed, listening to her moans that constantly escaped in his ears, Ryan too got hot all over.


Before making any further moves, Tian Xin pounced and pressed against him.

She couldn’t think about anything now but only knew to look for something to rub against to try to make herself comfortable.


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