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Leaked Secret (3) – unedited

A few days passed and it was the night of the birthday banquet.

“Miss Aristasia Verdick and Sir Leonhard Verdick enter!”

As soon as they heard the announcer’s call, the attention of many people was focused.

When Aris greeted her close friends with her gaze, many of them flocked around to see Leon by pretending to say hello to her.

Rumors circulated that Leonhard Verdick would escort Lady Aristasia, but there were also speculations that it was just a rumor because Leon had never escorted a woman.

But he was sending his sister an affectionate glance that was never seen before, without any intention of hiding it.

“Take that gaze away.”

Evan, who was talking to Duke Defranc, heard that Aris had arrived and approached them, and Leon immediately warned him.

This is because, when he looked around the hall, there was no one who could be his opponent, except for his older brother, who ‘looked more compliant than him’.

“Today, my sister’s first dance partner is me.”

“Aris, after that, won’t you dance with me”

“The second dance is mine.”


“The third and fourth are mine!”

“…… I don’t want it because it’ll be hard.

I’ll take it easy and rest afterwards.”

While they were having a frivolous conversation, many people around them approached, but they did not speak.

Then, the Emperor and the Crown Prince appeared together and gave a ceremonial greeting announcing the start of the banquet.

As the melody resounded, the Emperor and the Empress went out to the center of the banquet hall.

As they stepped out to the sound, many people, including Leon and Aris, joined the ranks.

“Sister, you have to dance with me next time and after that.”

For the first time in his life, Leon enjoyed dancing at a banquet with his sister.

His sister danced only with his older brother every time, so this opportunity was extremely precious.

His sister who follows his movement, oh even at night too.


He was delighted to be able to show others that his sister was with him.

He was even more determined to find his sister’s biological father quickly.

This is because he wanted to be with his sister everywhere, not just in the mansion.

“I am going to go to the break room later.”

“Are you tired”



Aris was also satisfied with showing others that Leon was with her.

The envy of the eyes, who hope to exchange even one word with Leon and Evan who are on either side.

They’re families with her right.

Just remembering that the three of them slept together last night made her wet underneath.

So now she just wanted to take a break and spend some time and then go back.

It seemed more profitable to go home and spend the night with them.

Born as a noble, she unconsciously followed the steps her body remembered after a lot of practice.

After one song, a certain woman ran faster than Evan to Leon, who was trying to lead Aris to the break room, keeping a check in case someone else would come.

“Ex, excuse me…….”

“I’m sorry, but I have a partner.”

“Well, it’s not…… Here you go!”

An ordinary-looking woman who Aris was not familiar with, whether she was a high-ranking noble or not, gave Leon a handkerchief.

“Please come back safely, I hope…… you made it.

If, if you don’t need it, thr, thr, throw it away…….”

“I will be grateful with your heart.”

Leon wanted to avoid this situation quickly.

However, after a few steps, he heard Aris’ cool voice.

“Where are you going to come back safely”


Leon, who had been contemplating whether or not to say it to his sister, was still unable to say it.

His older brother wanted to send him right away, but the preparations were not finished, so he was sent out about a month after the founding celebration.

So, after spending a happy time with Aris until the birthday banquet, he wanted to try to carefully talk about it.

In this way, he had no intention of letting her know through someone else’s mouth.

“I’m going…… West.”

Aris was outraged that her, as his family, was the last to find out that he was leaving for war.

Not just a family.

They were kissing and making love together every night.

Besides, they couldn’t even tell anyone that they kissed, so they shared a secret, so she thought she was closer than anyone else.

But he still hasn’t told her about this important issue.

“Come with me.

Let’s talk for a moment.”

Leonhardt’s shoulders dropped at Aris’s cold voice.

Wherever his usual overbearing gait went, his limp shoulders tumbled to follow Aris.

As soon as they entered the terrace, she locked the door and closed the curtains.

It won’t be a good appearance so she didn’t really want to give other people a spectacle.


When are you going”

“About a month later.”

“…… Do you have to go”

Leon didn’t want to go either.

But if it was his older brother, he would have tried to send Leon at any cost.

If he goes quietly, it’ll get better, if he doesn’t go, Evan might supply weapons to the barbarians.

When he thought of his annoying older brother Evanstein Verdick, his teeth clenched on its own.

Evan pretended to be a gentle sheep in front of his sister, but inside he was very dark.

After all, Leon is a Sword Master, and he will not die as he is enough to protect himself.

He just didn’t like the fact that Evan’s intention to separate Leon from Aris was so obvious.

“If Brother uses his power, you won’t have to go”

Leon wanted to shout that Evanstein Verdick was the one driving him to the battlefield, but Aris believed in Evan so firmly that Leon couldn’t help but cry inside.

“I’ll ask Brother to see it!”

“No, Sister.

Don’t do that.”

It may not end with just supplying weapons if his sister asks.

If so, the war would be longer, so he wanted to refrain from that.

It would have been better to subdue it quickly and return.


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