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Leaked Secret (7) – unedited

‘…… Are you really going to let them go’

No, the Crown Prince could have accused her of deceiving the imperial family, saying that after they were married he found out that the Crown Prince’s concubine had mixed her body with Duke Verdick and the Knights’ Commander.

If that happens, other families will also turn away from them, and no matter how powerful they are now, they will not be able to avoid punishment.

Until recently, it seems that she was really happy without thinking, but the peace of the past was shattered due to the threat from the Crown Prince.


While thinking about this and that, Aris was feeling them steadily.

Aris sat on Leon’s face.

As his tongue licked her clitoris, more liquid flowed between her legs.

At Leon’s skillful tongue play, a moan was about to burst, but her older brother’s cock filling her mouth was preventing the sound from coming out.

Aris took Evan’s cock out of her mouth as the slurred sound filled the room.

“Leon, put it in.”

Even in this haggard-like situation, Leon burst into laughter because his cock grew bigger at his sister’s every word.

But his sister wanted it, and there was no way he could deny it.

Aris knelt down next to Leon, grabbed his cock in her hand and shook it up and down.

And brought Evan’s close to her own mouth again, Evan grabbed her head and moved his waist.

“Haa, Aris.”

Seeing his older brother like that, Leon grabbed Aris’ waist and pushed his own cock in.

“Sister, can I do it inside like this”


Leon didn’t pay attention to his older brother’s low voice calling out to him.

“If you have a child, you will not be able to be the Crown Prince’s concubine.”

Aris shook her head.

Even if she was to have a child, she could not reveal who the child’s father was.

What’s more, she doesn’t know how the Crown Prince will act, holding her own weakness, and she can’t afford to have the child comfortably.

Leon patted her stomach softly with a burning, wild snare.


Thinking of it having my child, I want to cum right now.”

But when Aris shook her head with tears in her eyes, he had no choice but to take the ring from the side table and place it on her finger.

Because his sister didn’t want to, he had no choice but to not do it.

And there was no other way.

But he resented his sister for telling him she was going to marry another man after sleeping with him so much.

‘How am I going to throw Sister away How could that be To say that she was worried so she was going to marry the Crown Prince.’

As he had told his sister one day, he was thinking of taking his sister right across the border if she said the word.

But his sister said she would marry the Crown Prince, and she didn’t say anything to himself.

Leon thought the bastard Crown Prince would have told his sister something, but it was she who ultimately made the decision.

Was Leon that unreliable It was his own fault for not giving her the trust, so he couldn’t blame anyone else.

Leon tried to contain his irritation, but the anger he couldn’t hide made him thrust roughly.

“Uh-uhp, uhp…… !”

It was a rougher movement than usual, but it was enough to excite Aris.

No, as much as she wanted to get away from the reality, she wanted to focus on this sex that was rougher than usual.

Unlike the soft hug he had been giving before, it was a stinging pounding, but while stimulating the inside of her walls one by one, it was impossible not to get excited as it came in deep inside.

In the end, Leon turned and embraced Aris’ body, which reached her climax.

While holding her in his arms, he poked his  cock, and Aris trembled in the afterglow of a climax that had not yet gone away.

Leon wanted to start over right away without giving her time, but he wasn’t the only one who wanted her.

“Sister, Where is Older Brother going to put it”

“Hmm, Aris.

Where should Older Brother put it in”

“…… here.”

Aris reached back with her hand, grabbed Evan’s penis, and pushed Leon’s cock, which was already filling her inside, slowly, pushing it little by little.


Even though the bottom was wet and it was not the first time it was put like this, it was not easy to swallow two cocks the size of a child’s forearm at once.

About halfway through, Evan pushed his cock in.


As if it was a signal, two cocks raced against each other and stabbed her inside.

Scratching different parts of her and stabbing her in different places, she felt like she was going crazy.

It was painful at first, but as it always has been, the pain is pushed away by the pleasure.

“Huang! Uhng! Ye, yes…uhng!”

When she accepted only Leon’s, even if it was rough, the pleasure was not to the extent that she could not take a break like this, but she seemed to be eroded by pleasure now.

“Ah, ahk! Older Brother, Leon…..:

“Yes, Aris.”

“It’s me, Sister.”

Not the Crown Prince.

Just sharing these images between the siblings felt like their stomach would be twisted.

The Crown Prince, no one else.

It’s ridiculous.

A human being who has nothing to be proud of, except for the status of the Crown Prince.

Even if they only saw him stalking Aris over the Crown Princess, it didn’t seem like he would take good care of Aris.

No matter what they thought, Aris could have lived a much more comfortable life without being married.

Because they’ll make it happen.

“Hahk, ah, Leon, uh, Older Brother, ung! Do more, more.”

As before, Evan and Leon coveted her body to satisfy their greed.

But today, their sister moved her own waist and asked them to put it in.

That alone made Leon and Evan’s cocks swell as if they were about to explode.


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