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Evanstein Verdick.

He was the only duke in this country.

Not one or two people who have been nice to her wanted to talk to him.

An older brother who did not budge even when the princess forced the emperor to make him marry her.

There were dozens of people in the social world who wanted to shake hands even if he would throw away his gloves.

But that Evanstein Verdick was bowing his head down and licking her vagina

Somehow Aris felt that she herself had become the greatest person in the country.

That Evanstein Verdick was kneeling down under her knees.

Besides, he was her brother and no one else.

The sense of immorality from him caressing her as he licked her own bottom excites her more than anything else.

She knew it wasn’t common to do something like this with a brother.

However, due to the mental satisfaction and her physical pleasure, Aris was unable to think normally.

‘Maybe this is okay.’

Besides, she didn’t tempt her brother first, so the confusion in her heart was easily broken down.

She was able to give an excuse to say that she was swept away by her brother.

In the end, Aris, who told Evan to stop, spread her own hand over his.

Evan smiled softly at Aris’s silent permission and took her hand.

“Haa, Brother….huhh! Uhk!

“Yes, Aris.”

At first Aris tried to swallow her moan by clenching her teeth, but at some point she graciously surrendered herself to the pleasure.

Evan shoved his finger into her vagina, looking at her face, which was reddened with excitement.

It was Aris, who, until a moment ago, had complained of the pain when a finger went stiffly, but now it was wet with a liquid he doesn’t know whether it’s his or hers, and accepted him with ease.

Evan stimulated her insides by drawing circles with his fingers, as if widening her narrow vaginal opening.

“Ahng, brother, hahhk!”


My precious Aris.”

“I, I feel weird.”

Her body trembled at the unfamiliar sensation, the first time she felt it when her brother licked her, but this time it was a little different.

An even greater pleasure shivered through her body as the fingers reached the depths that his tongue couldn’t reach.

Moreover, until a while ago, her brother had not said a word, making it even more awkward and tense, but now that he has spoken even a few words, a lot of the tension in her body has disappeared, allowing her to focus more on pleasure.

“Then, even if a gigolo came, it would be a strange feeling.”

Evan rejoiced and put one more finger in.

For the first time she easily accepted the two fingers put in, perhaps thanks to the wet love liquid.

Now Evan’s fingers poked back and forth instead of in circles.

And he occasionally moved his fingers crossed and stimulated in different places, driving Aris crazy.

“Uhh, Bro, brother, huuhhk!”


She didn’t respond and grabbed Evan’s hand so tightly that her fingertips turned white.

The feeling was so different from when she had done it with her own hands.

It felt like her body was floating.

It certainly felt good when she did it herself.

But this…… it was a pleasure beyond tolerance.

Moreover, when her brother’s finger moved in, she was stimulated even deeper, and her eyes seemed to flash white.

When her brother’s hand fell off, the regret was greater than the feeling of relief from a brief break.

Following her heart, Aris unknowingly shook her back and followed his hand in search of greater pleasure.

“It, it’s weird, it’s weird.”

“It’s not that it feels weird, say it’s good.”

“Go, od”


What Aris thought a little while ago was strange, turned out to be a good thing, when Evanstein defined it as ‘good’.


Because of it, all negative emotions about what she was doing now disappeared and she accepted the pleasure as it is.

“Ahk, brother, huht…… Goood, uhk!”

Evan looked down at Aris with a sultry smile.

Sweaty forehead, disheveled hair, and a white body with no scars.

The most beautiful younger sister.

She is the only woman who he is not offended by even when she comes in contact with him.

It gave him great satisfaction that, above all else, that the child, whom he had cherished, was tattered at his own fingertips.

It must have been the first time he had ever done something like this since he had been blocking it that way, but this body was so lewd that it didn’t want to let go of his finger.

What if his thing was tightly squeezed like his fingers

Just the thought of it made Evan’s cock swell in his pants painfully.

But dare to have the thought of calling something like gigolo.

‘As expected, my lovely Aristasia Verdic.’

But he couldn’t put himself in.

Anyway, Aris was looking for pleasure, but she didn’t want him.

Perhaps if he puts it in, she will struggle in pain.

His thing was incomparable to the size of his fingers.

Evanstein squeezed his desire to take his pants off at any moment and shove his cock in it.

Perhaps it was because of the thought that the next day his sister might regret the incident and that she might distance herself from him.

Aris, unable to understand Evanstein’s feelings, faithfully followed what her brother taught.

She didn’t know what made him even more excited.

“Ahht, Brother…..,good, huhh! Go, od!”

“Yes, well done, Aris.”

Evan complimented her, kissing Aris lightly on the forehead.

He acted so softly and lovingly from above, but rough below.


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