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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day, was the harvest day for the four people.

As usual, we greeted the gatekeeper soldiers and left town.

Perhaps it was because it had become level 10, but Mius movements were agile.

In addition, Pii-chans enemy search was convenient. 

We safely arrived at the path leading to Dragon Forest.

We took a short break, and we went to the area where we hunted yesterday.

And, I asked Pii-chan to search for the fruit tree.

Since it had learned the skill to search for enemies, we shouldnt not use it.

Perhaps it was due to the effectiveness of the skill, as Pii-chan found the fruit tree instantly.

It pointed me in the general direction.

We harvested things as we moved toward the fruit tree.

When we came yesterday, we didnt really harvest much, but it was far away from the path, so we were able to harvest as we liked.

Arriving at the target fruit tree, we took a short break and divided up the work.

「Then, Shuu and I will pick the fruits, and the two people will harvest the plants in the surroundings.

Miu will guard the two people and Pii-chan will survey the area from the sky and hunt birds.

Queen will hunt freely, is that ok」


「Alright, then lets start!!」

At Cruz-kuns signal, everyone went to work.

Cruz-kun climbed the tree and threw the fruits down.

I put them into my Item Box.

My younger sister and the others walked around the vicinity of the tree as they harvested things.

Pii-chan circled around in the air above the tree as it hunted.

Queen was hunting rabbits regularly.

Occasionally, she would hunt a deer as well, but they were mostly rabbits.

This time, we were focusing on the harvesting, so this should be fine.

We picked the fruits to a certain extent, and my sister and the others took a rest while draining the blood from the prey after they helped harvest the plants.

Queen was in high spirits and hunted 10 rabbits, but they were not that big, so they probably didnt take that much time.

It would be better to drown the deers blood at the next fruit tree.

We finished drawing out the blood and headed to the next fruit tree.

If it was like before, we wouldve continuously left and entered the forest in search of the tree, but now, Pii-chan could search for it, so we were able to easily head towards the next tree.

After we arrived, we started to drain the deer of its blood.

Originally, I had wanted to hang it up from the tree and drain it, but we had a lot of things to do, so I dug a hole and drained the blood into the ground.

We needed to be careful so that the wolves were not lured here due to the scent of the blood.

In the afternoon, we practiced dismantling the rabbits to give to Queen and Pii-chan.

It wasnt done skillfully, but the two of them ate it as if they were delicious.

We dismantled the birds and drank the soup that we made from it.

We also made the soup stock from the bones, so it was extremely delicious.

We repeated such a harvesting process three times, and just as I was thinking of returning, Pii-chan found big game.

It was a Fanged Boar.

I wanted to ignore it since it would just collect dust in my Item Box even if we took it down, but I suddenly remembered something.

After we defeated the Fanged Boar, Pii-chan and Miu leveled up.

I was thinking that maybe, the levels of my younger sister and the others would also rise to level 10, if we took down this Fanged Boar, and I tried asking everyone.

「There seems to be a Fanged Boar ahead, but what do you want to do Our levels might go up if we take it down though….」

「A Fanged Boar, you say! Of course were going to hunt it!!」

「Of course were not going to!! In the first place, can we defeat it when its just us!」

「Yesterday, we had, more or less, taken it down by ourselves though」

「Good going!」

「Is that so! But, you didnt bring it back yesterday, right」

「Its in my Item Box.

However, since theres no way I can dismantle something at the orphanage that I did not bring back….」

「Aah, the Item Box was a secret.」


but if our levels can rise, Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan might be able to bring it back, so….」

「Still, its impossible with two people, right!」

「Well, after becoming level 10, Pii-chan and Mius abilities had shown remarkable improvements, so you might be able to」

「Is that so Is that why becoming level 10 is so difficult, I wonder」

「For now, even if were not able to carry it, we can just put it in the Item Box, so lets exterminate the Fanged Boar!!」

And so, we hunted the Fanged Boar.


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