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She was not familiar with the terrain here, and her strength could not run too far even if she had a whole night.

Judging by the current situation, either someone helped her leave or hid her.


The first thing Chelsea thought was Ryan.

He was on night patrol last night instead of him.

If Ryan wanted to help Moussa, Ryan would most likely help Moussa leave.

If he really helped Moussa go, then Moussa’s safety was at least guaranteed.

But then he would have some difficulty finding her.


It could only be the nosy old men if it wasn’t him.

Moussa’s departure was definitely something to do with them.

Even if they did not hide her, they must have said something to Moussa to force her to want to leave him.


Chelsea’s brain was running at high speed and quickly analyzed the most likely scenarios and decided to go to the old men first and ask them what they had said to Moussa that forced her to leave him.


Chelsea stormed angrily to the room where the elders discussed the matter and announced loudly, “Moussa is gone,” to their surprise.

Then he looked at their expressions carefully, trying to find some clues.


The five elders were stunned.

The brown-haired elder who was the most composed seemed to have a pleased expression on his face, which made Chelsea even more confident that Moussa’s departure must have something to do with them.


The red-haired elder was the first to calm down.

He lightly coughed and said, “Then why don’t you hurry up and go find out What are you doing here” Somehow he was nervous.

Did he already know about their conversation with Moussa


The blond-haired elder showed an anxious look and said, “Send all the males in the village out to help you look for her.

It is perilous for a delicate female to go out alone.” Although he pretended to be very anxious, in fact, his heart had been happy.

He did not expect the female called Moussa to be so cooperative.

While they were thinking about getting rid of her, they did not expect her to go away by herself, which is really good.

However, they must hide her before Chelsea can find her.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of effort.


The dark brown-haired elder was the calmest, and his tone was quite serious as he reprimanded, “Chelsea, what’s wrong with you We gave you the most fertile female, and you didn’t let her give birth to a child, but you also lost her.

What did you do to her You let her risk her life to leave you.

You better think as to how to explain to the tribe.

The first thing to do is to get her back.

After finding her, we will settle the score with you.”


He was the wisest of the elders and knew that Chelsea was definitely suspicious of them, so he backtracked and blamed Chelsea.


Chelsea looked at them coldly and said, “You do not have to pretend that you do not know.

I know that Moussa left me and that you are involved, and I do not want to find out what you did to her that forced her to leave me.

I just want to tell you that she now has my child in her belly.

You better pray that she comes back safe and sound, or else the White Lion will really be extinct.” After saying that, Chelsea turned around and was about to walk out the door.


“Come back.

What did you just say Does she have your child in her belly Then why did she …” have to leave.

The brown-haired elder stood up excitedly at the word and shouted incredulously.

If it wasn’t for the black-haired elder sitting beside him who pulled him down in time, he would have had to say something.


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