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In the Middle of The Night in the Duke’s Residence - Chapter 50 - Sleepy Translations

5-7 minutes 29.12.2021

Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (1)

Upon returning to the mansion, Leonhard Verdick sensed an alien atmosphere floating in the air.

It was a sensitive sense built up by wat, he could immediately notice a different feeling than usual.

He felt ominous and wanted to run away immediately, but here was Aristasia Verdic, whom he loved.

So Leon had no choice but to open the door of the mansion and enter.

And the sound of someone’s moan pierced straight into his ear.

Obviously, if it was someone else, they wouldn’t have heard it at all, but Leon, the Sword Master, could hear it clearly.

He couldn’t help but figure out who the owner of the voice was.

Aris’ sweet voice.

Thinking that she couldn’t stand the time he came from working in the Imperial Palace and had solved it on her own, a laugh came out.

So, ignoring the greetings of the employees, he strode up the stairs two or three steps at a time.

But as he climbed the stairs, he noticed that his sister’s voice wasn’t coming from her bedroom on the fourth floor.

The sound was coming from the 5th floor.

The fifth floor contained the bedrooms of the Duke and Duchess, as well as the offices and parlors they used.

But to hear a coquettish voice from such a place.

‘Brother’s woman’

He couldn’t have called them.

It was an imaginary story far away from reality, and there was no way he could have misunderstood that the owner of this voice was Aris.

There was no way he could have confused the voice of his sister, which he had been imagining since childhood, which had been lying beneath him for the past few days.

Immediately, the ominous feeling he felt at the door of the mansion overtook him.

He gave up the thought of checking Aris’s room and went straight up the stairs to the front of his brother’s bedroom.

And he was able to confirm that his intuition was right.

“Huaaa! Ah…… Ahk!”

Her voice glistened so that it could be clearly distinguished from others.

He used to think that only he could hear that voice.

‘…… No, actually, I thought it might be a vague thing.’

The pure scar he left behind, or the scent of his brother’s perfume mixed with her body scent.

Also, the Bloody Red with a different design than the one he gave.

Besides, the smell of love affair that lingered in his sister’s room.

Others could have been deceived, but it was impossible for Leonhardt, who possessed a great sense.

Seeing the truth he didn’t want to know, he just smiled bitterly.

Leonhardt thought for a moment whether he should leave the mansion again as if nothing had happened, but he quickly shook it off.

Leonhardt’s footsteps had already stopped in front of the door of the room where Evan and Aris were.

‘If I go back from here…….’

As always, he could pretend he didn’t know anything in front of his sister.

If he could just hold his sister in his arms, he would be satisfied with that alone.

But it was too late for that.

He never wanted to pretend he didn’t know.

“Haa, Aris.”

From inside the door, the sound of a satisfied sigh from his brother could be heard.

He wanted to run away and get rid of his brother right away, but he couldn’t because he was aware that he was supporting the Duke’s house, even though he was not comparable to his precious sister.

Leonhardt hesitated several times for a short time and finally pushed the door to the bedroom.

Like Duke Verdick’s residence, which boasted great wealth and power, the door opened without any noise.

And in Leonhard’s eyes, he could see his sister lying on her stomach and his brother doing it from behind her.

When his brother’s cock seemed to come out, his sister yelled again as if she was thrown away by the popping sound.

Damn, for the first time, he resented his excellent eyesight, which had been brilliant on the battlefield.

He was made to see his sister in pleasure in a very slow scene by someone other than himself.


“Hahk, brother, go, good.


As Leon took a step closer, Evan noticed he was coming and smiled.

Leon clenched his fist in his attitude as if he was sure of his victory.

But he couldn’t blow his brother’s head off.

Even in this situation, if he blows his brother’s head off, surely his sister will blame himself, not his brother.

And Leonhardt understood Evanstein’s feelings.

If he had had the conviction that he had the heart for his sister like his older brother, he would have done more and not less.

“Where is it good, here”

“Huht! Brother, more, uht!”

Evan looked straight into Leon’s eyes and asked Aris.

Still trying to pick the place where Aris feels the most and hit it.

‘I know where my sister likes it, damn it!’

“Aris, why are you eating your older brother’s cock so deliciously when Leon comes”

Aris, who was shaking her waist with Evan’s movements, stopped for a moment.

He also thought that his sister cared about her.

However, as Evan moved flexibly and stimulated her weakest point, she too began to shake her waist again.


Leon’s expression cracked as Aris asked Evan with a small voice.

Although she spoke cautiously, it meant that she was willing to risk being caught by Leon in the end.

‘Ha! Yes, that’s right.

You will spend many nights with me.’

Leon, who let out a cynical laugh, strode over, stood in front of her, and loosened his belt.


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