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「What’s this, the familiars have increased again」

「So small….」

「My, my, they’re cute.」

It was decided that the Kolbolds would live with us, so we returned home early, but Ojii-san and the others who greeted us were half shocked and half affectionate.

After that, the children at the farm also

「What, Shuu’s familiars again」

「Cruz, you had siblings!」

「Cruz-kun, when did you give birth to children!」

had such reactions.

It seems that they no longer cared if there were more familiars, but the Kolbolds were not familiars.

「When we somehow came across them, they held onto Cruz-kun.

That’s why, if they were familiars, then wouldn’t they be Cruz-kun’s」

「In addition, these children are Kolbolds.

They look like this and have no relationship with Cruz.」

When we talked about the Kolbolds, they were, as expected, surprised.

Mainly because of the fact that they had no relations with Cruz-kun.

As expected, no matter who saw them, they would think that they resembled each other.

In addition, they did not separate themselves from Cruz-kun even now, so it didn’t even seem like it would be a lie to say that they were Cruz-kun’s familiars.

「Hey, Shuu, these guys are my familiars」

It was now that Cruz-kun asked this question, but 

「If they’re that attached to you.

Pouring my mana into my familiars should be something unique.

Instead, something similar to Cruz-kun’s situation would be considered the normal way of acquiring familiars, wouldn’t it Look, the Milhorns from the cheese village didn’t have mana poured into them, but they had been raised, right」

「Come to think of it, those Milhorns were also familiars, weren’t they」

「Rather, they were the normal familiars though.」

「How are they different from Shuu’s familiars」

「Nn~, I only know how to pour my mana into them, but that’s very different from coming to a mutual understanding with the familiar, isn’t it」

「I see!」

As everyone was talking about familiars, the sun started to set, so we went back to talking about the Kolbolds.

「So, where will the Kolbolds live」

「Maa, it would be difficult for them to live in town, so here」

As one could see, the Kolbolds were small, so it would probably not be easy for them to live in town.

Besides, they probably did not want to be so far away from the forest.

In that case, it would be good for them to live in Ojii-san’s house, and farm. 

「Then, will they sleep with the Milhorns」

「That’s what I was thinking, but….」

When I looked towards the Kolbolds, the others did the same.

There, the Kolbolds were clinging onto Cruz-kun and did not let go.

「They’re not separating….」

「No, they’re not….」

Given the situation, it would probably be difficult for them to live here if they weren’t together with Cruz-kun.

「It can’t be helped.

Cruz-kun, sleep outside with these children.」

「Hah Why」

「Why, you ask, these children are not leaving Cruz-kun, so it would be best if you slept together, but as expected, the house is not big enough for everyone.

Having said that, you wouldn’t want to sleep with the Milhorns either, right」

「That’s, maa….」

「That’s why, for now, can you sleep outside in a tent Meanwhile, I’ll build a house.」

Maa, the tents were something that I had modified, so the inside was spacious and it was big enough for Cruz-kun and the Kolbolds to use.

We immediately set up the tent and prepared the bed inside.

As expected, it was a twin bed, so when it was time to sleep, the Kolbolds let go of him, but the problem was the place where the Kolbolds slept.

They didn’t like the beds.

Thinking about what should be done, the wolf cubs helped interpret and they slept on top of the straw that we laid out just like the Milhorns.

Up until now, they had slept on things like fallen leaves, so it seems that that calmed them down.

Next time, let’s have the Kolbolds try the beds and the fur pelts.


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