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Chapter 83.1

The Will Of The Elders

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“No need to take that trouble.

The elders are waiting.

You’d better follow me and hurry over.” The man did not even think and refused directly.


Moussa saw that there was no way to avoid it, so she had to follow him to the east.


Moussa followed him to a large room.

All five elders were present, sitting in straight rows.


Moussa was arranged at the seat directly in front of them then the beastman who led her in retreated.


Moussa greeted them and sat down in a hurry.

She lowered her head and rubbed the corner of her coat, not knowing what to say.


After a moment of silence, the brown-haired elder sitting on the far left took the lead and said, “Moussa, right Here’s the thing, we’re looking for you, mainly because we want to talk to you about Chelsea.”


Moussa felt like crying when she heard this! The more she was frightened of what she was getting.

She looked up helplessly and nodded, “Please go ahead.”


The golden-haired elder interjected, “I think you know, Chelsea is a white lion and is the most powerful lion in our tribe.

Unfortunately, he is the only white lion left in the whole tribe.

When you were shoved to him against his will, it was only to get you to give birth to a few more white lions with the strong fighting ability for the tribe.”


The black-haired elder immediately said, “But you’ve been his partner for almost a year now, and there is still no movement.

We speculate that your body may be too weak, so you can not successfully breed the offspring of the white lion.

So we decided to designate a partner for Chelsea.

In this regard, please forgive our selfishness.

We really can not sit back and watch the white lion become extinct and do nothing about it.

Even more so, the reason for his extinction is our insistence in the first place.”


The red-haired elder said, “As for you if you are willing to stay with Chelsea, we also agree.

Philo also said she would not mind being Chelsea’s partner with you.

But if you don’t want to, we can arrange a new partner for you… or provide you with enough food and personnel to escort you to where you want to go.”


Moussa’s head exploded when she heard that a new partner was arranged for Chelsea.

She heard no other sound after that.


It was only after a long time that she could barely steady her mind and asked in a hoarse voice, “Chelsea, did he agree” She didn’t care about anything now.

She only wanted to know if Chelsea had agreed to it.


The five elders were silent.

After a while, the dark brown-haired elder who hadn’t spoken uttered, “We have not yet talked to Chelsea about this, but he has no reason to disagree.

After all, he also knows the importance of the heir.

In case the white lions become extinct, then our tribe’s fighting ability will be greatly reduced.

We may slowly be oppressed by other races until the extermination of the tribe.

You think he has reason to disagree.”


Moussa caught her breath.

She didn’t expect Chelsea’s heir to be so important.

Initially, Moussa thought that if she couldn’t get pregnant, Chelsea would be disappointed at best.

However, she didn’t expect that it would lead to the extinction of the tribe, which was not something that she and Chelsea could bear.


After the five elders had spoken, they let Moussa go back and let her think about it.

Moussa smiled sadly.

There was nothing to think about.

She couldn’t be selfish to be the sinner of the extermination of the tribe, and she couldn’t be greedy to let Chelsea bear the blame of the tribe.

Not to mention that he may not be for her.

The risk of not having an heir to reject that partner who came knocking at the door, Philo.

Philo, ah, went round and round again.

She had to return Chelsea to him.


In all seriousness, she was the third in between them.

After all, it was her and Chelsea who met first.

Forget it.

It was good.

She shouldn’t have been here in the first place, and it was time for her to leave.

Just think of this time like a dream, and she should go after awakening from it.


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