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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

Heres the second chapter for today, enjoy.

ly, the gatekeeping soldiers had taught me how to dismantle a Fanged Boar, so I could do it.

It was tiring, but with the help of Sakuya-chan, and Ojii-san, who had finished draining the blood, I was able to dismantle it.

And, when I was thinking that I would do the same for the other wild boar-type monsters, a problem arose.

The knifes blade could not pierce into it.

Originally, it was a knife that I had gotten from the orphanage, and it was not a good knife, but it was barely able to dismantle a Fanged Boar.

The blade could not cut into the monsters that were clearly a higher grade than the Fanged Boar.

「What, you cant dismantle it」

While I was feeling troubled about the knife, Ojii-san had called out to me.

「The knife cant cut into it.

The knife is of poor quality, so….

Its probably impossible for anything besides the Fanged Boar.」

「Even if its poor quality, if you strengthen it with mana, you can cut through something like wild boars, you know」


「What, you dont even know that」

「Im sorry….」

「Your master didnt teach you」

「Master, you say, is it my magic If thats the case, its self-taught, and I dont have a master.」

「What, did you learn to control your mana by yourself!! If thats the case, then it cant be helped.

Can you strengthen your body using your mana」

「Ah, yes.

Its self-taught, but I can do it.」

「Then, this will be quick.

Circulating the mana within the body will strengthen living beings, but when it comes to inanimate objects, you can cover it with your mana.」

「Cover it with my mana …um, like this」

I gathered my mana and thinly coated the knife with it.

「You can do it if you try, cant you.

And it would be sharper and more durable than a normal knife too.

Also, if you applied this strengthening to the body, it could be used as protection.」

I see, it could be used like that as well, huh.

Speaking of magic, I knew about things like creating fire, but had forgotten to think of using it in other ways.

Without delay, I tried dismantling the wild boar monster with the knife that was coated in mana.

The blade that could not cut into it just now could now do so easily.


「Fumu, you did well.

However, it was, after all, strengthened, and is dependent on the original sharpness of the knife, so monsters like this would probably be the limit of what it could be used on.」

Maa, that should be the case.

If it could cut through anything after being strengthened with mana, then where would be no need for powerful weapons.

「As expected, I need a new weapon….」

「Then you can just make it yourself!!」

Come again What was this ojii-san saying

「Lets see, Ill teach the boy blacksmithing! Will Sakuya do it with us」

「…I wont….」

No, no, girls wouldnt do things like blacksmithing.

「I, is that so….

I know!! Boy, you said that you have not learned magic before, didnt you!! Then I will teach you! Sakuya, what about magic」

「I want to learn magic….」

「Is that so, is that so!! Then Ojii-chan will teach you!!」

No, no, Ojii-sans words were strange

「Alright, boy.

Starting tomorrow, I will strictly discipline you!!!」

「Eh, no, tomorrow is impossible, you know! Since I go hunting once every other day.

Besides, I need to hunt as well, so I cant come here every day.」

「Then, that could be resolved if I go catch prey from now on as well!! I will teach you various things next time, so look forward to it!!」

And so, I gained a master ().

Rather, Ojii-san was the one who was looking forward to it since he could be with Sakuya-chan!!


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