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From his unexpected appearance in the brothel incident, helping Leng Qianshang to do that kind of thing with the body of an emperor, to saving him from falling off a cliff regardless of his own life and death.

And now lowering himself to bandage Leng Qianshang’s wound… Su Zhan thought more and more about it, filling his heart with turbulent waves.

Truthfully, he believed that the emperor was simply interested in the Male Protagonist.

Could it be that he transmigrated to a pirated Mary Sue Novel

For a while, Su Zhan remained a little surprised.

He didn’t realise how rebellious he sounded with his question, ‘Wasn’t it because of Zi Mengyao’.

Could it be that he thought that the most dignified and distinguished person under the heavens with 3000 beauties in his harem would covet his runaway princess that doesn’t know how to live or die

“Okay, Zhen has tried my best.” During Su Zhan’s inner wild thoughts session, Fu Yichen had finished dealing with his broken leg.

Fu Yichen suddenly stood up straight after that and his tall body instantly shrouded Su Zhan in his shadow.

Su Zhan suddenly regained his senses when he felt another person’s breath hitting his face.

As soon as he looked up, he saw that his leg was already carefully fixed with wooden sticks and even his shoes were put back on.

He helped another person wear their shoes as a supreme emperor.

He should have been served by others since the day he was born, but now he actually helped him wear his shoes

Su Zhan became restless once more.

For a supreme man like Xuanyuan Canye, the more trivial things he did, the more charming he got.

Probably because of the contrast between his status and his actions, his small gestures were enough to dazzle him.

His heart couldn’t help but throb.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty.” Su Zhan pursed his lips unconsciously.

In addition to the sincerity in his eyes, there was also a bit of awkwardness.

But he had obviously removed the disguise he had as Leng Qianshang.

As usual, the favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male popped up in his mind from time to time.

Fu Yichen was obviously already used to it.

Raising his brows, he could see Leng Qianshang sitting stiffly on the ground.

He was saying thanks but without looking at him.

It seemed like he was a little awkward.

Could it be that he finally realised that the person he had been secretly planning to kill actually didn’t treat him that badly Moreover, Fu Yichen could clearly feel that the current Leng Qianshang wasn’t in disguise anymore.

The words coming from his mouth sounded more sincere and the expressions on his face were no longer fake.

So… sure enough, appeasing someone is a way to clear one’s reputation

Unable to help himself, Fu Yichen blurted out, “Has Qian Wang finally been re-acquainted with Zhen” Fu Yichen’s mouth even showed a pleasant smile.

Su Zhan paused for a moment, looked at Fu Yichen and then moved his eyes to the vine next to him, no longer planning on disguising himself.

In fact, the two Male Leads were smart people and were probably aware of a lot of things.

But one pretended to be a good emperor who treats others like brothers and the other pretended to be a fool and waste that posed no threat.

They were both evenly matched.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have maintained this state of harmony for so many years.

So once everything was revealed, it would be really stupid to pretend that everything was the same.

Su Zhan had a habit of putting up a front in a highly tense situation.

So when Fu Yichen suddenly said these words, his sight habitually avoided him.

But the more cowardly he felt, the more upright he acted and the tougher his face became.

It just so happens that this was in line with Leng Qianshang’s character design.

So he didn’t really need to act.

Su Zhan straightened his body slightly and adjusted his voice to become more rigid and powerful, “Indeed.

I originally thought that you were a complete tyrant that’s ungrateful, cruel and cold-blooded.

But I didn’t expect you to appear here and even…” Even fall down the cliff.

But whether it was because of Zi Mengyao or Leng Qianshang, Su Zhan couldn’t be sure of it.

So he just pursed his lips and had a complicated look on his face.

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched unconsciously once more.

He always felt that the real Leng Qianshang was much more pleasing to the eye.

But Fu Yichen, who was looking down at him from above, didn’t miss the fleeting look the other person gave him before looking away.

Unexpectedly, he felt that the other person was a little cute.

“Zhen didn’t expect that Qian Wang is neither stupid nor a waste, but is also outstanding in martial arts.” Fu Yichen touched his nose and made a joke.

