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Memoirs of a distant persona Chapter 7 Part 5/5

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Īone pursed her lips tightly, "won you do me this one favor?" I asked in a lower tone and figurative cherry blossoms on my tongue.

She seemed easy enough to manipulate and just as I had guessed it, "Sister lets just give it to her ok?" She asked Zosia with a mannerism so cute that it could only be coming from the youngest of the group.

Zosia sighed before, "do you really trust her? A minute ago we were intent on killing her and she knows, so why would she be nice to us now??"

"Im being nice to you because theres no bad blood between us!" I interjected before, "Even still, I may be nice now but Era did save my life so I won ask again."

"Fine!" Zosia replied before tossing me a vial with clear liquid.

After observing it briefly I turned my attention to Zosia, my anger apparent. "Perhaps you misheard me." I breathed "I told you that if he dies you all do too, so why is the liquid in this vial toxic?"

"Don you know sister?" Īone called to me "the thing that afflicted Era isn really a poison its the saliva of a rare beast that roams our land. Its name is the ethereal roaring hydra."

I had been fooled by Īone this time, her addressing me as sister was nothing more than a plot to secure a safe haven for herself. And since shes cunning enough to do that, it means I was probably manipulated instead. But this girl, does she know no shame?

Even if she was cute, the ability to use her charm against someone else is one belonging to someone not to be taken lightly.

"Glib tongued brat, who the hell wants sister?"

She hurried behind Zosia once more.

"What she means is the saliva of the ethereal roaring hydra is extremely good for nourishing strength dragons like ourselves but very toxic to humans, only if its not combined with its other half, the hydras blood."

Zosia answered in a tone that insinuated that she was annoyed probably at Īone, I had no interests in their arguments anyway.

"Then, this thing is blood?" I asked eyeing the clear liquid. Then it hit me, "human?!"

Zosia shook her head, "I was there when Era took the entrance test for our sect. Theres no way to fool the test designed for checking a strength dragons potential."

She paused for a little before "If I were to guess, Id say that hes not pure blooded."

This confirmed the fact that they were indeed just aiming for me. The question as to why they had such a thing before knowing I would even be here raised more than a few flags however, time was short.

Even though I knew Era would be ok for at least an hour, I had other things to do and this was a distraction I couldn afford.

This answer did however shine light on why he wanted me to take him with me.

I sighed, "Youd better be telling the truth." Then "how do I give it to him?"

"It has to be ingested," Īone cut in " his body will do the rest, probably." She went into hiding once more.

I pulled up my ki, forming it to manipulate the fluid from the now opened bottle stooping beside and channeling the fluid into an unconscious Eras mouth.

Then using my divine Sense I observed the liquid as it made its way through his body, soothing organs and muscles as it went.

Blushing I quickly withdrew my divine sense. What did I just see? I looked him over a couple times still unsure of what had just been observed. Was I losing it?

No, Im perfectly fine however, it would make sense.

I smiled-blushed a little, yes I was relieved that Era was now ok but this new revelation.

I felt my face getting hot, the hell is this plot twist?

Thalia, Zosia and Īone probably also noticed my blush.

Though I doubt that they could possibly guess why.


How did I not notice? Even if it was well hidden, how did I not notice that Era was actually female?

My surprise apparent, I struggled to regain my composure. Probably appearing way more self conscious than I intended.

Just what had she gone through to do this to herself? Going so far as to disguise herself as a male. Not that there was anything wrong with that.

Could it be that she got off on this? Was she a pervert?

No, that shouldn be the case.

Now I felt bitter for my earlier response to her request. Not because I now know that shes female but because her request was probably sincere.

I sighed. "When will the force outside be weakening enough for the others to enter?"

I asked Zosia who had now partially turned her back to me.

"Half of an hour at most." She replied after turning at an angle where her earrings glistened in the low light.

"And how long before the hydras saliva is completely neutralized?"

"It will take a couple hours at best." Thalia stated softly.

She had recovered somewhat. I knew she would eventually as it wasn meant to bring her any serious harm and honestly, had she not already been afraid then that wouldn have had any effect on her will.

Īone hurried to her side helping her up.

"But I can help to maximize the effect of the hydras blood in his body." Thalia offered.

"Yeah, sister is crazy good at using pressure points." Īone added cheerily.

"This is our fault anyway and even though we don really have the best relationship we are from the same sect after-all so its best we take care of him or we won be able to explain ourselves to the peak master." Thalia concluded.

I thought about it before. "Ok Ill leave him in your hands also any treasures I find in there will be yours after all this is over, so just take care of him."

Zosia and Thalia shared puzzled expressions.

"Are you friends with him sister?" Īone tried again.

I shot her a look before, "No I just met him today, but since he saved my life before, I owe him a debt of gratitude."

