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In this way, he wouldn’t just roughly shove their fingers in.

She would look at the handsome gigolo’s face and receive a caress full of sincerity as she had heard, and wanted to know what the true pleasure was.

‘My brother seems to know no more than me, so I’m using this as an excuse to beg him to let me call a gigolo!’

Up until now, Evanstein had somehow accepted Aris’ unreasonable request.

So Aris believed that she would have her brother grant permission, and she was also confident that she would be able to convince him.

She could have met gigolo secretly outside, but it was not something she could hide forever, and if she was going to get caught anyway, it would be much more convenient and better to call the gigolo here, just as Leon calls the courtesan to the Duke’s residence.

However, any work done within the Duke’s residence had to be done with the duke’s permission, so she was determined to get her brother’s permission at this point.

Already in Aris’s head, there was no option of not sleeping with gigolo nor the option of her Brother interfering with her plan.



“Why did you want to call a gigolo when you know how to do it”

“I wonder what it feels like.”



I see…….”

Evanstein looked agonizing, unlike before.

Aris seemed to be able to convince him with just a little more.


She reached out to him to persuade her brother.

Evanstein, who was looking at her, intercepted her hand.

“My precious Aristasia Verdic.”

“…… Why”

The last time Evan called her by her full name was after kicking out the suitor who came to marry her

And before that, it was after Aris had a big accident.

Aris, who was well aware that a good talk would never follow through her experiences, began to read Evan.

Contrary to her expectations, Evan, who she felt like something was going wrong with him, leaned his body towards the withdrawn Aris, and laid her down on the bed.


“Yes, my lovely Aristasia Verdic.”

Then, he roughly untied her robe, which had been neatly tidied, and unhooked the hook on the front of her bra.

“What are you doing!”

“I’m trying to tell you how the gigolo does it properly, according to your request.”

The embarrassed Aris screamed and tried to push him away, but he had already grabbed one of her hands.

Even if she pushed him away with her other hand, there was no way Evanstein, who trains every day, would be pushed away.

Evan didn’t care that Aris was surprised and didn’t know what to do.

He buried his face in her neck and sucked in the soft flesh and bit it gently.


Evan, who had left marks, gradually descended and placed her nipples in his mouth.

And with his other hand he wrapped the soft breast and gently rubbed it.

As he rolled the nipple in his mouth and licked it with his tongue, a moan like a sigh flowed from Aris’ teeth.

“St, stop.”

“No way.

Then, won’t you call the gigolo again tomorrow”

Aris didn’t dare to answer no.

It was right to call the gigolo to do this.

And it was also true that she was curious about what the actions were.

But she never really thought that the other person would be her brother.

“It does not matter.

It will be enough so that there is no need to call a gigolo.”

Evan, who was about to put his finger between her legs as before, stopped at her dry entrance.

“Yes, if it was a gigolo, he wouldn’t have just pushed his fingers in like I did a while ago, just like you said.”

Evan settled between her legs and buried his lips in the silver-gray bushes.

And licked up her genitals, which were too dry to put his fingers in.

Aris’ hidden moan came out of her mouth as he licked her clitoris with his tongue.

“Haah, uhh! Bro, brother Evan.”

Aris felt completely different from when she was masturbating, and wanted to run away.

But the pleasure she experiences for the first time in her life is strange and it was so sweet that she cannot tell her brother no, as strong as before.

Thinking that she couldn’t do this with her siblings, she stretched out her hand to dissuade him, but all she could do was put her hand on his head.

Evanstein was glad to have her touch his hair.

Rather, it stimulated him even more.

Even though she had simply placed her hand on him, Evanstein felt as though Aristasia was pressing his head, demanding even greater pleasure.

Not to mention, Aris was gradually drenched in pleasure while Evansstein licked her clitoris, and her dry genitals was soggy with love fluid flowing down.


Evanstein smiled at the scent growing sweeter and sweeter.

Then, as Aris gently pushed his head away, Evan, who was pushed down by her, shoved her tongue into her opening as if kissing it.

It was like Aris was saying that she wanted more pleasure.

He tasted Aris’ secret place that had a deeper scent.

Not surprisingly, each time his tongue went deep and sucked up the love fluid, a moan, sweeter than before, flowed out of her mouth.

“Ha, hahk! Uh, huaa…uhtt.”

As his sharp nose touched her clitoris, Aris’s waist jumped in surprise, and Evan craved the love fluid that began to flow from within her more satisfiedly.

Aris struggled with the pleasure, but whenever she glanced at her brother, an unknown sense of satisfaction filled her.

Yes, this was a little different from her sexual pleasure.


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