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Only Love You

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada







Chelsea pushed the big stick to the deepest part of her and stopped, then concentrated on nibbling on her lips.

When he had enough, he put his tongue into her mouth, and each tooth was carefully swiped back and forth.

Moussa took the initiative several times to extend her tongue to tease him, but he pushed it away.

His different actions puzzled Moussa, so she had to lie down obediently and let him toss and turn.


After a while, Chelsea finally felt enough and let go of Moussa’s swollen red mouth.

Then nibbled all the way down, and his big hands didn’t stay idle.

He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them hard enough to make Moussa feel as if he wanted to squeeze her.

The strength was so great that Moussa could not help but exclaim.


“Ah! Chelsea, pain ah! You gently squeeze …”


Hearing her shouting in pain, Chelsea seemed to wake up a bit.

The force in his hands was dropped, and he leaned down to take the two red points into his mouth in turn, pulling and nibbling on them.

It was especially so for Ryan had previously in his mouth; Chelsea nibbled especially hard.


At this moment, Moussa realized that this small-minded ‘beast’ was using his own way to eliminate the traces left on her by Ryan.

Seeing the traces of other men on her body was very unpleasant for him.

However, he did not say a word of harsh reproach but only used his own way to vent his emotions.


Moussa couldn’t help but have her eyes a little red when she thought of this and tenderly declared, “Chelsea, I love you and only you.”


Chelsea shuddered at the words and raised his head to look at her.

Moussa took the initiative to pull him down and kissed him passionately on the lips.

At the same time, her hands were teasingly rubbing his waist and stomach that Chelsea’s sanity collapsed in a flash.

He nibbled on the tongue that was running around in his mouth and sucked it wildly.


While his hands grabbed her slender waist and firmly pressed her hips against his lower body, thrusting the huge object buried deep inside her with ferocity.


“Mmm …… Mmm ……” Moussa whimpered as he rammed into her but didn’t forget to tighten herself and lift her waist to meet him, intending to provoke him even more crazily.


Chelsea starved for several days and was horny as hell.

When she teased, his movements became fiercer, almost making her fly out.


“Ah! Slow down.


I can’t.


Slow down.

Ah! gently…” Chelsea finally let go of her little mouth at the time.

He knew she was begging for mercy, but Chelsea couldn’t slow down.

He spread her thighs to the maximum and pounded his lower body in fast and hard, causing Moussa to scream even louder.


As Chelsea went up and down faster and faster, Moussa felt more and more pleasure building up inside her.

That most sensitive point in her was constantly rubbed, and finally, Moussa screamed and reached the ultimate.


A great deal of fluid came out of her, all of which was blocked by Chelsea’s big rod in the rapidly contracting canal, making a mind-blowing ‘plop, plop, plop’ sound as he pushed in and out.


Chelsea was in some pain from her orgasmic strangulation, so he lifted her off the bed and made her sit on his lap.

He held her hips with his big hands and lifted her upward, then let go just as the glans was about to pull away from her entrance and let her sit down heavily.


“Ah!” The excessive stimulation made Moussa scream.

She was most afraid of such a position, which gave her the fear of being broken through.

She started to beg for mercy in fear and pain.

“Mmm … Husband.

It hurts.

please …”


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