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Leaked Secret (5) – unedited

“You said you wouldn’t touch Verdick if there was no evidence, so are you saying you will touch it if there is evidence”

“I’m glad you’re not stupid, dealing with stupid people is pretty tiring.”

“…… ”

“Marry me.

I’m broad-minded, so I’m going to cover up what happened before we got married.

Keep in mind that it is covered up, not forgotten.”

The Crown Prince’s words continued.

“Your name is Verdick, so I guess I should give you the Empress position.

Then I will take Verdick in my hand and take power, and I will keep your secrets.

How is it”

“What are you going to do with the Crown Princess”

“The Crown Princess will be ill.”


There is no way for a normal person to suddenly fall ill and come down from the position of the Crown Princess.

The image of the Crown Princess that Aris had previously seen in the opera house caught her mind.

But, apart from that, Aris did not want to be the wife of such a man.

The people she liked were Evan and Leon, who cared for her more gently.

“…… Give me time to think.”

“Do you need time to think”

He grinned, but Aris’s palms were drenched with tension.

“First of all, I guess I should strengthen the security.

I may never know when my neck will fall until Sir Leonhard goes to war.”

The Crown Prince walked in front of Aris, who was speechless.

Then he bowed his head to her, stiffened by the tension, kissed her on the nape of her neck, and whispered in her ear.

“I don’t have any hobbies doing it with three people, but I’m worried that my wife’s tastes are like that.

Oh, not three, but four Don’t you know In the future, if the Duke gives strength to my opinion, I might even turn a blind eye to my wife’s occasional visits to her home.”


it was certain.

The Crown Prince must have known of the nights the three of them had spent.

“I must have what I want to get.”

Then, suddenly, a rattling sound was heard and the door that was firmly cut off from the outside of the terrace fell off.

And it was Leon who appeared through the flying dust.

“What does the Crown Prince do to my sister”

“Sir Leonhard.

Anyone who sees it would think that he was not the commander of the Imperial Knights, but the Duchy Verdick’s.”

“Is that so Then the person participating this time would have to be someone else.”

“Haha, you should discuss that with your sister.”

Leon did not understand why the Crown Prince was suddenly mentioning his sister.

As he turned to his sister, he saw a pale, bloodless face.

He strode past the Crown Prince and touched her cheek.

“Sister, are you okay”


When Aris, who was in tears was hugged by Leon, he was pleased, but he was worried and did not know what to do.

A smile shouldn’t come out, but it feels like it’s about to come out.

When Aris hugged him back, he felt like she had to go to an empty room somewhere to calm down.

If not, even his own room, which is the Commander’s room.

“Leonhard Verdick.”

If it wasn’t for his older brother’s voice that suddenly interrupted.

“Aris, are you okay”


The tears she had been holding back burst out because of her older brother and younger brother asking about her.

Evan realized that the gazes was focused on them and tried to close the door, but he couldn’t because an idiot cut down the door when he heard that his sister and the Crown Prince were together on the terrace.

“Aris, let’s go to the break room.”

Aris couldn’t even answer properly because she was crying, and she just nodded her head.

She then nodded her head again when asked if she would go back home, and Leon jumped out of the terrace holding her.



Evan was startled and looked down under the terrace to see Leon carrying Aris into the garden.

After Evan cleaned up the situation around him, he told the Emperor that he had to go and get out.

He went to the carriage as quickly as possible, but Aris fell asleep on Leon’s lap.


Leon, who was brushing Aris’ hair, sighed heavily and opened his mouth.

“What did the Crown Prince say to Aris”

“I think it’s not what His Majesty the Emperor told us.”


If it was simply to make her the Queen*, she would not have cried so sadly in front of the Crown Prince.”

(Note: so the Queen in this sense is the second wife.)

They don’t know what to complain about.

Even the emperor can’t treat Verdick recklessly, but the Crown Prince who hasn’t ascended to the throne yet

“I’ll ask Sister about it later when she wakes up.

So what do you think of the Emperor’s proposal”

“What’s there to say”

The Emperor said that the Crown Prince kept wanting Aris to be the Crown Princess.

But since he already has a Crown Princess, it is said that at first he talked about making Aris the Crown Prince’s concubine.

It was a suggestion not to be taken too negatively because she will be the Crown Prince’s concubine, not the Crown Princess, and it would give Evan greater authority, so how about a noble faction merging

The Emperor said, ‘After the Crown Prince’s accession, Aristasia will have the status of second wife, not the Queen, ‘I promise that the next Emperor will be someone of the Verdick blood, born by Aristasia’, or ‘The Imperial family and Duchy of Verdick will be united’, but Evan and Leon had no intention of accepting the Emperor’s offer.

Because they couldn’t let Aris marry the Crown Prince.

They wouldn’t want to send her as the Crown Princess, even if the position is empty It was an unbelievable story.

In response to their callous reaction, the Emperor asked if the party, Aris, might have a different opinion, and asked them to ask her thoughts.

They were forced to return to their sister as soon as possible, but when they came back, she was crying.

“Are you going to tell Sister”


I think the Crown Prince has already said that.”


They were thinking the same thing even if they didn’t say anything.

Surely Aris won’t abandon them, right.


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