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As the number of customers increased, I decided to have a discussion with the stalls group.

We were playing it by ear, but as one would expect, it might become troublesome if everyone did their own thing, so we’ll sort out what we’re going to do from now on.

「Things are going well.

The soup that we made is being sold out, and we can also sell spices for the neighborhood oba-chans to take home.」

「The soups are made in turns, so that the taste differs every day and there are many people who are regular customers.」

It seems that the cooking group was able to do it without any problems.

The soup was also selling well, and the decrease in the amount for take-out was solved by selling the spices.

Rather, I was worrying if we should make more.

The soups themselves were made in turns by different people and the soup was different each day so that people wouldn’t get tired of it.

「Come to think of it, the last customer had said that there were not enough ingredients, you know」

「Aah, I had also heard them say that there was insufficient meat.」

I had thought that there weren’t any problems, but according to the information from the adventurer group who was maintaining the line, it seems that the customers were dissatisfied.

「Ah~, certainly, the last one might’ve had less ingredients….」

「For soup, spooning the same amount of ingredients into each bowl is difficult….」

Certainly, unlike grilled skewers, roasted foods, and the like, you’re unable to gauge the amount of ingredients in soup….

In addition, it’s basically potatoes and meat in the soup, so it might be easy for those who eat it to know how much there was.

「Also, I also heard that they wanted to eat bread.

Since they are hungry at night.」

Bread, huh….

If there was rice, it would be curry rice though.

No, this soup wasn’t thick, so it wasn’t suited for curry rice It might be alright for curry udon…. 

TN: udon is a thick Japanese wheat noodle, although in recent times, there have been thinner udon noodles being produced. 

「Um, then, the issues at hand are the adjustments of the ingredients in the soup and whether or not we should sell bread」

「Should we buy the bread from the bakery Or make them at the food stall」

「Can’t we buy them Everyone can eat the leftovers.」

「Then the problem is the ingredients, huh.」

It was a somewhat difficult problem….

「Is there a good way」

「U~n, how about selling the last one after adding in more ingredients」

「Do you mean adding onto the insufficient ingredients」

「If you did that, then wouldn’t the ingredients, contrarily, be too much」

「I wonder, you might not know until you try it….」

「How about we serve the soup and ingredients separately」

「Nn What do you mean by separately」

Everyone tilted their heads in confusion at what I said.

「For example, the potato people, the meat people, and the soup people split up and fill the bowl in turns.

If we did that, then the amount of ingredients would generally be the same.

Some people might want more food, but we can accommodate them by charging them extra.」

「Ooh, that’s a good idea.

If they can choose the ingredients, then the adventurers would be happy as well.」

「It seems that we have to make a large quantity of meat.」

「Then shouldn’t we increase the variety of foods as well」

「Good idea, a vegetarian soup seems delicious as well.」

It seems that it was more popular with everyone than expected.

「Everyone, calm down! If we have too much variety, then it would be a lot of work, and the calculation of the prices would become difficult as well!」

Everyone regained their composure after hearing my words and they continued to discuss the ingredients.

「Then, I’ll summarize everything The soup and the ingredients would be sold separately.

The basic foods would be the potato and the meat and the rest is dependent on the soup  When adding ingredients, determine the amount of ingredients according to the price.

If the potatoes and the meat are the same price, then the calculation would be easy.

Also, we will buy bread from the bakery and sell it to those who want it.

That’s about it」

「「「No ob~jections!」」」

「Then, let’s try and do it like this!」

Somehow, the system turned into the one that we often used in Japan, but would it circulate in this world


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