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Counterattack (1)

Leon and Evan cooperated with each other to get Aris out of the Crown Prince’s grasp.

Then, Leon asked Evan, recalling the contents of the letter he had seen in his mother’s room before.

“Do you know any gigolo”

“Do you think I can be you”

Obviously, in that letter, Aris’ biological father was a gigolo.

But Leon couldn’t find anything about his sister’s biological father when he looked for it on his own, and he couldn’t take on this matter alone, so he brought the story to his brother.

“Do you remember when I was born”


You cried so loudly that I would know right away that you were born without the maid coming out the door and telling me that my brother was born.”

“Then what about when Sister was born”

In the previous question, Evan had brought up a story from the other side of his memory like Leon was asking a nonsensical question, this time he turned his head to Leon while being speechless.

His face looked like someone whose secret was found out.

Looking at his face, Leon could be sure.

His older brother also knew that his sister was not their real sibling.

That’s right.

His sister was younger than Evan, so whether she was adopted or born here, he must have had memories of that time.

“Brother, you knew.”

“…… how can I not know How did you know that”

“When I was young, I sneaked into Mother’s room.”

“I didn’t even know that.

I always thought you were someone who couldn’t even tell between heaven and earth and wanted the body of your blood-related sister.”

When Leon, who was embarrassed by the sudden attack, and got speechless, Evan spoke lightly.

“Why are you bringing up that story all of a sudden”

“I found out when I entered Mother’s room.

Who is her father”


“…… a gigolo.”


Evan seemed to be thinking about something, and he immediately called the butler and told him to bring the ledger from the year that Aris had come to the mansion.

And when that arrived, he began to rummage through the books of the time at an incredibly fast pace.

He soon discovered something strange in the ledger.

There was a record of an amount that could not be called a small amount delivered to a person with a name he had never heard of.

It didn’t even say what it was used for.


“Who is that”

“We will find out later.”

Before explaining to Leon, Evan first wrote a letter and sent a messenger to the head of Verdick’s intelligence department.

It contained an order to find out if there was a gigolo named Gehrig.

“This ‘Gehrig’ written here is at least, not a noble of our empire or of a country that has exchanges with our empire.”

Usually, when writing in the ledger, it was common to write the first and last name together, or only the family name.

For example, write Evanstein Verdick, or simply write Verdick.

In this case, however, the word ‘Gehrig’ was written, meaning that his name was Gehrig or that his family belonged to Gehrig.

However, in Evanstein’s head, the ‘Gehrig’ family did not exist.

If so, this meant that he was a commoner who had no surname and only used the name ‘Gehrig’.

However, it was strange that an excessively large amount of money was given to a commoner.

“How do you know that”’

“You’re even more unbelievable if you didn’t even memorize it.”

Evan smiled gracefully to deliberately screw Leon.

It must have been a beautiful smile, but it felt as if the word ‘sword-fool’ was ringing several times in Leon’s ears.

“An, and”

“If he’s the biological father, a gigolo’s daughter can’t be a member of the Imperial family, right”

“…… !”

“If it’s not her biological father…… ”

“Well, then, we have to find a way then.

Let’s find a suitable gigolo and have him play the role of Aris’ biological father.”

“What if they ask to do a paternity test by any chance”

“Accidentally, there was an error in Aris’s test result, and the result came out that they were relatives, and the people who participated in the test would spend their entire lives in a resting place under a foreign sky, spending enough money.”

He said in a very noble way that he would do manipulation.

Leon also agreed very much, as he had no intention of letting Aris with the Crown Prince.

He had no talent to defeat his older brother when it came up with such scheming.

And at dawn the next day, Evan even obtained information that a gigolo named Gehrig actually existed and that Aris and his appearance were very similar.

So he disguised one of the top officials of the intelligence department and informed Gehrig that Aris, who inherited his blood, was growing up as Lady Verdick.

Gehrig had also been active as a gigolo for a long time, so he had connections with noble families, and he was familiar with Aristiasia, a high-ranking nobleman’s honor..

“But the Verdick brothers love your daughter very much.”

Upon hearing this, Gehrig plotted to get money from Verdick.

The man who gave the information kindly tells the gigolo what he should do if he wants to get his daughter back from the nobleman, and then asks for a portion of it when Gehrig gets the money.

He said it could get suspicious if he gave Gehrig too much help, but Gehrig simply believed it.

His judgment was clouded because he had a chance to make a fortune right in front of his eyes.


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