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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

I left Pii-chan who was equipped with a red scarf to my younger sister and the others, and discussed with Director-sensei.

Regarding Pii-chan.

For now, we were able to raise it within the town, but it would be difficult to do so.

Besides, there was also the problem of its size.

It was currently a child, but when it became an adult, its size would grow accordingly.

We needed to take that into consideration as well.

Also, as expected, its food was a huge problem.

When it got older, we needed to give it meat to eat as well as a large amount of it.

Perhaps this was the time to confide to her about my being able to use magic so that she would let me go hunting

I discussed with her, we decided on various things regarding what to do from here on out.

Firstly, the Dragon Forest schedule.

Currently, I was going once a week, but from now on, it had been decided that I would go every three days. 

This was simply because of Pii-chans increased consumption and it was also necessary to increase the amount of food, so the number of trips went up.

Also, there were plans to start hunting from now on as well, as it was necessary to go frequently for meat. 

was hunting.

It wasnt an urgent need, but it would be starting now.

Even if I couldnt catch anything now, I should start practicing. 

However, I was still a child, so I could only make pitfalls and use a bola. 

Lastly, taking care of Pii-chan.

For some reason, my younger sister was in high spirits regarding this.

The other children of the orphanage would help as well, but my sister, a rabbit beastman girl, and a boy from the wolf tribe took the initiative.

Why were they acting like that

In the case of my younger sister, this was probably the first time shes met someone younger than herself Thats why she wanted to be an oneechan.

Perhaps it was because of that, as when I asked her to stay at home and take care of Pii-chan while I went to Dragon Forest, she easily agreed.

There was an oneechan in front of me.

The next day, my younger sister, Pii-chan, Char-chan, and I walked around town.

Even though there was no need to get permission to keep a familiar, most people would be surprised if there was a monster in town. 

Because of that, we brought Pii-chan around town to let people know that it was a familiar as well as to pay courtesy calls to our acquaintances. 

As we made the rounds, I bought many pieces of string.

I was thinking of making a bola with them.

As for pitfalls, I was thinking of making them using the shovel we had in the orphanage or with magic.

We returned to the orphanage and I immediately started making the bola.

My younger sister was taking care of Pii-chan.

First, I began looking for several stones that were easy to throw. 

Then, after confirming that there wasnt anyone nearby, I created stones using magic.

They were spherical, and I prepared some of various weights.

I tested them out several times and found the one that was the perfect weight.

I wrapped the stones with scraps of cloth I received from Director-sensei, and tied them with a piece of string that was about a meter long.

After tying the other end as well, I had finished making the two-stoned bola.

, in the same way, I prepared three strings that had a stone tied on one end, and if you tied the three ends together, you would have made a three- stoned bola.

I wanted to see which one was easier to use.

I needed to quickly test their weights and ease of use.

was the pitfall, but how many of them should I dig This depended on the prey, so lets go ask Char-chan what kind of creatures there were.

「The creatures in Dragon Forest Lets see~, if you mean animals, then there are rabbits, deer, wild boars, and bears Similarly, for monsters, there were rabbit-types, deer-types, wild boar-types, bear-types, as well as wolf-types.」

「Theres quite a lot of them.」

「Yes, there are~, the monsters at the edge of the forest arent strong, so there are many animals.

If you go further in, there will be strong monsters, so animals wouldnt survive there.

Thats right, you need to be careful because there are goblins at the edge of the forest sometimes.」


「Yes, goblins use tools and move in groups, so you need to be cautious.」

After listening to what Char-chan had to say, I immediately began to practice digging holes.

I made it big enough to fit the entire body of a rabbit inside, and their legs, except for the bears, would get stuck in it.

Lets cover it up with tree branches and leaves or with a thin layer of soil using earth magic.

This wouldnt kill them, so perhaps I need to think of something else


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