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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (10) – unedited

Aris couldn’t say anything until she got Evan’s escort into the carriage.

It was because in her head the ladies’ words kept running through her.

The day may come when Evan will marry someone and she will be pushed into the background.

He may love her the most now, but after he welcomed a Duchess and had a child, it wouldn’t be the same as it is now.

As a duke, it was his duty not only to look after the estate, but also to get married and see a family.



“The marriage, you must have heard of it”

“…… yes.”

Aris had a pile of things she wanted to ask, but she couldn’t ask any more.

Because she was afraid of what the answer would be.

“I have no intention of getting married.

Don’t you know how terribly I hate to touch other women than you”

Maybe he just chooses what she wants to hear and says that.

However, when Aris did not respond, Evan continued his words more impatiently.

Aris didn’t know, but she was already clear who held the lead among them.

“I would give my title to Leon.

It doesn’t matter if he adopts a talented child or if it’s passed on to a relative.”

No one would believe it was the words of Duke Verdick, who played down the seasoned nobles with his splendid speech at the National Assembly.

Evan said what was on his mind, but the anxiety in Aris’s mind was still there.

Is she supposed to quit at the right time after all

Maybe she should give up before it goes any deeper.

But can she give up her older brother

Ironically, it was the happiest time of her life when she was actively being courted by Evan and Leon.

She hadn’t realized it until then, but now she knew for sure that the people she liked were her older brother and her younger brother.

However, because they were her siblings, it was fate that they had no choice but to move away from each other despite the fact that they had feelings for each other.

As she thought about it, a melancholy naturally appeared on her face.

Evan, who read the emotions in Aris’s expression, knelt in front of her and looked up at her.

“How can I make you believe it”

He took her feet hidden inside the dress and took off her high-heeled shoes.

And he gently wrapped his hands around it, as if touching something precious, and kissed her on the top of her feet.

Aris must have known how weak Evan was about her.

If only the others knew, they would point a finger at him.

Evanstein Verdick, who represents the noblest noble in the country, could not have lowered himself to such a low level and kissed her feet.


But the anxiety continued to eat her.

Evan hung on even more earnestly to catch Aris’s heart.

“Don’t even think about it, I won’t be the first to leave unless you forsake me.”

Evan looked at Aris, and he continued to persuade, yet she said nothing.

He became anxious.

It was Aris who touched her.

In the end, Evan was just a weakling who went back and forth between heaven and hell according to her words.

He was trying to prevent her from leaving him somehow while she was in his own arms.

Then he realized that even if Aris said ‘Stop it.’ He would be an absolute fool, with nothing to do but cling to her.

Smooch, smooch.

Evan’s lips went from the instep of Aris’ feet, following his fair legs, kissing upward.

The dress that covered her gaping legs blocked Evan, but Evan lifted it up and went inside, kissing her again and again.


Evan, who put Aris’ legs on his shoulders, went deeper and deeper and eventually reached his destination.

Aris’ secret place was gradually pouring out love liquid as Evan’s lips got closer, to the point of being troubled.

He pushed her underwear aside for a moment.

His wet tongue soon touched her clitoris.

As he rolled her clitoris with his tongue and gently bit his teeth from time to time, Aris’ pleasured voice of Aris could be heard.

Every time that happened, blood rushed to Evan’s lower body, and he wanted to get on top of her right away, but he had to put up with it in order to satisfy his greed.

There was a much greater greed than coveting her beautiful body once, and that was to win her heart.

“Ha-uh…… Brother.”

Evan led her to pleasure, leaving Aris to think of nothing.

The more Aris thought about it now, the more she thought it would be bad for her.

He apologized to Aris in his heart.

He couldn’t get it out of his mouth, only inside.

‘Forgive this older brother’

Aris would want to hold hands while on a date with her crush, and she will want to show off her lover to others.

However, her anxiety that she might be pointed at and criticized if known to others dragged her into hell.

He felt a lot of guilt for dragging her into the hell he has, but he can live contentedly with Aris even in hell.

Until he is abandoned by her, even if he lives in anxiety of not knowing when he will be abandoned.

“Huht! Good…… ung!”

Aris bent her leg on Evan’s shoulder and pulled him further between her own legs.

Then his tongue sucked at her lusciously swollen clitoris, and the fingers that went into her secret place scraped the inner walls.

Aris trembled as she gripped the dress in which Evan had hidden inside.

“Brother, brother…… ”

She could tell that he wanted to put it in her even if he didn’t have to put the words out.

Evan came out of her dress and licked the luscious liquid on his lips with his tongue.

Seeing that lustful appearance, Aris felt the love liquid flowing between her legs again, anticipating the pleasure to come.

“Unfortunately, Aris, it has been a while since the carriage stopped.”

Aris, who had not been aware of it at all, blushed red as if on fire.

They must have arrived quickly since the distance was short in the first place, but she didn’t even notice that they had arrived while floundering about with pleasure.

“Wait, there’s not much time left until night.”

Aris regretted her request not to touch her at night so she could rest herself for the first time.


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