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The Dust Settles

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


When she cried, Chelsea became helpless.

Whatever resentment was gone.

Who was right, and who was wrong What did it matter For as long as she was by his side, it was good.

He hurriedly kissed and coaxed, “Okay, baby, don’t cry, don’t cry.

It’s my fault, it’s my fault.

Maybe you have a baby in your belly now.

If you cry again, you will make him cry.

Don’t cry.”


When Moussa heard that there might be a baby in her belly, she really stopped crying.

She sobbed and asked, “Really”


When Chelsea saw that she had finally stopped crying, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He dropped a kiss on her lips and said, “Of course, I’m so strong.

I’m sure it was a success.”


Moussa was unimpressed and said, “Arrogant.”


“What, you do not believe it Then just to be sure, I will use the beast form again Hmm” Chelsea made a move to transform into his beast form.


“No, husband.

I believe.” Moussa hurriedly gave in.

Her last encounter with him in beast form was still fresh in her mind, so she really didn’t dare to endure that kind of torture again.


“Yeah, you pull out quickly.

The baby, the baby, can be knocked out by you.” Moussa suddenly screamed.

She suddenly realized that if she had a child in her belly now, he had just been so rude with the banging and pressing.

It would not have harmed the child, right They said that intercourse was forbidden in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Otherwise, it was easy to miscarry.

Even human size was not allowed, not to mention that his long and thick big man had to be plunged deep inside each time.

It would be even more dangerous.


Chelsea was startled by her sudden scream.

After listening to what she was worried about, he patted her back and soothed her, “It’s okay, the baby beastman is very strong.

The strength of the big stick can’t break him.”


“No, you take it out.

For three months, no, until I give birth to the baby, you can not touch me again.” Moussa declared nervously.

She became pregnant after a long time, so she mustn’t be harmed by his lack of knowledge.


“That can not be.

The baby needs my semen nourishment.

So I have to not only touch you but also every day, you will have a full shot down there.

Like this.” Chelsea smiled wickedly as he talked and pushed his semi-hard rod against her.


“Mmm … you pull out.

It’s getting too much.” Feeling him get hard again, Moussa’s belly swelled up even more uncomfortably.


Chelsea saw that she was uncomfortable, so he complied and pulled his stick out.

He got hot again when he saw the white fluid flowing between her legs without any obstruction.


He breathed heavily on her neck and rubbed himself.

Moussa became weak and sore from the frenzied thrusting he had just done.

She was afraid that he would really hurt the baby, so she refused in any way.


In the end, there was nothing she could do but relax her body so he could enter behind to relieve himself.


This indulgence ended, and Moussa lay in bed for three days to recover.

The five elders came to see her at one point, confirming that she was indeed pregnant.

They then gave Chelsea a lot of instructions on what to do.

They then left in a happy mood, never mentioning the matter of letting Philo be Chelsea’s partner.


Moussa was overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant and felt that the dust had finally settled.


Chelsea, needless to say, was overjoyed.

Embracing Moussa, he kissed and rubbed her.

It annoyed Moussa that he was tossing her around, so she dodged and avoided letting him have his way.


Chelsea had lost patience with her and directly clasped her jaw so that she could not move, and then lowered his head and kissed her hard.


Moussa was a little hurt by his rude move, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

Hey, this was her beastman husband, who could never learn to be gentle and considerate.

Yet she fell in love with his dominance, his rudeness, and his total devotion to her.

So she willingly stayed in a different world for him and mothered his baby.


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