Sure enough, Su Zhan’s face darkened.

Having said that, offending royalty was a big sin in ancient times.

So was he going to completely tear faces with the other person or keep silent for now This scene was originally supposed to happen after they returned from the martial arts conference.

But it was unexpectedly fast-forwarded.

The key is that, at the moment, his combat strength was almost zero.

But this….

It would be really cowardly to not say anything at this time.

So Su Zhan smiled, neither humble nor arrogant, “It’s not that Your Majesty doesn’t know how the capital is.

Chen was just trying to protect oneself.”

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows.

There was nothing wrong with what the other person had said and that’s all there was to it.

At this moment, making jabs at him seemed to have no effect except to make the relationship between the both of them more rigid.

So the corners of his mouth twitched.

The matter between them could be considered to be open now and obviously the main problem that they were facing right now was to find a way to get out of here.

Fu Yichen looked around their area.

Although the mountains had shook for a while, the fog didn’t disperse but only made the road covered in vines even more difficult to travel through.

Although there was light shining through the thick clouds above them, their surroundings were still foggy.

Aside from the sparse unidentified big trees around them, there were also overwhelmingly large amounts of vines.

Which meant there were no edible things such as fruits nearby.

Additionally, there were no sounds of insects and birds.

That is to say, there were no animals nearby to satisfy their hunger.

Therefore, they must leave immediately.

Their task of survival in the wilderness officially began.

Fu Yichen thought for a while.

Now the first thing they should do is to find a place to stay for the night.

Preferably a place that’s warm and safe.

A place where water and food can be found around them.

Because in the original text, the Male and Female Lead lived alone at the bottom of the cliff for more than ten years before they found a way out1.

So at the very least, they must have had to stay in this ghostly place for a few days.

Additionally, Leng Qianshang’s leg was currently injured which made him unable to move and his body was still weak.

So it was necessary for them to leave this damp area.

Another thing to worry about was how to solve the hunger of two people.

It was impossible to tell the time at the bottom of the cliff, but Fu Yichen estimated that it should be the day after they fell off the cliff.

That is to say, the two injured patients should be hungry after not eating for a day.

In such a harsh environment, Fu Yichen was really worried that Leng Qianshang would receive a boxed lunch in advance2.

“Let’s go.” Fu Yichen said simply to Leng Qianshang after observing their surroundings, “We must find a way out of here as soon as possible.

Otherwise, this will be our burial grounds.” Although their cards have already been turned over, for the both of them who were in the same predicament, getting out of here alive was their main goal.

Everything else could wait.

Su Zhan’s heart moved and he expressed his appreciation for Xuanyuan Canye’s careful thinking.

But his legs… he couldn’t walk.

Even standing up was difficult for him.

But fortunately, this body had its own martial arts skills and internal force that was like an unscientific thing, so he also had them too.

Su Zhan stood up stubbornly with only one leg.

His expression didn’t even change.

But he didn’t want to throw away his last sense of pride.

No matter how much he used his inner strength to support himself, he was after all a good-looking person who hadn’t adapted to standing on one leg.

So as soon as he stood up, he staggered to one side and froze.

At this moment, Fu Yichen grabbed his shoulders and pulled his crooked body back, “What are you in such a hurry for You can’t even walk.”

Su Zhan’s face stiffened, “I can.” Even if he can’t walk, doesn’t he still have Qinggong But the image of a moth hitting a tree immediately appeared in his mind.

It was very tragic and that scene gave a blow to the fragile front he was putting up.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help laughing out loud, but not because the other person couldn’t stand on one leg.

Looking at the overwhelming amount of vines in front of them plus the landslides and ground fissures caused by his own death-seeking act previously, even with his good hand and strong martial arts, it might not be easy for him too.

“Come up.” Fu Yichen simply turned his back to him and even bent down slightly to make it easier for him to come up.

Suddenly facing the broad and strong back that was suddenly turned to him, although the luxurious clothes on that back were covered in mud stains at this moment, it didn’t hinder the charm that was being exuded by him at all.

