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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

「Goblin King…」

「Yes, you are aware that goblins move in groups, yes When that group becomes larger, higher-ranked goblins like archers, magicians, assassins, warriors, and the like will begin to appear.

At that point, the group will build a nest, and expand.

And, when the higher-ranked goblins increase in number, a King will be born.

When it is born, the level of danger will increase depending on its skills….」

「Then, looking at the number of proof of subjugation that we brought, youre saying that there is a King」

「I cant say for certain that there is one, but it is possible….」

「Come to think of it, the goblins have become stronger recently.」

「Is that so Cruz-kun.」

「Ou, recently, just when I was thinking that I could hold my own against the goblins, they suddenly got stronger.

I thought that they had a high level, but it was because of the King.」

「As expected, theres a high possibility that the Goblin King had appeared.

If we leave it alone, there may be a large outbreak of goblins, so the adventurers and the soldiers of this town need to form a subjugation party.」

「Is it that serious」

「Yes, goblins are not that strong, however, they have high reproductivity, so if were careless, their numbers will grow to be comparable to that of an army.

Before that happens, it is necessary to exterminate the goblins.

That being the case, could you inform me of the locations where the goblins frequently appear Since we will begin reconnaissance immediately after getting the information.」

「Ojii-san, what are we going to do」

「Fumu, in other words, there will be a large outbreak of goblins, so its dangerous, right Then, it shouldnt be a problem.」

「…um, what do you mean」

「Fumu, I have already found the location of the nest, and have also confirmed the existence of the King.

The goblins have numbered to approximately thirty, so theres no need to worry!!」

「…even if you say that, not only is there the danger of a large outbreak, but it would also be disastrous if we dont subjugate them, you know!」

「That shouldnt be, no matter how many goblins there are, there shouldnt be a lot of them being born in one day.

Or, does the Adventurer Guild steal prey from adventurers」

「N, no, by no means would we do such a thing….」

「Ojii-san, you should stop bullying onee-san!」

Onee-san was being serious, but Ojii-san had a smile on his face as he spoke, so it was obvious that he was teasing her.

To begin with, theres no way that Ojii-san would be troubled by the likes of goblins.

「Maa, leaving the jokes aside, if its a goblin nest of that size, I could take care of it by myself, so its fine.」


However, even if its you, it would be troubling if something happened, so I would like it if you regularly keep in contact with us….」

「Fumu, then, you can send someone from the guild to the orphanage.

If you ask the boys, you would obtain information about the goblins.」

「The orphanage」

「Since they arent allowed to go to the guild by themselves.」

「Aah, is that so.

I understand.

Then, we will do that.

Please be careful to not go overboard.」

「Umu, Ill pay attention.

And, what about the reward for the goblins」

「Ah, yes.

It is here.」

Onee-san said that and took out the bag containing the money.

「How much is the reward for just the goblins」

「Just the goblins Lets see, there were a large number of them, so it should be about half….」

「I see, that saves a lot of trouble.」

「Of course, thank you for subjugating so many of them.

Please be careful of the goblin nest as well.」

「Weve been in your care.

Well then, goodbye.」

Onee-san confirmed the Guild ID, and after receiving the reward for the goblin subjugation, we left the reception desk and headed towards the wolf cart.


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