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The processing of the timber was going more smoothly than expected. 

Because, from the start, everyone was chopping the wood and making tableware, so we all had the woodworking skill. 

「Shuu, what are we going to make first As expected, the house」

「Perhaps the house would be last~.

The first one would be the stable, and then I want to make the fence next.」

When we had enough materials, Cruz-kun asked me this.

It seems that Cruz-kun and the others wanted to quickly build the house, but we needed to transport the materials over in order to build it, and in addition, we would need a horse carriage for that.

Moreover, if we left it there after transporting it to the piece of land, there’s a possibility that it would be stolen, so to prevent that, we needed to stay there overnight in turns, but even though we had tents, the familiars did not, which was why I wanted to quickly make it for them.

Also, I wanted to build the fence earlier rather than later in order to conceal it from prying eyes as well as for the prevention of crime.

I explained that to Cruz-kun and the others as well.

「I see….

Then, it will take a while for us to build the house.」


Maa, consider building the stable as practice for the house and do your best.」

「Ou, kiddos, when did you get a horse carriage!」

We had collected a certain amount of materials, so we were using the wolf cart and horse carriage as transportation today.

At Ojii-san’s place, we had been loading the materials onto the vehicles since this morning, and we had returned to the town. 

And, for some reason, the usual gatekeeping soldier asked us this.

「For the horse carriage, perhaps it was recently」

「Is that so, looking closely, the horse is a monster Which means, perhaps this monster is your familiar」

「M, maa, that is the case.」

「You, just how many familiars do you have」

「Shuu has a lot of them! To the point where we need everyone from the orphanage to help take care of them!」

For some reason, Cruz-kun was bragging about it.

「I, is that so….

If there’s a chance, I want to see them.

So, the carriage’s cargo seems to be timber, but what are you going to do with it Right now, you can sell it for a high price, so are you selling it to the guild」

「We’re not selling it.

There are more and more people from the orphanage who are working as adventurers, so we bought a piece of land and we’re building a house.

This is the material for that.」

「Aah, you’re building a clan house, huh.

…are you going to do it yourselves」

「Obviously! Since we don’t have that much money.」

「Building a proper house is difficult, you know Are you guys going to be alright」

「Building a conventional house would be impossible, but we’ve built a hut before, so we should be able to build a house where we could stay in.」

「Is that so, maa, be careful when building it.

Well then, you can go.

I’ll let the other guys know about your matter, so you can come and go as usual.」

「Thank you!」

「Thank you very much!」

We passed through the gate without any issues, headed towards our land.

When we stopped the wolf cart and horse carriage and unloaded the timber, Cruz-kun asked this.

「Hey, wouldn’t it be easier if we transported it using Shuu’s Item Box」

「It would be, but as one would expect, it might not be good to transport all of it using my Item Box.

I was going to secretly add to the pile after we have transported a certain amount of timber.」

「Ah-, it would be bad if the Item Box was exposed, huh.

In that case, wouldn’t it be alright if we immediately build the fence and keep it hidden!」

「Let’s see, I’m not sure, but it would be easier to use my Item Box.」

As we spoke, we finished unloading the cargo, and on that day, we transported the timber three times.

「Then, we will stay overnight here today.」

Because we were guarding it so that the timber that we brought over wouldn’t be stolen, four people from the adventurer group will stay at the vacant lot.

They weren’t normal tents, but tents that were spacious on the inside, so I would like to think that it wouldn’t be too harsh.

The familiars (Steppe Horse, Queen) would also stay to guard the timber, so the fighting power gave me peace of mind.


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