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In the Middle of The Night in the Duke’s Residence - Chapter 49 - Sleepy Translations

6-7 minutes 29.12.2021

Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (15) – unedited

It’s already 3pm.

Leon left the palace a little earlier than usual.

‘Today’s sister was really cute.

If I could, I would give up being the Knights Commander .’

But he couldn’t quit.

This is because, with the title of Imperial Knights Commander, he was free to investigate without anyone’s permission.

Because he was looking for someone, the only clue he had was that the investigation target was a gigolo.

From the moment he became an adult, he’d been to and fro the salons of courtesans, but none of them had the same silver-gray hair as his sister.

On the contrary, there were too many green eyes to find that resembled his sister as a clue.

‘I thought I would find it soon.’

During his childhood, Leon hid in his mother’s room to covertly remove the academy report card.

He managed to get the letter containing his report card safely, but it was only when he came to his room that he found that he had also brought another letter from an unknown sender.

He opened it out of curiosity, and it was a will that said they were grateful for raising Aris well, and that thanks to that, they could leave the world comfortably.

He was curious about who said thank you for raising his older sister, so he kept reading.

Then a sentence caught his eye.

It was a content that the child should not know that her father was a gigolo.

From that moment on, Leon learned that Aris was someone who did share a drop of blood with him.

‘I need to find out who Sister’s biological father is right now.’

He rushed.

By some chance he was lucky enough to mix his body with his sister, but she could have married someone else.

Of course, his older brother, Evanstein Verdick would not have left her alone, but right now, the Crown Prince of the country was only three years older than his older brother.

And even though he had the Crown Princess, his eyes towards his older sister was unusual.

‘Even so, the Imperial Knights Commander cannot dig out the Crown Prince’s eyes nor can he kill him.’

Today, he met the courtesans and heard information about gigolos, but it was in vain.

He left the courtesans behind who wanted to play and quickly got on the horse.

He was thinking that today somehow he had to go back sooner rather than later.

He thought it was because he had told his older sister to wait.

Leon drove his horse towards the Duke’s residence.

Without knowing how his older sister would greet him.

º º º

“Hahhuhk! Bro, brother! Uhk!

In the Duke’s bedroom, Evan was pounding roughly on Aris, and Aris took him deep inside her, wrapping his legs around his waist.

Aris couldn’t even feel how much time had passed.

It must have been around 3 or 4 o’clock at most, as she didn’t watch the opera that started around 1 pm.

“Aris, you seem to be feeling more than usual when your eyes are covered.”

She doesn’t get a good idea of the time because she and Evan have been mixing bodies from the moment they get into and out of the carriage, and after they arrive at the mansion and from the moment she comes to his bedroom,

But the main reason she couldn’t see outside was because of the eye covering that was covering her eyes, so she had no idea if the sun was setting or if it was already evening.

All she could hear was Evan’s harsh breathing, the slurping of his brother’s cock pounding her secret place, and the sound of her own moaning that filled her room.

Her brother’s hands gently touched her own body, his lips kissing her occasionally, his tongue licking her nipples, and finally her brother’s penis driving him crazy.

It was all she could feel.

Moreover, because several times her brother shifts positions to climax, she was simply drenched in pleasure, not knowing the flow of her time.

“Uhht, good…… hnng, more, do more.”

Evan lifted his mouth with satisfaction and smiled, kissing Aris on the back of her neck.

“You don’t have to rush, I’ll do it until you’re satisfied.”

Even if she wants to stop, it will be until he is satisfied.

Today, he had no intention of letting her go.

His lewd sister had just started mixing her body a few days ago, and she had already gotten used to her pleasure.

She slumped under her and shouted at him, but she was moving her waist, demanding more pleasure.

He looked at the clock and it was 5 o’clock.

There is still a long time left for Leon to come.

He wished Leon would come sooner.

Before Aris passed out from pleasure.

“Huwaa! Ah……Ahht!”

As Aris’ body shrank, she reached her climax again.

She gave up on counting how many times she had reached her climax.

Her brother, whose eyes had turned over from inside the carriage, and lusted after her, draped his own cloak around Aris, ignoring the eyes of the employees, and took her straight to his own bedroom.

From then on, Aris, who had been obsessed with pleasure, spat out only words like Brother, Good, Please do more.

“Get down.”

When Aris, who was trembling in the afterglow of her pleasure, couldn’t control her body, Evan hugged her and made her lie face down.

How much had he ejaculated inside Aris.

He hugged her body as the love fluid from inside her and what he had ejaculated mixed and flowed down her legs.

Evan, who was looking at it with his deepest eyes, moved himself even harder with a clapping sound and the liquid bubbled and splashed louder than before.

Aris and Evan heated up even more

“Haa, Aris.”

Aris’ heated moans erupted.

Unlike when she first mingled with her brother, she didn’t intend to hide her voice.

Because it’s been day and night for several days and she’s been mixing her body with her older brother and her younger brother, but the employees did not have a different than usual reaction, so Aris stopped thinking about hiding her voice.

So, Aris’ voice, who was struggling with pleasure, filled the room.

And it was not only the employees who heard her moan.

Leonhard Verdick, who just opened the door of the duke’s residence.

Aris’s voice was clearly heard in his ear.


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