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New Facts (2)

“Then how are you going to explain it”

“The quickest and most obvious thing would be to get paternity.

This will be the most talked about topic, and since I’m Aristasia Verdick, the results will come out faster than anyone else.”

Even so, the results would not come out after a full day.

Still, she didn’t want to drag on a boring fight for days.

Until it is corrected, it will come and go in the mouths of the nobles as if it were true.

Then, if they sniff Verdick and get to know something else… … She couldn’t even imagine.

“I will prepare right away and go to get confirmation.

My brother and Leon will be in the Imperial Castle, so I will go with the two of them and get an examination.

In the meantime, the Crown Prince can go to the newspaper and tell them that I will go to get paternity.”

“I will do that.

After that, I’ll have to ask them to put the corrections on the front page.

In a very big way.”

In general, it was common to write in a small box in the middle of a newspaper that would not get a proper report or was difficult to see about corrections, but if the Crown Prince squeezed the president of Lentil, it was possible to fill the entire front page with corrections.

“I’ll take you to the imperial castle.

Or would you like to stop by the newspaper together”


I want to do it as quickly as possible, so go ahead.”


As the Crown Prince left, Aris sighed deeply.

Still, outside will be noisy, and she didn’t want to go out in the carriage with the Crown Prince.

Although he now appears to be cooperating as they had a shared interest, Aris did not forget that he had her weakness too.

Calling the maid, Aris dressed herself up in a more noble look than usual so as not to lose her splendor, and went straight to the imperial castle in the carriage.

After she had sent a servant in advance to her brother, she had asked him to take time to report a correction on the front page of the newspaper.

And as she passed through the Imperial Castle, Evan and Leon, who were waiting for Aris, greeted her.

“Is Leon here too”


I think Sister must have been surprised by the sudden news.”

“Of course.

Why was such an article published If Mother had known, she wouldn’t have stood still.”

The former Duchess, with a hot-tempered personality, was far more scathing than Leon, whose swordsmanship had reached a Godly state from an early age.

When Leon teased Aris, their mother was sure to catch on to Leon.

Thinking about it now, she was giving Leon no meat and only vegetables, or vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots instead of sweet refreshments at snack time, but the effect was amazing.

Knowing her personality, Aris smiled leisurely.

It’s been a long time since and the three of them walk affectionately, with Evan on one side and Leon on the other, without the Crown Prince.

Every time they passed, attention was focused on them, perhaps the news that was published in the newspaper this morning had spread.

Looking at the friendly appearance of the three, there were people who said that Lentil’s gossip was unreliable, but there were also people who could not take their suspicious eyes off.

Either way, it didn’t matter because the results would come out tomorrow, and the lies would be revealed the morning after tomorrow.

Aris was even thinking of buying the newspaper and sending them to all of the mansions in the capital, using the huge amount of money allotted for her.

“…… Then the results will come out at this time tomorrow.

How will we inform you of the results”

“Please inform Duke Verdick.

Because Brother can come and tell me or send someone.



“I’ll go, Sister.”


When she was with Leon, she thought that the Crown Prince would not come, so Aris warmly welcomed the idea.

And she didn’t forget to ask for one more thing.

“And please send the results ‘as is’ to the Lentil newspaper.

Please stamp a seal that the information on the result sheet is the truth.”


Even though she did that, if Lentil didn’t properly report the correction, Aris wouldn’t stand still.

She will show that Verdic wasn’t Verdick for nothing.

She doesn’t know if they would do this to other nobles, but she will counterattack.

The nobles will be disappointed, but Aris intends to take full advantage of the fact that she is a Verdick.

º º º

Aris was drinking tea in the mansion with a light heart.

It’s already time to get the results, so Leon will come.

Even today, the Crown Prince came to wake her up, but when he heard the news that Leon was coming, he disappeared immediately, so it was a good feeling.

Aris, who was on her room terrace, saw Leon walking through the garden, smiled brightly and waved her hand.

Then Leon also looked at her and waved his hand.

Then he ran to her room with great speed.


Aris embraced him with a glad heart.

She used to think she should keep her distance, but now she’s so happy to be able to drive the Crown Prince out with just Leon’s name.


“I wish Leon would go to work every day.”

“Hmm …… What are you going to do”

Leon softly wrapped Aris’ waist.

It was so clear what he meant, Aris smirked.

She would have told him not to do this because of the Crown Prince, but she didn’t want to hurt Brother and Leon, who saved her at the banquet.

She still remembers how sadly they looked at her while she was dancing with the Crown Prince.

‘I’m going to marry the Crown Prince anyway, so I’d rather spend time with Leon and Brother before that.

Later, even if I go to see them because I missed them, the Crown Prince will be glaring and keeping watch.’


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