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Leaked Secret (8) – unedited

Evan took her soft breasts in his hands and twisted the nipples.

A mewl burst out of her mouth at the sudden stimulation and disappeared into Leon’s mouth, entwining Aris’ tongue and swallowing her breath.

Aris, who had been clinging to Leon for a long time, reached her climax, and she tightened the two brothers’ cocks at random.


Leon and Evan, who had been digging into her walls for a long time, could not hold on for long due to the inner wall that seemed to kill them today, and they came almost at the same time.

If it had been before, Aris would fall asleep tired enough, but while spilling the semen of the two brothers between her legs, she said,

“Put it this way this time.”

Aris knelt down in front of the brothers, breathing roughly, and opened her own back hole with her fingers wide open.

The sight of her anal and the spilled semen between her legs was so horribly obscene that the brothers would get drunk on that alone, and it was only natural that their cocks stood up again.

“…… Make a mess of me.”



“Sister, won’t you regret it”

“Uhm, while I’m here.”

The brothers had complicated feelings, but had no choice but to comply with their sister’s request.

Of course, the thought of missing out on Aris like this did not exist.

Anyway, Aris will not be able to get out of their hands.

If not, they will make a spacious room deep in the basement of the Duke’s residence and build a cage just for her, away from the Crown Prince’s eyes.

“Okay then.”

Leon pulled out a vial from deep in the drawer and handed it to her.

“What’s this”

“A drug that makes you feel good.”

“…… Enough to forget everything”

“You can take just one sip.”

Aris adjusted her posture and sat down, and as she opened the lid, a sweet scent spread.

Just smelling the scent made her legs feel numb.

“Older Brother and Leon drink too.”

“I don’t think there’s much difference whether we drank it or not.”

Leon smiled and said so.

They always wanted her and were in heat due to it, so it would be true that there wouldn’t be any difference without having to eat the drug.

“It can’t be.”

“Aris, it will be difficult to deal with us even now, but if we drink the drug, will you be okay”


“If Sister is not satisfied, then we’ll take it too.”

“If that’s the case…….”

Aris took a sip of the pink potion from the vial, struggling to calm her pounding heart.


Even after taking just one sip, it seemed that her body temperature suddenly rose.

Sweat formed on her forehead.

Knowing the pleasure, her body trembled, demanding it again.

Her body had spread her legs in front of them and rubbed her clitoris.

“The drug seems to be working quickly.”

“Uhng, so hurry up…….”

As her thin fingers rubbed her clitoris, it fell far short of the pleasure her brothers gave her.

But at the maddeningly erotic spectacle, they focused on her gestures, forgetting the thin liquid on the tip of their penis.

As they stood still, frozen, Aris, unable to wait, poked her own middle finger and her ring finger inside her.

Her movements, crossing her fingers, as the brothers had done to her, were not enough to quench her own thirst.

When Aris tried to open the side table herself for the first time, Leon grabbed her wrist.

“Sister, do you know what’s in there”

“Inside, something to put in…….”

When Evan opened the night table in his room, he saw several things of unknown purpose and was bewildered.

Leon laughed leisurely and said he had learned from the courtesans.

From that day on, Evan did not express it, but waited for the day to use it on his younger sister.

“There are two cocks here, right”

“…… Even if I told you to put it in to comfort me, you didn’t put it in.”

“Try putting it in yourself.”

At Evan’s words, Aris quickly laid him down, sat on him, and swallowed the cock.

She moved her waist up and down a few times to gain speed, and Leon pressed her shoulder and leaned her forward.

And he put a dildo in her back hole, covered in aphrodisiac gel.


“Sister, isn’t it enough if you don’t fill it front and back You have to put two dicks underneath.”


Leon laughed at the word ‘yes’ rather than it hurts, raised the switch on the tip of the dildo, and the dildo vibrated slightly.

Leon pressed it down and shoved it inside her.

To make it easier for it to move.

“It will move until the magic power runs out, but I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t think the magic power will ever run out.”

Leon said with a mischievous smile, but Aris’ ears was already deaf.

It was because Aris was too busy paying attention to what was stuck on her front and back.

However, she did ask Leon to mess her up, and even then, he shoved his own cock into her vagina, which already contained his older brother’s.

“Haa, it’s narrow.”

“There are three, how can it not be cramped”

Leon, who was relatively free, moved his waist.

The trembling of the dildo was transmitted to him as well.

Aris, who was very sensitive, yelled whenever Leon moved, and she reached a shallow climax.

Then, as soon as the intensity of the dildo was raised a little, love liquid poured out from below.

“Ah, aaahhh…… Haahk!”

“Aris, it’s still a long way from the end, so don’t worry.”

So Aris reached the climax by changing the tools several times.

The brothers feeds her thirst by inserting two dicks into her pussy and anal, sometimes putting both in her pussy, one in her mouth and the other underneath.

So Aris continued to reach her climax until she finally lost consciousness and fell asleep.

And the brothers, who had confirmed several times that Aris had fallen asleep, came out to the terrace and talked.

It was better to go to the office and talk, but they couldn’t take their eyes off her.


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