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The next morning, just as we were about to cook, the bear peddler…the village head invited us to have breakfast at his house.

Since he was so kind, we went to his house and the freshly-made breakfast had already been laid out.

There was soup made with mushrooms and meat left over from yesterday and freshly-baked bread.

As expected, freshly-baked bread was delicious. 

After breakfast, Ojii-san immediately asked for the honey wine’s method of production.

Ojii-san and I had honey, so we stayed back to talk with them, but meanwhile, my younger sister and the others had nothing to do, so I asked China-chan to give them a tour of the village.

Perhaps China-chan wanted to talk with my younger sister and Sakuya-chan as well, as she had been nervous since breakfast, so she happily agreed. 

TN: forgot to say before, but mead is also known as honey wine, which is fermented honey mixed with water.

Of course, you can add other things to it like fruits, spices, etc.

for different variations of mead. 

Now then, we asked about the honey wine’s method of production, but

「Um, I’m sorry.

As one would expect, I can’t make it by myself.」

his wife refused.

Rather, the amount of honey that Ojii-san had taken out seemed to be a lot, but how did he get so much I’ll ask about it later, but right now, it’s about the honey wine. 

「You can’t ask other people to help」

I tried asking if we could get help from others, but was told that it wasn’t that we couldn’t ask for help, but the taste changed depending on who made it, so we wouldn’t know if the honey wine would taste like what we wanted it to taste like.

If that’s the case, then it would be best to make them in small batches

「If I remember correctly, you have an ice magic tool, don’t you Sorry, but can I borrow it」

Ojii-san asked to borrow the magic tool, so I took it out from my Item Box while pretending to take it from my bag, and gave it to him.

Alcohol was kept for a long time, but if chilled with ice, the possibility of it going bad would decrease.

However, there seemed to be less honey wine than we expected, and Ojii-san was a little dejected.

「Oh right, there are other wines in our village as well, but do you want to try it」

Perhaps he felt pity for Ojii-san who was like that, as the bear peddler recommended new wine.

As one would expect, it wasn’t good to drink when it wasn’t even noon yet, but maa, it wasn’t like we were leaving today, so it should be alright  

「I’ve kept you waiting, this is the milk wine that’s made in our village.」

TN: milk can be used to make alcohol.

What the bear peddler was holding in his hands was a milky-white wine.

「It’s not too strong, so even children can drink it.

If you drink this, you will be healthy and won’t get sick.」

A whilte liquid that’s good for your health It’s somewhat similar to Calpico.

By the way, about the milk wine, what kind of milk was it

TN: 乳酸菌飲料 means ‘lactic fermenting beverage’, so something like Yakult or Calpis/Calpico.

Yakult is a probiotic drink and is the more famous one of the two.

Calpis is a soft drink that tastes similar to Yakult, but a bit sweeter.

Calpico is the name used in Western countries, but they are the same product.

I chose to use Calpico here as the original flavor is white in color and Yakult is somewhat peachy. 

It was a weak alcohol and even children could drink it, so including me, everyone gave it a taste.

Drinking it, it seemed similar to a certain taste of first love.

That aside, it was delicious, so I wanted it.

It seems that Ojii-san took a liking to it as well.

TN: Calpis/Calpico used to have a commercial that introduced it as having the taste of first love.

This was to link its sweet and slightly sour flavor to the sweet and sour feeling of first love.

「Onii-chan, there are a lot of animals!」

While everyone was drinking the milk wine and discussing with each other to draw up a plan, my younger sister and the others returned.

Come to think of it, it was already time for lunch.

His wife hurriedly started making lunch, and we listened to my younger sister and the others talk.

They said that this village earned money through animal husbandry, and it seems that they raised goats and sheep in the village.

It seems that they used goat’s milk to make the milk wine.

However, they were breeding horses as well and they prided themselves in their high-quality horses. 

There were many beastkins and beastmen in this village, so raising animals might be their specialty.

Incidentally, there were humans in this village as well and it seems that those people were the bear peddler’s acquaintances from when he was an adventurer and with their skills as veteran adventurers, they became hunters.

Of course, like the person at the gate, they were part of the vigilante corps as well.

It seems that this village was a good place.


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