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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (8)

After that, Aris was forced to spend her days in a lewd way.

During the day, she lived a normal life that was no different from other young ladies, and at night she spent the night mixing her body with her older brother and younger brother who came to her room.

Then, Aris was able to go out after a long time.

It is thanks to Leon going to the palace and Evan returning to work after finishing his vacation.

“Aris, are you okay”

“Oh, sorry.

I’m sorry everyone.

I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

She slept only about three hours today because they did not let her go until dawn.

In the carriage she closed her eyes for a moment, but it wasn’t enough to restore her stamina.

When Aris apologized with a smile, all of the young ladies quickly waved their hands.

“If you are tired, would you like to rest in the room Or should I tell the carriage to get you back home”

Aris was reluctant to refuse the words of Lady Rosalina, who hosted the party.

Although she was grateful for her best friend’s consideration, she was not only uncomfortable if she slept in someone else’s house, but it was obvious that Evan or Leon would be disappointed.

“It’s okay because my older brother is going to pick me up later.”

When Aris mentioned her older brother, the tea party quickly got ignited.

Since then, she has been bombarded with questions to such an extent that Aris can’t even stop talking, let alone doze off.

“Is Duke Verdick really coming”

“What color is my dress Do you think the Duke likes it”

“Can Lady recommend him to have a cup of tea together if he has time”

“Is there a female figure that the Duke prefers…….”

Aris just smiled and she answered as gently as possible.

She couldn’t say her older brother said she would look good with anything she wore, so he has no preference about color.

He’ll refuse to drink tea because he’ll probably take off her dress as soon as she gets home.

And she couldn’t say she was her older brother’s preferred female figure, so she turned it around.

“Is the Duke going to come with Lady Aris at the Emperor’s birthday banquet this time”

“Perhaps we will.”

“I’m so jealous.”

Aris shrugged her shoulders.

She was proud of her older brother, Evan, whom she had admired since childhood.

When others praise her and envy her relationship with him, she can’t help but feel better.

“I saw you come to the opera with the Duke a while ago.”

“Ah, that time…… .”

She was worried that they might have witnessed her deviance, but fortunately they did not.

“I wish my brother would follow even half of the Duke.”

“No, the Lord is also a good young person.”

Aris said something she didn’t even mean, and that everyone in the place knew.

However, her innocent compliments after her were enough to crush Aris’ mood.

“If a man who is so good to his sister married, how good would he be to his wife”

“I know, I don’t know who it will be with, but I’m already envious of it.”

“Ah, will he escort the Lady like before at the night dance after the birthday banquet If not…….”

They were asking if Duke Verdick had a woman he met and would escort.

As her expression gradually hardened, they tried to match her mood.

Because in order to become the enviable ‘Duchess Verdick’, they must not be hated by the sister, whom Duke Verdick loves.

“Don’t worry too much about it Aris, the Duke will take good care of you even if he gets married.”

“Yes, I’m sure you’ll find a good husband too.”

“And I don’t know who it will be, but I’m sure the future duchess will take good care of the Lady.”

“Of course, it will be difficult to find someone as wonderful as the Duke, but if you prepare your heart a little bit…….”

Aris thought.

After all, her own position is nothing more than her sister.

It was something she already knew.

‘Still…… However…….’

Her brother had to marry in order to succeed in the title.

However, she is related by blood, and if her older brother eventually gets married she will either be kicked out, or she will have to marry another man and leave the mansion.

She didn’t like it.

The most likable person she had ever seen was her older brother, Evan, followed by Leon.

Until then, she had no intention of getting married.

Like they said, her older brother will find a good marriage partner.

But that wasn’t the case now.

If her older brother had another Lady by his brother’s side, she didn’t want to step back, and she didn’t want her older brother to care for a woman other than her.

“…… Who is as good as my older brother”

Everyone who had been thinking about it for a long time gave the same answer.

“Well, Leonhard Verdick, the Knights Commander.”

She shouldn’t speak.

She knew it herself, after her older brother, was her younger brother.

There’s no such thing as a choice.

Her mind became more complicated.


Before, he called courtesans every day, but now he doesn’t.

He went to the palace early in the morning and returned home in the evening as if competing with his older brother, and at night the three of them spent the night together, so it didn’t seem like he was meeting courtesans.

Come to think of it, she overheard a conversation between her older brother and Leon before going to sleep like fainting after spending the previous night.

When her older brother said, ‘Can’t you see a courtesan’ and told him to get out of the way, Leon replied, ‘I have Sister, will I get courtesans into my eyes’ Looking at those words, it seemed that his life of spending time with courtesans had ended.

To be honest, it’s hard to accept both of them, so sometimes it would be nice to have a day off….

But her older brother and Leon were both good.

She couldn’t give them up.

It seemed like they were talking about something else, but she couldn’t listen to them, so she quietly drank tea.

After some time had passed, the surroundings became more noisy than before, so she took her eyes off the teacup and lifted her head.



Aris jumped up from her seat.

Evan strode over to her and held out his hand to her.

She placed her own hand on his, and Evan kissed her on the back of her hand.


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