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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (2)

Aris didn’t even have time to be startled by the sound of the rustling and something rubbed against her lips.

And now, a voice she shouldn’t hear now, pierced her ear.


The voice over her head was undoubtedly Leon’s.

Moreover, although her eyes were covered, she could smell Leon’s unique body scent from the touch of her lips, and knew immediately who it was.

“Le, Leon…… ”

Aris remembered herself now.

She wasn’t wearing a single thread, and her eyes were covered with the eye covering that his brother had given her.

Besides, she had just been begging for her brother’s cock to pierce her.

That’s what her younger brother, Leon, who she had spent the night together, saw.

Her face blushed at the shame that she had been seen, and her arms trembled in fear that the secrets she had to hide were revealed.

She knew best that she wanted to run away and hide somewhere at any moment, but she couldn’t.

“As you already predicted, I’m not in a very good mood right now.”


“Then what should you do”

Evan’s face, who had stood still, eager to hear what he had to say was contorted as if he had bitten a worm,

While hesitating, Aris put Leon’s cock in her mouth.

It was the worst move she could have made, not only for Leon, but for Evan’s mood as well, but Aris couldn’t think of any other thing right away at Leon’s cool voice.

And the smile of a winner that had adorned Evan’s face disappeared.

When he saw Aris put Leon’s cock in her mouth and started moving her head, he knew that Leon and him were on the same line.

He thought he was the only winner to have Aris in his arms, but in fact, it wasn’t just Evanstein Verdick.


At Evan’s low voice, Aris realized that she had made the wrong choice, and she trembled even more.

She doesn’t know if she’s lucky or unlucky, but she was biting Leon’s cock in her mouth so that she couldn’t contain her excuses.

Still, if she hadn’t been biting his cock right now, she’d have had to say a word to her brother to make excuses.

“How did this happen”

“I don’t know.”

Leon shook his back, suppressing his irritation.

She licked the cock in her mouth as Leon had taught her, and as she had done to her younger brother.

Maybe she had worked harder to turn away from reality.

Meanwhile, the brothers fought over Aris between them.

Evan grabbed Aris’s waist and pulled her up roughly, while Leon wrapped Aris’s tiny head.

“Heupp, uhp…… !”

Obviously, this situation was far from what Leon or Evan had imagined, and it was certain that it was a **ing situation.

But really, he couldn’t understand why it felt like his blood was boiling when he saw Aris moaning between them.

Moreover, seeing that her inner walls were also tightened violently with the force to explode Evan’s thing, it must have been that she was excited about this situation.

‘Something like Leonhardt, who was just a guard dog to protect Aris.’

Evan felt as if his hand had been bitten by the guard dog he trusted.

But he soon admitted his mistake.

He knew that Leon had a crush on her from a long time ago.

Still, he didn’t know that Leon would put his hand on Aris, even though he had been holding himself in check many times.

He wondered if he should start a war and get rid of Leon.

War does not happen easily, but it was not impossible with the power and wealth of Duchy Verdick, so Evan’s head quickly turned around as to how to get rid of Leonhardt and monopolize Aris.

‘Right damn it, I rolled around with courtesans too.

No, but a courtesan is a courtesan and not a sister!’

Leon was enveloped in contradictory emotions.

He must have been wallowing with many women himself.

Rather, it would have been neat if his sister had a relationship with gigolo.

It was because it was not work for him to make the gigolo disappear suddenly one day.

But, it was Evanstein Verdick.

He was much more grievous than the Emperor himself, and he did not dare to kill him.

Although Leon possessed the greatest military force on earth, Evan was excellent in political situations, and Verdick’s enormous fortune also came from Evan’s hands.

So, the answer was not to touch him, even for his sister.

It seemed that there was no answer, but it was Leonhardt who participated in many wars, and he had many experiences of overcoming impossible situations somehow.

So he decided to find a way to somehow monopolize her.

‘I want to faint…….’

When the two men were glaring at each other and holding each other in check, Aris just wanted to faint.

She had the vain hope that she would faint, and when she wakes up in a week or so, everyone will forget what’s going on right now.

But of course, fainting wasn’t something Aris wanted.

Aris, who was trying to find an answer in this unanswered situation, decided to escape from reality lightly and surrendered herself to the pleasure.

Aris couldn’t make a single sound because of the two men who made quiet, angered and rough movements, and her walls fluctuated and tightened around Evan’s cock, and he climaxed inside her.

Perhaps Leon was also excited by the current situation, and his end was unusually quick.

“Si, Sister! Spit it out!”


When Leon put her hand in front of Aris’s mouth, she spat out the semen.

As Leon wiped his hands on the bed linen, a wrinkle formed between Evan’s forehead, the owner of the bed.

He can smear Aris’s love liquid, but he didn’t want to smear that sword fool’s semen.’


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