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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (11) – unedited

Aris, who was waiting for the night to come quickly, put down her spoon and wanted to get up.

She felt like she was going to get stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

“Dear Sister, would you like to come with me to this banquet”

“Stop using respectful language that doesn’t suit you, Leon.”

“…… ”

One of the most uncomfortable subjects was brought up by Leon.

The option of not going could not exist in the first place, as it was the Emperor’s birthday party that all nobles had to attend.

There is a way to come back as soon as she attends, but if she does that, Leon and her older brother will be with other women.

Thinking like that, her stomach churned.

She also wanted to show that these two, who were desperate for something, hanged only on her.

Of course, if they knew the truth, they would point a finger at her.

“Leon, even if you come to the banquet anyway, don’t you just drink lightly with the knights and go back”

“That was when Sister didn’t come with me.”

“Then do that again.”

Now her older brother beat her every time she wanted to say something, Aris decides that she should ask her doctor for a digestive medicine.

“Brother has been going with Sister so far, so this time, won’t you give in”

“Aren’t you going to go alone as you used to”

“…… If you two keep fighting, I will go alone.”

She had no intention of doing so, but when she wanted to end this uncomfortable situation, she pulled it out for intimidation.

And as Aris expected, the fight between Leon and Evan ended dramatically.

“Are you going alone So, who are you going with as your partner”

“I’m going to come with someone who doesn’t have a partner.”

“Sister, it’s really too much.”

Leon talked as if how could she say such a thing.

It was really surprised as if Aris had committed a great sin.

“What is too much”

“What the hell did that man do that he deserved to be hit with my gloves”

“You don’t have to throw away your gloves!”

Throwing gloves was like asking for a duel.

So if they got hit with the glove, they had to fight the person who threw the glove at them.

Otherwise, it would be like a nobleman who could not protect his dignity and ran away with his tail between his legs and became a joke.

But if that opponent is the Sword Master, the Imperial Knights Commander…….

If Leon was determined to use his aura, the person who was the opponent probably wouldn’t have a single piece of the corpse left.

“I don’t know who he is, but I hope nothing happens to the family he belongs to.”

“What the hell is Brother going to do again…….”

The way Evan was helping out was even more ridiculous.

Aris tried to go with the person who asked her to be their partner in the first place.

However, Leon tried to get rid of her partner physically, and Evan tried to get rid of him socially.

“In order not to create a victim, a person who comes alone should not be allowed into the banquet hall.”

“…… Do you think that would be possible”

“You must have forgotten, my position is the Imperial Knights Commander.”

Leon’s smiling expression with a sincere face looked dangerous.

He really showed a strong will not to let her partner in for any reason.

In the end, Aris put down her fork and knife.

It seemed like she had to go with her older brother and younger brother for the sake of the peace of the empire.

“…… I will go first.”

“Sister! Tell me who you want to partner with!”

Even Evan didn’t say anything to her, but he was looking at her with shining eyes.

But it was the same with Leon.

Both of them looked at her, saying, ‘Of course you’re going with me, right’

“I think it would be better if we all go together for the sake of my mental and physical health.”

Ah, no She’d rather go alone.

She doesn’t know anymore.

She thought she would growl like that in the middle of the founding day.

She sighed unknowingly, thinking that there was a possibility of that happening.

“I will rest first.”

Even after Aris left the dining room, the brothers couldn’t get the answer they were looking for, so they stared at each other for a long time.

After soaking in the warm water, she felt drowsy.

The body, which was warmed up, exuded the scent of perfumed oil mixed with various flowers.

The maids carefully dried her hair.

Leon, who was waiting for her in front of the door, welcomed her when she returned to the room wearing a light nightgown.

“Sister, you’re here”

Leon, not paying any attention to the eyes of the servants, strode forward and buried his face in the nape of her neck.

This was possible because there was no possibility of any story about Aris going out of the duke’s estate.

The smell of perfume mixed with Aris’ body stimulated Leon’s nerves.

“Let’s go.”


Leon, with a mischievous smile, took Aris’ hand and went to the fifth floor where Evan was working.

Evan’s main job was to handle the tasks that came up from the vast territory when he returned from dealing with the Empire’s important affairs in the Imperial Castle.

It was still time for Evan to do his business, so his aides must also be buried in the papers.

What would Leon and she do in such a place Even wearing a nightgown!

“Le, Leon! My clothes now!”

“So, shh.”

“What are you going to do when someone sees me”

“Should I pluck out their eyes”

Because of Leon, who answered with a very bright smile, it was ultimately up to Aris to worry about the eyesight of the other person.

But Leon lightly passed Evan’s office and went straight into Evan’s bedroom without knocking.

“Isn’t Brother still at work”

“He’s working with the aides in the Office.”

“But we shouldn’t be here now.

If they find out…….”

The aides were a different concept from the employees.

They were also nobles with titles as they were close associates of the Duke working in the Duke’s residence.

So, it will not be easy to crack down like ordinary employees.

But the office was right next door, yet they were hiding in the bedroom.

It’s a relief because they didn’t run into anyone else in the hallway, and it would have been in trouble if they had.


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