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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (9) – unedited

‘It’s okay, it’s okay.

Even if Older brother finds out about this, I think I could turn it into Leon’s prank.’

However, Leon’s leg, which suddenly came into her dress, pulled Aris’s one leg up.

“…… Why don’t Leon focus more on eating”

Aris said, turning around because Evan had his gaze fixed on her.

She wanted to swear at Leon, even a slightest bit.

If Leon’s hearing is different from that of the average person, he will not miss it.

But her older brother was sitting so close that he could hear it too.

Then Evan will immediately ask what’s going on, and if that happens, she’ll have to explain everything about her current situation, so she has no choice but to talk about something well.

“Leon, isn’t he eating well on his own”

“That’s right.

It’s delicious to eat food that our chef has made since a long time.”

In the midst of this, Evan, unaware of Aris’ heart, turned off his attention from Leon, and Leon acted as if nothing happened.

Leon soon put the last piece into his mouth and set the tableware down.

And seeing him, Evan immediately gave a dismissal order.

“Now that you have eaten, shouldn’t you get up”

“I’m going to eat dessert.”

Of course, even that didn’t work for Leon.

Aris also joined in with the desire to kick him out.

“…… You don’t usually eat dessert.”

“The breakfast dessert is fruit.

I like simple foods.”

Neither this nor that worked.

Leon answered her, naturally resting his chin, and while lowering his hand, rubbed Aris’ foot, which had been dragged by him.

This time, she was able to stay quiet, perhaps due to some preparation of her mind.

“Aris, let’s buy the cake you like on the way home from the opera later.”

“Good! Thank you!”

Aris seemed to have gained her peace by sacrificing her own feet, but again her eyes could only turn to Leon.

The hard thing that touched her feet right now, no matter how much she thought about it, wouldn’t be Leon’s hand.

Evan took a few moments to poke the food with the fork, while she glared at Leon with her eyes.

‘Are you crazy’

Leon grinned and rubbed her feet against his cock.

This one seemed to insist that it never erupted last night.

‘You must have wanted to be caught.

Or are you just wanting to be seen by others Whatever it is, it’s not normal.’

Whether it was the former or the latter, Aris wanted to decline.

But contrary to her thoughts, she recalled the pleasure Leon had given her last night, and felt something flowing between her legs.

Leon’s smirk seemed to have caught her excitement as she became restless at the feeling of her underwear getting wet.

In fact, there was no way Leon, who has a keen sense of smell, could not have noticed the sweet scent of her love liquid.

Aris crossed her legs and tried to hide it a little, but it only got worse.

Eventually she couldn’t stand it and tried to get up by pulling her butt behind.

But only the chair rattled in place because of her feet being held by Leon, which was enough to get Evan’s attention.

“What’s wrong”

“Oh, no.

It’s okay.”

Leon’s thing, which can be clearly seen from the top of his pants, gradually grew in size.

She was forced to put down the tableware in the end as her food didn’t go down her throat.

Then Evan beckoned and all the food on the table was loaded into the cart, and a variety of beautifully shaped fruits came in.

For as long as Aris lived her life, she wondered if she had ever waited for fruits so happily like this.

Leon, who saw the fruit arrived, released her feet surprisingly neatly, and Aris quickly organized her dress and pretended nothing had happened.

“The cherry, it’s delicious.”

Leon left the dining room with only a single cherry in his mouth, as the fruit was not his purpose.

After he left, she was relieved.

It was a really bad breakfast for the heart.

Aris was nervous and filled her stomach with fruits instead of the meal she had not eaten properly.

She is so hungry yet if she eats too much, Older brother will find it suspicious.

“Oh, Brother! How about leaving a little earlier today”

“The opera doesn’t start until three o’clock in the afternoon, would you mind”

“Yes! Let’s walk in the park!”

Aris didn’t want to stay at home.

If she was resting and doing nothing, she seemed to recall the times when she was tormented by pleasure from her older brother and younger brother.

She slept and woke up and she tried not to remember that it was a thing of the past and she tried to stay casual, but that became useless because of Leon.

The pleasure Evan and Leon gave was very intense and engraved deeply in her mind.

When Evan, who could not refuse Aris’s offer, gladly accepted, she went to her room to prepare.

But there was a small note on the table.

Not knowing why this note was being posted, she picked it up right away.

And as soon as she checked the contents, all her questions were answered.


There was no sender, no subject, no object, nothing, just one word: ‘Wait’.

But that alone could tell her that Leon told her to wait for a night of pleasure with her.

She tried not to think about it, but it was Leon who made promises like that in an instant.

It was still a long time before Leon returned to the mansion, and she could already feel her mouth burning.

Aris knew she had to pull the rope and call the maid.

But suddenly she was rummaging through her dress and tucking her fingers into her underwear.

It became a body longing for pleasure so much that she couldn’t wait for her older brother to fall asleep and Leon to come.


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