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Chapter 87.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The next day when Moussa woke up, Chelsea was still sleeping.

It seemed that this bestial intercourse was also quite exhausting.

Moussa wanted to get up and sneak away, but a little movement felt like her body was falling apart from soreness and weakness.


“Mmm,” Moussa could not hold it back, and a painful moan spilled out of her mouth.


Immediately after that, an arm tightened across her waist.

Chelsea’s low and husky voice sounded in her ears, “Mmm, don’t move.

Be good.” saying that, as if the large hands placed on her waist were conscious automatically kneaded to help her relieve the soreness.


Moussa was startled by his sudden movement.

She was afraid that he had noticed her intention and froze her body and waited for some time.

However, he did not move again, so she turned her head and saw that he was asleep again.


Seeing the corners of his mouth curled in sleep, Moussa’s nose was sour, and she almost shed a tear.

This was the happiness she had been waiting for, but unfortunately, it was too short-lived.


She sighed lightly and moved to his body.

She was very sore now and was afraid it would be difficult to get out of bed.

Moreover, as soon as she moved, Chelsea would wake up, and it would be impossible to sneak away.

It seemed that she would have to ask Karida for the paralyzing powder.


When she woke up again, Chelsea was staring at her unblinkingly.

Seeing that she was awake, he went over to her ear, nibbled a little on her earlobe, and called her, ‘wife, baby’ with an unusually tender tone.

His hands were also restless in her flat belly, caressing gently.


Moussa was tickled by him and struggled slightly to push him.

The slightest movement hurt her, and she frowned.

Fearing that he would get angry again and torment her regardless, she hurriedly reprimanded, “What are you doing Stop it.

I’m still in pain there and cannot do it anymore.”


Chelsea stopped moving and mumbled, “I didn’t want to do it again.”


Moussa glared at him and pouted, “It’s uncomfortable.

Go boil hot water for me.

I want to take a bath.”


“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Chelsea said as he kissed her for a while before getting up and going to boil hot water.


Chelsea served Moussa a bath and gently helped apply for the medicine.

Then, added several layers of animal skin on the bed so that Moussa could lie comfortably on it.


Moussa stretched out her hands for clothing and opened her mouth for food.

In addition, from time to time, rubbing shoulders and pounding legs was taken care of in every way so that she had the illusion of crossing over to become the Empress Dowager.


Chelsea did not go patrolling the night, and all were given to Ryan on his behalf.

In this way, he stayed by Moussa’s side to take care of her.

Moussa comfortably spent three days, and her injuries were almost better.

Although it still hurts a little when walking, it was still within the tolerable range.


During the day, Moussa took the opportunity to visit Ivy.

She sneaked off to ask for a paralyzing powder.

Karida only thought Chelsea had upset her again, and she wanted to fix him, so he quickly gave it to her.


When the night came, Moussa nestled in Chelsea’s arms.

She closed her eyes and quietly waited for him to fall asleep.

Then she carefully fished out the paralyzing powder hidden underneath the animal skin cushion and held her breath to sprinkle it on him.


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