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After Winter, Spring Comes

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Moussa flinched at his roar, then realized that he seemed to have a point.

Nevertheless, she was dissatisfied with his impatient tone and hammered his chest with her tiny hand.

She pouted, “You can’t talk properly.

Why are you roaring like that Aren’t you afraid of scaring the baby You have to pay attention to the baby.

How many times have I told you”


Chelsea choked, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Trying to adjust to a softer expression, he moved down and put his face on her belly, saying softy that could drip water, “Baby, don’t be afraid.

Daddy is not yelling at you, don’t be afraid.

Daddy promises not to do it next time.” He also learned the terms daddy and mommy from Moussa.

He felt that it was much more affectionate than a mother and father, so he knew to call it that way.


Moussa found Chelsea really cute to apologize so seriously to the baby in her belly.

He was still not as big as a little bean sprout now, so how could he understand.

When she said it, he believed it, and it was so silly and cute.




The following day, Tian Xin woke up with a lot of energy, but Ryan looked a little drained because he hadn’t slept all night.


Tian Xin was in a good mood.

She hugged the big lion’s head and rubbed it for a while, then hummed and got up to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Ryan watched curiously as she took out a toothbrush and toothpaste from her backpack and started cleaning her teeth.


Tian Xin felt its curious gaze.

She gestured to the toothbrush and toothpaste in her hand and said word for word like teaching a child, “This is a toothbrush, this is toothpaste, used to clean the teeth.

Like this, brush up, brush down, brush left, brush right …” and sang as she went on.


Ryan looked at her twisting her waist, swinging her hips, and unclearly sang something.

He was pretty confused and speechless, and he didn’t understand how she was so happy.

According to what they say, a female should be scared to be out in the open.

However, how come he did not see that she was scared at all


Tian Xin, of course, had no idea what Ryan was wondering.

After washing up, she roasted meat to feed the lion and herself and then wandered around the area in boredom.


When she was tired of walking around, she found a place in front of the cave where she could get some sunlight.

She then let Ryan get down first and then sat down and leaned on him while playing with his fur and talking to him.


So the two lived together peacefully for more than a month.

Winter turned to spring, and the weather gradually warmed up.

Ryan’s body injuries all healed, and his heart’s pain also faded a lot.

He had no time to be sentimental because Tian Xin was a person who could not stand to be alone.

Being away from the world was suffocating her.

So Ryan, her only companion, took on the task of playing with her.

They jumped high, climbed trees, raced … whatever she could think of, and had to drag Ryan to play with her.

There was no way to get rid of her.


She also had the idea of training Ryan to jump through the fire ring like a circus lion.

If she wasn’t afraid of burning her hands, she might have really forced Ryan to jump.


After discovering that Ryan was a good hunter, she forced him to show her how to hunt.

She dug a trap and let Ryan drive the prey into it on a whim.

Then, the game was pulled out of the trap with great effort.

Ryan was so exhausted from her many activities that he had to guard against her coming up with some strange ideas and pulling him to practice them.

In fact, he did not think about Moussa for a long time.


Time passed day by day, Tian Xin became increasingly impatient.

Many times, she pulled Ryan to ask when its master’s return.


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