I smiled lightly, "he did try to take advantage of me though, so maybe I should do the same?"

They laughed nervously.

"Either way Ill be placing an enforcing rune on your martial heart. That way I can be sure you won try to harm him until I return." I glanced at Zosia before beaconing her to come closer.

"This won hurt, but if you dare go against my will, itll make you wish you were dead and of course, when I return Ill remove it so just protect him until I do ok?"


I had climbed the stairs up to the eightieth floor now.

This tower was definitely bigger than it seemed from outside.

Earlier Thalia had tried to stop me from climbing since she knew that if I were to fall her sister would probably suffer a terrible fate.

She had every right to be worried too since they had hidden something from me, the main reason why the three returned was because the others had met an untimely end.

Being left without a full corpse.

What they met was a beast stronger than any Ive ever felt before. Yes I knew it was there after all how could I not? When I used my true divine sense before I had felt its presence clearly.

It had been residing in the same room master was. Did it intend on keeping her there? Either way, my mind was set and Thalia would not make me question it.

With my will steeled and my resolve made, all that was left was to prepare in case I had to fight.

So with that in mind I took one of the healing pills I had snatched from Era while she was unconscious.

With the breakthrough, my earlier wound had mostly healed but now as the pill dissolved in my mouth I could feel the dull throbbing pain disappear completely while i attempted to circulate my ki.

Failing miserably.

This time it wasn exhausted but more so that my internal space was now akin to an vast ocean where even a few lakes couldn fill. This made moving it immensely difficult and painful.

The hou I had converted to ki earlier was substantial but it was still far from filling the void that was my internal space.

This could potentially make the ki-shroud easier to use but most of all gave me the opportunity use high level techniques like the wind blade without depleting my ki in but a few moves.

Then from the depths of that ocean of ki a large platform had token shape with my golden core now shining a white so bright that it was almost impossible to look at directly.

This was the amalgamation of the law of fire and wind.

The surging power and heat created many waves causing the ocean of ki to be turbulent and storms to form with bolts of lightning dancing in the distance bathing the inner space with temporary bursts of magenta.

I opened my eyes slowly. This feeling was… another law?


But when did I?

I closed my eyes again trying to pull forth the mysterious and eluding energy that had taken shape from the massive amounts of ki that my inner space had accumulated.

The force didn answer my call nor did it manifest in any powerful form.

It seems that I had yet to completely grasp it, however I could sense its profound force even though I had yet to comprehend it fully.

Little bursts of electricity danced over my arms leaving a strange tingling feeling in my fingers.

Master had yet to teach me about the intricacies of the realms above the ki gathering stage.

So with no knowledge about how to proceed with my cultivation I could only accumulate ki in my inner space.

Whether this would prove harmful or not only the future could tell.

As far as I was concerned however, more ki meant more power, although this much ki was a bit more than I had previously hoped for.

I breathed out as I refined the last of the healing pills medicinal efficacy.

With this I was as ready as Id ever be.

Rescuing master wasn something that shouldve taken this long. This was my shame and biggest regret.

But this time i had the power to correct it and Ill do it no matter what.

The power stirred inside the room beyond large closed doors. I could feel that it was aware of my presence yet made no move to chase me away. Was I not even a threat in its eyes?

I slowly pushed the large doors open and entered.

What lay before me now was something that would have once breathed terror in me.

Large yellow reptilian eyes scanned me over, scales on its coiled body of equal measure glistens the pulsing red of the light the room provided.

Hot jets of air the scent of rot blew over me as its head closed in slowly.

A snake??

I could feel the tension in the air as it watched patiently poised to swallow me whole the moment I moved again.

But beyond that, past its long coiled body that snaked all the way out of sight, I saw a familiar silhouette that brought mixed feelings to my heart. She was still chained to that boulder and it glowed a slow pulsing red. Illuminating the room, the large snake and masters small frail form.

In an instant all the anger I felt before returned in full. Only this time the anger was mine.

Jiya had done this.

She used me and if that wasn enough, she did this!!

Daring to raise her hand against my master!

Quickly I stepped forward placing my steps intently as I moved closer to master, my anger waning as I went, turning into a deep sadness.

I could feel the snakes eyes on me as i passed. Its giant head which swiveled with intent to follow me, but it didn matter.

"Master?" I called softly in all but a whisper.

Fearing the worst.

Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled weakly at me. Her small form had many bruises, her tattered clothes doing very little to cover her.

I quickly pulled my blade and made short work of the large chins that had bound her.

Master was weakened and one of the reasons was behind me, however the only thing that mattered in that Moment was to make sure master was ok.

"Child." She said keeping her frail smile, "You did well."

I couldn hold myself back anymore.

I hugged her and sobbed.

"Master!" I managed through wet messy sobs. "Master is finally."

"Don worry." She sung soothingly. "Im here now, so don cry ok?".

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