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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Defeating the King Snake, we drained the blood of it and the Big Snake with Ojii-sans help.

If it were the usual Horned Rabbits and boars, we could probably drain the blood at the location designated for the hut, but as expected of a monster that was over ten meters long, it wouldnt do if we didnt hang it over a tree within the forest, moreover, at a place that was somewhat deep within the forest.

While the snakes blood was being drained, we did a bit of our usual hunting as well.

Pii-chan, Miu, and Queen and the others were hunting birds, Horned Rabbits, and a Fanged Boar while we were fighting against the snakes, so that saved us some trouble.

When the blood finished draining, Ojii-san taught us how to dismantle the snakes.

There would be poison, depending on the type of snake, and there was a difference for that part, but their basic body structure was the same, so for monsters that were of the same family, the dismantling would become easier.

The Big Snake and the King Snake were just big snakes and not poisonous, so it could be eaten and it seems that it had the taste of chicken.

What could be sold as materials were its meat, hide (scales), and depending on the snake, its fangs and poison.

The dismantling was also completed and we returned to the location designated for the hut in a bit of a rush. 

We safely arrived, thanked Ojii-san, and returned to the orphanage after saying our goodbyes to Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan.

The next day was a rest day.

As one would expect, there was no way for us to run to Dragon Forest every day at our age, and Director-sensei got angry at us.

Lets do our best with the chores today.

First of all, the maintenance of Cruz-kuns longsword, Ill do it as the children who were going to be adventurers watched. 

It had struck a monster that it couldnt pierce through, so I thought there would be something, but it didnt seem as if there was anything wrong with it.

I sharpened the sword while explaining it to everyone.

I wanted Cruz-kun to do this, but it seems that he couldnt do it well.

I had everyone practice with the shortsword.

While everyone was practicing with the shortsword, I thought about how to improve the arrows.

Usually, it would be good enough if the arrows were made of iron or had iron arrowheads, but they were expensive and I had neither the skills nor the equipment to make them.

So, I decided to make the arrowheads from stone.

Since I was experienced with magic, I could produce something like hard stones using earth magic, though minerals would be impossible. 

Firstly, I prepared the wooden arrows, and created a stone in the shape of an arrowhead, making the pointed end as hard as I could.

I sharpened that stone.

I just sharpened it single-mindedly.

After sharpening it for around ten minutes, I completed the stone arrow that was relatively sharp.

I didnt know if they were effective, but I made a total of ten arrows.

I had gotten skilled at making them and it took me an hour to complete them all.

It seems that the children practicing on the whetstones werent doing very well.

Maa, this too will pile up and well make do with them somehow or another.

I sharpened the shortsword and it was completed.

Lastly, my younger sisters weapon.

She was throwing stones now, and last time, she was throwing something like the bola, but in the future, her weapons would probably end up being throwing knives.

Hence, I created stone knives after getting the knack of making stone arrowheads.

The weight and shape were no different from knives and I even tried making something similar to shurikens and kunai. 

TN: shuriken and kunai are respectively throwing stars and throwing knives and are used by ninjas as weapons.

It would be good to make the ones that were suitable for my younger sister among these out of iron.

was the bola The hammer for the hammer throw Maa, the bola, huh.

It was the upgraded bola.

It had just been stones attached to ropes, so this time, I will adjust it using magic and change the weight, size, and density.

I still didnt have any short rope, so I made it using sturdy ivy. 

I made various types and put them into my Item Box.

It was difficult, but I was confident that I could make a spiked ball!!

Come to think of it, I dont have a staff for casting magic Im the only one who doesnt use anything….

time, lets ask Ojii-san and Obaa-san!!


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