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Translated by Ada

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After a period of wandering around the village until dawn, as if nothing had happened, he went home to sleep.

Although he could not sleep, he still had to pretend to be.

Otherwise, Chelsea’s sensitivity would accidentally reveal his foot.

Although he would undoubtedly suspect him, he could not do anything about it as long as he refused to admit it.


When Chelsea’s mind gradually regained clarity, he felt his body was not right.

His hands and feet were not moving, and his tongue was numb, unable to speak, which was clearly a symptom of paralysis.


Chelsea was shocked.

According to his alertness, he couldn’t be silently put under paralysis without knowing.

Even in a deep sleep, he could wake up immediately once someone came near him.

Unless it was Moussa, only she could give him the paralysis without him being alerted.


But why did she give him the paralysis powder The two of them had been very sweet recently, and he hadn’t upset her.

Even if he hurt her when he f*cked her too roughly with his beast form, she didn’t show any signs of anger afterward.

Could it be …


Chelsea’s mind flashed through countless thoughts, but all the assumptions could not be confirmed.

The one who could give him the answer never appeared.


Chelsea began to worry.

He was concerned if there was really such a powerful expert.

But while he was asleep, he gave him a paralysis powder and then took Moussa captive.


He would rather it be Moussa who messed with him and wanted to fix him than have this hypothesis.


“Moussa, Moussa,” Chelsea screamed silently in his mind as he tried to build up strength to try to resist the effects of the numbing drug.

He was worried about Moussa and must get up to ensure she was safe.


The sky gradually brightened, and Chelsea had been sweating profusely.

Finally, his fingers could move, and then his wrist.


“Roar,” After constant efforts, Chelsea roared and finally sat up from the bed.


“Moussa,” he spoke stiffly.

He shouted Moussa’s name and tumbled off the bed because his legs were still numb, and he could not take the force and fell to the floor.

Chelsea did not care about the injury on his forehead and struggled to stand up, stumbling, and looked all over the house for Moussa.


Without seeing her shadow, he dashed out.

First, he went to Ivy to look for her, but she was not there.

Then he ran to Karida’s house to confirm that Moussa had come to ask him for the paralysis powder.

After getting an affirmative answer, Chelsea was finally a little relieved that she was not taken away.


However, she was nowhere to be seen.

Where did she go, and why did she give him the paralysis powder Chelsea turned the village around for a hundred miles with a belly full of questions, but there was no sign of Moussa, and her smell was very faint.


Chelsea now realized the seriousness of the matter.

Moussa seemed to have gone and left him, but there was no reason to.

They were still very sweet a moment ago, and she may have had his child in her belly.


How could this be How could she leave him There was no sign beforehand, and with her physical strength, she couldn’t have run far in one night.

He searched a hundred miles around without a trace of her, and Chelsea was about to go crazy.


“Roar,” Chelsea roared.

A fist struck, and a century-old tree fell with the sound.


The pain on the fist let Chelsea slightly regain some sanity.

He forced himself to calm down.

Chelsea knew that being angry now and getting fired up would not help, and he had to calm down and think first to find Moussa.


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