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Counterattack (2)

“What if she’s not my daughter”

“Gossip is fatal to a noble lady.

So, just by posting an article, you can make them give you money to shut up.”

Of course, Verdick wanted him to make a louder noise.

So that all the people know that Aris is not a Verdick.

So, they can make Aris, who was not a Verdick, enlisted again proudly as the mistress of Verdick.

The man’s plan worked smoothly.

At first, Gehrig was also worried about what to do if Verdick threatened him.

It was the Verdick who was rumored as ‘Verdick above the Imperial family’ that he heard passing by from the lady he had met.

Fortunately, however, Verdick did not threaten him, but rather provided him with a mansion, clothing, jewelry, and servants, which strengthened Gehrig’s trust in that man.

Then everything was simple.

They just need to wait for the Crown Prince to explode.

In the middle, when he received a report that Aris had been assaulted or verbally abused by Gehrig, Leon just wanted to kill Gehrig, but Evan warned that he would not see Aris again if he ruined their plan, so he sat on the sofa again and calmed his anger.

The Verdick brothers did not stop there.

Before bringing Aris back, they had to deal with the Crown Prince.

He dared to belittle Aris and threatened her, so the brothers could not stand still.

They enlisted Marquis Owen, who was the Crown Princess’ father, whom they had met in advance at the emperor’s birthday banquet.

“The Crown Prince told me that he would make Aris the empress.”

“No way!”

“When you look at the Crown Prince’s attitude at the previous banquet, don’t you get a sense of it”

“…… !”

“Actually, the Crown Prince…… said he would make Aris the Crown Princess, not just a concubine.”

“What nonsense! The Crown Princess is alive and well!”

Marquis Owen immediately protested.

Although not close with his daughter, he still wanted his daughter to live well, so he pushed her into the Crown Princess’ position.

But not just the position as the Crown Princess was taken away but someone else would be the Crown Princess and the Empress.

“He said she was going to be ill soon.

Her condition got worse and…….”

“This is ridiculous! Don’t make up stories that don’t exist!”

When Marquis Owen tried to chase Evan away, Evan pulled out a small gemstone from his pocket.

It had a recording function.

He tried not to take it out for the sake of Marquis Owen’s mental health.

-Your name is Verdick, so I guess I should give you the Empress position.

Then I will take Verdick in my hand and take power, and I will keep your secrets.

How is it

“What are you going to do with the Crown Princess

-The Crown Princess will be ill.

Hearing the Crown Prince’s clear voice, Marquis Owen was forced to believe Duke Verdick’s words.

It was the work of Verdick’s intelligence department, which Evan also learned late.

He was asked to escort Aris secretly, but it was unexpected for Evan to bring such a harvest.

“The secret that the Crown Prince mentioned is…… .

No, I don’t need to know that.”

“A wise thought.”

Unknowingly, the Marquis, who was trying to dig out the secret, saw Duke Verdick’s face that had suddenly turned cold, and backed away.

He knew instinctively that he would be in danger too.

Even the Crown Prince was not let go, so there was no way that Verdick could let the Marquis go, as he was not a member of the Imperial family and was only a marquis.

“So, what are you going to do”

“How dare he, I want him to pay the price for trying to kill my only daughter.

The Duke came to me because there is a good way, right.”

“What can you do”

“…… anything.”


º º º

“…… This is how it happened.”

“My God.

So, from the first newspaper article, everyone”


“You should have told me first! I don’t even know…… !”

Tears welled up in Aris’ eyes.

She didn’t care if people looked down on her or what Gehrig did to her.

What made her sad was that she was afraid that Evan and Leon, who had taken away all of her heart and love, would abandon her.

“I’m sorry, dear Sister.”

“Don’t try to use sweet words now!”

“But, but I’m afraid that other people will notice after seeing Sister’s reaction…….”

Aris was the type of person whose face showed what she was thinking, so they had no choice but to hide it from her.

He wanted to tell her that he would take her away, and that he would continue to love her, but he couldn’t trust her with this matter.

Aris pounded Leon’s chest as she cried, and Leon gently embraced Aris and comforted her until she calmed down.

After a while, Aris wiped her tears and said to him,

“So, what should I do from now on Will it go according to plan that the Crown Prince dies That he was accidentally killed”

“That’s right.”

“Then what are we going to do now What should I do”

“Yes, from now on we…….”

Leon quickly and briefly explained to Aris while the carriage was going to Gehrig’s mansion.

Aris did not usually hide her feelings, but this time if she made a mistake, she would endanger not only herself but also her older brother, Leon, Marquis Owen, and maybe even the Crown Princess, who tried to help her.

So she prepared herself firmly.

And as soon as they arrived at the mansion, they returned the carriage without the coat of arms of the Crown Prince that they had been riding on.

This will be taken care of by Verdick’s intelligence department.


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