It was strong and powerful and gave off a strong temptation to Su Zhan.

However, this was the emperor’s back, the dragon’s back… can he really get up

At this time, Fu Yichen suddenly thought of Shen Tianyu.

It was the same scene as the time when Shen Tianyu was injured.

Does he have the fate of carrying others his whole life But he didn’t expect the person behind him to not respond for a long time.

Fu Yichen turned around and saw Leng Qianshang’s blue eyes blankly staring at his back.

Fu Yichen immediately raised his brows and couldn’t help but tease, “Why Do you want to be held instead” Leng Qianshang’s eyes suddenly widened, but Fu Yichen continued, “It’s not a problem for Zhen to hold you, but you have seen the road ahead of us.

It’s full of thorns and vines.

It won’t be easy for Zhen to hold you while exploring the way.”

Su Zhan’s face burned and his originally pale face was quickly stained with a deep blush, ‘What’s with the emperor’s flirtatious tone Sure enough! This emperor was interested in the Male Lead, right’ The problem was that at this moment, the scene of being held in his arms when he woke up at that time couldn’t help but flash back and forth in his mind.


Su Zhan couldn’t look at this man’s face at all.

So Su Zhan resolutely lowered his body and put his two paws on the other person’s shoulder… Sure enough! It was as strong and powerful as he had imagined.

Su Zhan unconsciously swallowed his saliva and then jumped on his back.

His eyes peeked at the back of the emperor’s head.

He didn’t know where else to put his hand and then he felt weightless.

It felt… wonderful.

Very strong and reliable.

The Gong energy radiating from this emperor was very explosive! Su Zhan’s timid gay heart became restless once more.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 2.]

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male 6.]


Just like the time when he carried Shen Tianyu on his back, the favorability points from Leng Qianshang increased immediately.

Since Leng Qianshang had woken up, his favorability points for him had been increasing intermittently.

Fu Yichen had already developed an immunity towards the prompt and showed no reaction at this time.

But just when he was about to speak, the system suddenly gave an excited summary prompt that made him pause in his tracks.

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 54.]

[Ai~ya~ The Male Lead is tempted by the Second Male again! Host, host, the Male Lead is tempted by you again! Ah Male God Zhan Zhan…] 

Fu Yichen, who was accustomed to the system’s frequent outbursts, can almost automatically detect some emotional sounding tones in the mechanical voice of the system.

So just before the system could start its crazy nympho mode, Fu Yichen decisively chose to ‘Shield’.

For some reason, Fu Yichen felt that the system’s remarks weren’t as nonsensical or unacceptable as when he had first heard them.

Fu Yichen carried the man on his back very calmly and walked steadily with his long legs.

“Qian Wang is very similar to a person.” Fu Yichen inadvertently broke the silence while passing by some cracks.

He could clearly feel that the person on his back was acting a little restrained.

Although his hands were on his shoulder, his whole body was still.

And when he accidentally touched Fu Yichen’s neck from time to time, his hands were cold.

Fu Yichen wanted to break the silence and change the atmosphere.

But he didn’t expect that just after saying one sentence, his favorability points which had already risen to 583, suddenly began to decline.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male -6.]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 52.]

Fu Yichen immediately burst out laughing.

But he felt that it was a bit strange.

Even his unpredictable mind was exactly the same.

Then before he could speak, a burst of heat suddenly came from his ears and he heard a deep voice coming from the person on his back, “Shen Tianyu”

“Yes.” Fu Yichen nodded unconsciously.

Not intending to shy away at all.

Even though he wanted to continue and say something, he was interrupted by the person behind him with words that showed absolute indifference towards the name.

“Benwang4 has never been similar to anyone.

Benwang also doesn’t believe that there will be people in this world who are absolutely similar to each other.” Leng Qianshang said with a tone that implied that he didn’t want to talk about this anymore.

The corners of Fu Yichen’s mouth immediately twitched.

Not to mention the kind of Prince he was trying to refer to himself as, a prince with no real power in front of the emperor.

But what is with that strange and angry sounding tone

They soon had no time to chat.

At this time, the road ahead of them was completely shrouded by large pieces of vines.

