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The Crown Prince knew that his face was not comparable to that of Leon or Evan, but he was full of confidence because he was getting quite a good reputation because of his handsome face.

Of course, even that appearance was pitiful in Aris’ eyes.

“Is that so…….”

“At first, I thought you were a little dirty because you slept with the Knights Commander and Duke Verdick, but now it’s not.”

It was the saddest news she had ever heard.

She just wished he hadn’t touched her because he thought she was dirty.

If that had been the case, she wouldn’t have to get her hand on the dim-looking man with that pitiful personality’s small thing.

“I kept thinking about it, and now I am interested.

How long did it take to get that prodigal commander and that noble Duke Verdick”

Aris hoped that the carriage would arrive at the Imperial Palace quickly.

If the Crown Prince isn’t an idiot, he’ll keep his mouth shut in front of other people.

“You’re supposed to have children someday anyway To succeed Otherwise, the second prince will become the Emperor.

I don’t want to see that.”

‘Please shut your mouth.’

“What do you think Why don’t you sleep with me too”


Aris shot at him with eyes filled with contempt from the depths of her heart.

However, the Crown Prince sighed and his thing inflated even more.

He said it’s okay for her to look at him with contempt.

Aris blinked her eyes tightly.

“Isn’t it because you can’t do it if not with Duke Verdick or the Knights Commander I’ve been thinking about doing it with them, but I think the Knights Commander will kill me while I’m doing it.

If I keep an escort outside, what’s the use of them after I’m dead”

‘No, it’s just that I don’t want you…….’

“Or are you not satisfied with just doing it with two people Then you can call Duke Verdick.

Or should I leave the escorts in the room”

‘What kind of new nonsense is this again.’

“Lady Aris has a unique taste, so I think you will like it too.

What do you think That’s good, right”

“When will the carriage arrive”

“You want to do it in the carriage Should I tell them to go a little slower No, I can’t be later than His Majesty.”

“I want to get off quickly.”

She did say this, but in fact, Aris knew.

It was a long way to reach the Imperial Palace.

She just wanted to get off quickly.

“Hey, Aristasia Verdic.”

The Crown Prince, who enjoyed teasing Aris, still smiled widely and called her name low.

Not even Lady, just Aristasia Verdick.

She could see how much he looked down on her.


“You seem to have forgotten for a while, but you can’t deny me.”

“…… how can I forget it”

If she had forgotten, she wouldn’t have gotten on this carriage in the first place.

Why would she have to wear such a lacking dress and ride the imperial carriage, which was much more uncomfortable than Verdick’s carriage

“No, you must have forgotten.”

After finishing his words, the Crown Prince raised his body, and his shadow cast a dark light over Aris.

As the Crown Prince suddenly got close to her, Aris, startled, looked at him with swaying eyes.

“Right, that’s right, you have to look at me like that.

Trembling in fear, but unable to refuse.”

XXX Trigger Warning: Non-Consensual Scene(s)

As the Crown Prince giggled and lifted up Aris’s dress, her white legs were revealed.

The Crown Prince swallowed a gulp while looking at her legs.

For some reason, it seemed that liquid was coming out of the tip of his penis, which had been pumped full of blood for a while.

“Kyaak! What are you doing!”

“If you don’t want others to know what we’re doing in the carriage, you better keep your mouth shut.

Or do you want the others to know Do you want to show them I don’t care if other people see it.

A lot of people are paying attention to each gesture we make.”


“Yes, keep your voice down like that.”

The Crown Prince smiled meanly, splayed her legs apart, took his place between them, and tried to remove the underwear covering her secret place.

Every time the Crown Prince’s breath touched her close, Aris’ body flinched with disgust.

XXX Trigger Warning: Non-Consensual Scene End

“It’s been such a long wait, just to taste your body.”

‘What does this mean He said he thought I was dirty and that he had only changed his mind recently, but now it has been a long wait…… ’

Aris had doubts and tried to ask him back.

But then.


“Uh, uh, uh, uwaaacck!”

Suddenly, a sword slid into the spot in the carriage where the Crown Prince was seated now.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the sword passed over the Crown Prince’s head, and the Crown Prince managed to avoid it and crawled up to the seat with his trembling arms so as not to touch the sword.

“What is this!”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.

I heard screams from the inside, so I thought you were attacked.”

The voice of the person taking the sword out while speaking naturally was a person Aris knew well.

“…… Leon”

“The Knights Commander”


“If I get stabbed by the sword, what are you going to do with the knife”

“Under normal circumstances, Lady Verdick and the Crown Prince would each be seated, so when a scream was heard, the intruder’s position would be at the center of the carriage without a seat.

That is why I stabbed the sword in a place where Your Highness shouldn’t have been.”

Leonhardt, who was speaking logically, should have said ‘the position where the intruder should be’ at the end, but his honest thoughts leaked out and he made the mistake of saying ‘where Your Highness shouldn’t have been there’.

But the Crown Prince, who was about to be stabbed by a sword, had lost his train of thought to even care about such things.

“Why, why are you here My escort!”

“Your escorts are doing very well.

I am also a member of the Knights, so I came out as an escort.”

“Kenneth! Kenneth!!!”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Strengthen the escort!!”


Kenneth, who commanded the Crown Prince’s men, did not speak much.

No matter how many escorts there are, they will be powerless in front of the Sword Master, the Knights Commander, but he only replied that he would strengthen the escort because his employer, the Crown Prince told him to do so.

The Crown Prince was in the carriage anyway, so he wouldn’t even know it, so Kenneth made a loud noise and ran the horse at the same speed as the carriage.

He suddenly thought that this would be better than going head to head with the Sword Master, whom he didn’t know where he had come from.


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