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Happy Wednesday!

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After I finished dinner, I took the cursed knife and used magic on it.

Obaa-san had taught me the light magic『Dispel』in the evening.

Thanks to her, I could understand why the curse knife had been sold so cheaply at the weapon store.

I had already been using『Dispel』for around thirty minutes, but the curse had yet to be removed. 

According to what Ojii-san said, it would be a good weapon if I could remove the curse.

However, it would be a bad transaction if the curse was not removed after this much work.

If its holy magic, it might remove the curse much more quickly, but holy magic was restricted to only those from the clergy, and it seems that if we asked them for help then we would have to give them a large amount of alms. 

On the other hand, the light magic, which was said to be the inferior version of holy magic, did not remove the curse no matter how much time had passed.

This was the limit….

For now, I dont know what will happen, so why dont I continue using『Dispel』.

This might be good training for the light magic that I dont usually use.

While using light magic, I thought about what happened during the day.

The talk about how the children might become adventurers. 

Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan were not humans, so they had no choice but to become adventurers in the future.

Thats why we were harvesting food together as adventure practice while they were still young.

At that time, there were only a few children at the orphanage, and the other children besides us were working at Director-senseis acquaintances places. 

However, it was a fact that the number of children had increased recently and the number of those who could work was decreasing. 

Also, the children this time were older than Cruz-kun and the others, so they would work as adventures earlier as well. 

In that case, wasnt this a bit of an urgent issue

It wouldve been better if I had thought a little more about it when Ojii-san came last time and everyone had sword practice….

Firstly, Ill discuss with Director-sensei and perhaps well start with going harvesting together From there, the level will be raised as they learn to harvest and hunt.

Those children said that they wanted to learn woodworking, but if theyre going to be adventurers, then firstly, blacksmithing, rather, the first thing should be learning to sharpen weapons.

If theyre girls, then it might be good to learn how to concoct medicine and make magic potions from Obaa-san.

The next day, I immediately discussed it with Director-sensei.

「Yes, at this rate, there will be five~six people who will become adventurers….」

「If thats the case, then I think that it would be good if Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan undergo adventurer practice together with those children as they are the only ones who have done so so far.」

「It would be welcomed if they could do that, but if the number of people increased by six all of a sudden, wouldnt it be dangerous」

「As one would expect, doing that simultaneously would be scary, but I was thinking that we could split into two groups and go in rotation.

Also, safety first is the standard, so we wouldnt go anywhere thats dangerous!! Also, Queen and the others ability to search for enemies had improved recently, so if its the periphery of the forest, then theres no way that they would be attacked.」

「Is that so But, be careful, ok Since Shuu and the others are still young.」


And so, I got permission from Director-sensei and it had been decided that the children who would become adventurers would participate in the harvesting.

As I was looking for the children so that I could tell them the news, they were having sword practice with Ojii-san.

The timing was just right, so I asked Ojii-san about the children, and it was decided that he would train them while he was at the orphanage.

And, it was decided that I would have a mock battle with Cruz-kun when Ojii-san was not around.

And, when the hut was completed, I would take them there, and it seems that he would teach them how to sharpen weapons and the like.

After that, I went to where Obaa-san was and asked her if she would teach some skills that would be useful for adventurers to know.

Obaa-san said that she would teach them how to make simple medicine.

And, Obaa-san also said that she would let them attempt magic potions when the hut was completed. 

Medicine was important even at the orphanage, so it had been decided that all children who had free time would participate. 

I was once again grateful to the two people….


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