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Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Tian Xin looked mischievously at the big lion with an amiable smile and said softly, “Big lion, you tore my clothes, right”


Ryan looked at her friendly smile and suddenly had a bad feeling.

He stepped back subconsciously and nodded stiffly.


Tian Xin was pleased that it nodded.

Encouragingly, she patted it on the head and then said, “Good boy, you tore my clothes.

Do you think you should be responsible for it”


Responsible In what way Ryan couldn’t guess what she was thinking, so he didn’t dare to nod at that.


Tian Xin patted his head again and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry.

I won’t ask you to peel off your skin for me.”


That didn’t comfort him.

This comfort made Ryan horrified that she had thought of skinning him.

In other words, he would still be alive if he was skinned.

This little thing was so scary.


Tian Xin found that its gaze suddenly became fearful of her.

A little speechless, she patted her head.

Was she really that terrible that even lions are afraid of her, really


No more nonsense talk with it, she cut to the chase, “You tore my clothes, so I have nothing to protect me from the cold.

As compensation, I order you to be my heater and let me sleep with you.

All right, now you sleep on that haystack.”


Ryan froze at the words.

He did not expect her so-called taking responsibility to be like this.

Then he thought of the soft touch, and he swallowed his saliva with a gulp.


Tian Xin had him lying on the haystack, half pushing and half going.

She was happy to go over and lie down beside him and then put her hand on him, and she stroked his soft fur, and it was hot.


After she had a good rub on and found a comfortable position, Tian Xin closed her eyes and went to sleep.


Ryan turned his head to the side away from her, trying not to think about his body against the soft little thing.

His heart was still filled with Moussa, and he could not give in to a moment of confusion to have intercourse with another female.

Besides, this female, who resembled Moussa, should not know he was a male, so she dared to have no qualms about him.

He could not hurt her without her knowledge because of his desire.




Chelsea had served Moussa dinner and a bath.

She was bored and lying on the bed, counting the wooden blocks on the roof.

Because of her pregnancy, Chelsea didn’t allow her to get out of bed.

She was carried to eat, drink, and poop.

All the entertainment activities, such as playing mahjong, were forbidden because of the crowd and fear of bumping into her.


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