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New Facts (7)

“As you know, holy power treatment is very expensive.

Because the powers are limited.

And yet, we want you to know what it means to be treated.”

They meant that since she was worth using such an expensive treatment, he should not touch her in order not to lose her value.

Gehrig was annoyed at the thought of losing a large sum of money for beating Aris, but still felt that he had to be patient to prevent a bigger loss.

“…… Yes.”

“Then I will come back when the Pope gives me an answer, so until then, please don’t let the Lady get hurt.”

“All right.”

In the end, the amount they set was not much different from the amount offered by the Crown Prince.

Even though it was he who had beaten her, Gehrig was even more angry with Aris.

When the people who came after did not offer a larger amount than the Crown Prince, he tried to beat Aris again, unable to relieve his anger.

Aris was a little relieved because he would not beat her again since the priests’ visit, but she felt like she was going to get fed up with the violence that started again.

Aris is terrified by Gehrig’s words that he will beat her in earnest now that there are no more guests to come.

But the Crown Prince suddenly came and called Aris and Gehrig.

“Hey, Gehrig.

Today I heard a very interesting story.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“Something about….

Aristasia was hurt a lot.”

“N no, such nonsense…… ! No, it is not true.”

If anyone saw him, they would think that Gehrig denied it because it was the real truth, but the Crown Prince looked at him as if that was petty and ridiculed Gehrig.

The Crown Prince approached Aris, grabbed her chin and looked around, looking for traces of violence that Aris had covered with her hair.

“Then the priests must have told lies They are beings who cannot tell lies.

Besides, what are these marks It’s a mark of violence even if you ask everyone who sees it.”

Gehrig was bewildered by his words and couldn’t deny it, so the Crown Prince grabbed Gehrig by the neck, asking if Gehrig dared to tell a lie to him.

“Cough, choke!”

“She’s not the kind of person who you should dare scratch.

I am not offering a high price for that.”

Gehrig nodded quickly and struggled.

The only thing he could do was struggle because he couldn’t even hit the Crown Prince’s hand who was holding his breath.

“Just try to touch her one more time.

Because I’m the only one who can touch her.”

The Crown Prince slammed Gehrig to the floor.

Aris was bitter at the sight of it, but on the other hand, she shuddered at the ominous feeling that if she was to be sold to the Crown Prince, a real hell would begin.


Why don’t you stop wasting your time and pass her on to me After all, no one offered better conditions than me.”

“Shouldn’t we listen to the thoughts of Duke Verdick’s residence, where Aristasia grew up”

Although Gehrig had been threatened by the Crown Prince a while ago, he gave strength to his neck again and said with a sly grin.

The Crown Prince’s mood, who was still not good, got even worse, for Aris, who was sitting there with no interest.

“Look, you must have been blinded by your luck now, but you are not in a position to offer me a deal.”

“What do you mean, a deal isn’t it just a father’s desire to find a good marriage for his daughter, whom he has not seen in a long time”

“You better not think that I will be patient forever.”

“…… Of course I know that.”

Gehrig was also upset.

He had hoped for a rivalry between Verdick and the Crown Prince, but there was no communication from Verdic.

In the week since Aristacia came out of Verdick, people have been sent a few times from Verdick, but they never said they would take Aristasia and only sent her dresses to wear.

“I’m not dragging it out, I’m deciding.”

“Are you going to say that there are still things to think about”

“Just, just a little bit more…….”

As Gehrig continued to drag the time, the Crown Prince uttered a curse.

In fact, Aris was no longer Verdick’s weakness.

This is because Aris now had a stronger image of being a ‘beautiful woman who fell from nobility to hell’ rather than the image of ‘Lady Verdick’.

So, if Aris returns to Verdick, Verdick’s evaluation will rather increase because they took care of their sister.

Even if it is known that they had slept together, no one will care about it, for Verdick had taken her in.

Nevertheless, the Crown Prince continued to visit Gehrig and ask him to let go of Aris.

Even though he has the Crown Princess, he is determined to take Aris, who has not given any interest in him, into his hands.

But the Crown Prince’s patience was gradually reaching its limit.

“Mister Gehrig.”

“What, what’s wrong!”

Gehrig, who wanted to escape from the Crown Prince’s gaze, immediately answered the butler’s call.

“Duke Verdick’s residence has sent someone, what should I do”

“I have to meet them! I will be there in a while, so please wait for me!”

The butler looked at the Crown Prince, bowed his head, and left the parlor.

Aris had no choice but to watch the Crown Prince’s eye, but Gehrig was looking at those eyes differently from Aris and the butler.

Gehrig’s words had the meaning that ‘the Crown Prince would leave soon.’ But Gehrig had said that without thinking, and the Crown Prince kept on waiting without leaving.

“Bring them.”


“Bring them so I can see what they’re saying.”

Gehrig’s face turned red.

He couldn’t keep the Crown Prince waiting, so he would rather use this occasion so that the Crown Prince and Verdick could reach an agreement financially.

After all, he had the intention of paying back all the borrowed money from various places after selling Aristasia.

He poured them into gambling and gave the gigolos a down payment in advance to open a store, and now the time has come to repay the money.

The trouble was that he immediately thought he would be able to sell Aristasia right away and offered to pay it back immediately.


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