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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (12) – unedited

“So, you have to be careful not to get caught.”

Leon smiled brightly and opened the front of Aris’ nightgown.

“Le, Leon!”

“You should be quiet.

Is it okay for my brother’s aides to come”

“Then we can do it in my room or yours.

To come all the way here…….”

Leon, who was throwing the stripped nightgown at Aris’s words and gently stroking her skin, then stopped.

“Sister won’t just do it with me.”

“…… Leon.”

“I mean, Brother will come anyway, so he has to accept this.”

Anyway, in the room without its master……

It’s a problem even if they get caught, and even if they don’t, there’s nothing to explain to their older brother later.

She clearly knew this shouldn’t be the case.

But why is it that she doesn’t feel like rejecting it

In the end, she pretended not to win and decided to hand it over to Leon.

Maybe it’s because his older brother just caressed her and didn’t put himself in her during the carriage on the way home.

“…… okay.”

“Then lie down on the bed.”

Aris went to bed as Leon had said.

And with a habit of raising her hips high, and her face nailed to the mattress.

Oddly enough, when she was in the bedroom with Leon, it felt odd that she should have listened to him.

Even though he’s obviously the most insignificant younger brother in the world.

It’s because the experience she has accumulated so far is different.

“It’s naughty.”

Aris tried to refute him, but she couldn’t open her mouth because Leon’s hand suddenly hit her on the ass.

It didn’t hurt.

He’s a Sword Master who trains every day, so if he made up his mind to hit her, it wouldn’t have just been this much.

However, she has never been hit by anyone in her life, and it was quite shocking to hear that her younger brother had hit the naked her like a beast.

But what’s even more disconcerting is…….

“Sister, what happened”

She couldn’t even say what it was.

She felt his touch sexually because she knew better than anyone else.

“Really, Sister.”

Leon pulled out an aphrodisiac gel from the bedside table that he did not know when was left there.

He applied less on his fingers than before, but Aris’s back accepted his fingers more easily than before.


She shook her back as he scraped her insides with his fingers.

He’s been caressing her anal several times, so now he was wondering about what to do with his sister, who was excited just from the back.

Would it accept him well

“Uh, Leon.

Put it in.”

“What if everyone outside hears it”

“…… I’ll be careful.”

Aris, whose body was already hot, begged Leon to put his cock in her.

She spoke very softly, but Leon couldn’t miss what she had said.

Leon, who had removed the finger from her, again took the aphrodisiac gel in his hand.

Aris wants Leon’s big cock to be shoved into her tickling underside, but she resents why he was wasting time.

Normally, he would have already shoved himself in and thrusted his waist and plunged her into the abyss of pleasure.

She wondered if he wanted her to say it like her older brother.

Should she say it or not…….

“Le, Leon….


But Leon wasn’t taking his time to listen to her asking him to put his cock in her.

He just needed to prepare the aphrodisiac gel on the anal plug he had previously obtained for a more enjoyable time and put it on her back.

The aphrodisiac gel was applied to the anal plug, which had a pointed front and gradually increased in thickness.

When the tip of the anal flag touched the narrow hole, Aris was startled.

But she felt the heat that was soon coming to her, and her body slowly relaxed.

And without missing the moment, Leon shoved the plug down.


“Sister, please turn down your voice, and then there is a limit for the aides to pretend they didn’t know.”

“…… However.”



Leon grabbed the handle on the back of the plug and moved it more and more, the love liquid trickled down her legs and made a puddle.

This should be enough for her to be ready.

Because he was not satisfied with just filling one hole.

And Leon put the Bloody Red he saw when he took the aphrodisiac gel from the side table into Aris’s finger.

He was a little perplexed as he put the ring on.

This time it had a different design from the ring her sister wore last time.

It was already the sixth ring he had seen.

How many replacement rings did he get The ring has to fit snugly on the finger, and it takes at least a month or two to make it with such fine craftsmanship.

‘That means that he has been ordering rings before this happened with Sister…….’

He was horrified by his brother’s obsession, but he had no intention of telling his sister.

If it were his sister, she would have liked it if she knew that Evan had a heart for her before.


Leon leaned over his sister, clasped their hands and interlocked them.

Then he moved his back gently to fit his cock into the empty hole in front.



Aris, who was still concentrating all her attention on the plug stuck in her butt, was distracted by Leonhard, who called her over and over again.

“Call my name.”


“Once more.”

“…… Leon.”

Leon stabbed his cock in one go at that moment.

Aris almost screamed, but Leon’s two thick fingers slipped into her mouth, she could only let out a mournful moan.

“Yes, it’s me.

It’s me.

It’s me, not anyone else.”

At the rough waist, she bit his fingers to hold back her moan.

It’s painful, but it was exhilarating.

Leon’s low laughter echoed in Aris’ ear.

“If you feel like you’re going to scream, you can bite harder.”

And Leon pushed Aris again so that she could not stand her voice.

Aris somehow bit Leon’s finger, and she bit so hard that she could smell the fishy smell of blood emanating from his finger in her mouth.

After feeling the taste of blood leaking from Leon’s fingers, Aris tilted her head and tried to remove his fingers.

But as the moan continued to burst out of her mouth, despite her efforts, she had no choice but to keep biting his finger.

“It’s okay, do more.”


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