The criss-crossing vines not only cut off their path, but even covered the sky above them.

Therefore, at this moment there was no other way out except to use their Qinggong.

“Hold on tight.” Fu Yichen suddenly adjusted the person on his back with a little force and then hugged his thighs even tighter.

Su Zhan naturally knew what the emperor was about to do.

So after hesitating for a while, he moved his paws forward, almost touching the other person’s chest.

Or more like he had already touched it.

Su Zhan swallowed, but he was so cowardly that he didn’t even dare to move his fingers.

Fu Yichen kicked hard on the ground under his feet and then his whole body rose into the air and flew directly towards the gap in the vines.

Carrying a person on his back did affect his speed but it wasn’t that difficult.

But when he crossed the gap and landed less than half a metre above the ground, a sudden force behind him suddenly pulled him back and at the same time the person on his back cried out in pain.

Fu Yichen was immediately startled as if he was facing a great enemy.

The body that was falling backwards immediately turned and faced the danger.

However, his actions directly caused the person on his back to scream again.

At this time, Fu Yichen finally understood what the danger was that startled him.

Fu Yichen’s face turned black.

What the hell was with this white thread that was wrapped around a dry branch

“*Hiss~*” The long hair, which was more than a metre long, had been tangled on a branch.

When the emperor turned around, it made the hair even more tightly wrapped.

Su Zhan’s head was pulled to one side.

It was embarrassing and painful and his whole person didn’t feel good.

Fu Yichen quickly put down the person on his back with a dark face, then the corners of his mouth twitched, “What are you doing with such long hair!” Fortunately it got tangled when they were about to land.

If it had been pulled like this in mid-air, wouldn’t the two of them directly fall from above More importantly, how tragic is Leng Qianshang, the owner of the hair, feeling right now

Su Zhan just felt that it was so painful that his tears were about to fall.

His temper had flared on the other person previously.

But the point was that now, looking at the tangled hair, he felt embarrassed, very embarrassed.

So Su Zhan stood with a stiff face, turned his head to one side and didn’t even have the face or bothered to look at the person beside him.

But he was also very angry.

This was not the hair that he wanted to have.

What can he do if the author had set his hair to be like this Does the author know how troublesome it is to walk in a jungle full of thorns with hair that’s more than a metre in length But he still had to bear the consequences.

But the key point was that the emperor dislikes his hair too right now.

So Su Zhan turned his head and reluctantly stammered out a sentence, “My body’s hair is from my parents.

I don’t dare to damage it.”

Fu Yichen was amused when he saw this man suddenly turn his head to the side in a childish manner as if he was angry.

His cheeks bulged as if it wasn’t his fault and it seemed like he was sulking.

Immediately he couldn’t hold himself back and laughed out loud.

“Zhen can tie it up for you.” Fu Yichen walked over towards him with a smile.

He carefully pulled the hair that was tangled around the branch.

But he didn’t know that at this time, the person behind him was blushing until the tips of his ears turned red. 

Translator’s corner:

Man the amount of times I had to type down ‘the corners of his mouth twitched’.

I swear its there every chapter.

Also for those that were wondering, the FL did get pregnant in the original novel.

Remember how it’s said that the novel plot ‘evil prince chasing after his runaway princess’ turned into ‘the princess ran away with the ball’ It was implied that she got pregnant in the original novel.

I’m still wondering how they managed to raise a baby in such a place where birds don’t sh1t.

A cripple, a brain-dead woman and a baby, how did they manage to live there for 10 years

Additionally thank you kyrgona for the Ko-fi~ Not sure if you’re from here or from AFHAMR but I appreciate the Ko-fi.


Wait a damn minute.

Wasn’t the FL pregnant in the original text So you’re telling me the baby didn’t die falling from a cliff But if a person slips on a puddle their baby is gone Also 10 years in the wilderness Kid was probably Tarzan


Receiving a boxed lunch is like… Idk not sure but it’s basically saying lol ur scenes are done.

Now go to the side and eat ur food


Should be another 4 points added but wasn’t mentioned by the system


This prince


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