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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (8) – unedited

Leonhard Verdick, who seemed like an infinitely soft puppy to her, exuded a dark energy that was instantly understandable as to why he was called a reaper on the battlefield, and called out to her in a low voice.


“Do you want me to sleep with women other than Sister”

“No, that…….”

“Then what about this I don’t think about sleeping with women other than Sister anymore.”

Aris flinched at Leon’s sneering tone.

But she couldn’t stand back as much.

Even though he is a sword master, Leon, who is younger than her, was a little easier than Evan, so she thought she could push him a little more.

“But what if other people find out…….”

“They won’t.”

Leon spoke with a cold face befitting his nickname of ‘Reaper’.

Even if he didn’t say anything like pulling out their tongue or killing them so that they wouldn’t say anything, just Leon’s face was enough of an answer.


“I want to do that with Sister.”

Leon grabbed Aris and put her in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

Leon whispered softly to her, as Aris had a habit of closing her eyes and she accepted his lips.

“So don’t ask me to invite another woman.”

When Aris opened her eyes softly at the unusual voice, she saw Leon with a gloomy face.

When she looked around the reddened eyes, she seemed to know how badly she had done him wrong.

She had hurt him just because he’s easier to deal with than Older brother.

It was the first time Aris had seen Leon like this since they grew up, so she thought she had to calm him down as quickly as possible.

“I’m, I’m sorry.

I lied.”

“If you say that again next time…….”

“I will not! I won’t!”

Leon nodded with a bashful smile as he was satisfied with Aris’ answer.

In the end, it was a lot different from her plan, but she knew how much they loved her, and she fell in love with their charms once again.

‘I thought I had to end the relationship, but I feel like I’m digging deeper…….’

Aris hadn’t been caught by them yet, so she decided to take a little more time to think.

She couldn’t clear up either of them, so she decided to slow down what to do when caught.

At least today, she wanted to feel happiness while pondering the love between the two of them.

However, things didn’t go as planned, and Aris’ soft heart was engulfed in confusion by the breathtaking sight as soon as she opened the door to the dining room she had visited for breakfast.

“You’ve come”

“Are you here”

“…… You two were together.”

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Evan and Leon sitting together.

When she got to her seat, Leon and Evan each gave her food.

If she had just overslept as usual, she would not have had to endure this inconvenience, but she regretted it, as it was already too late.

The stew was brought by the maid, the salad provided by her older brother who slept with her during the day, and the bread from her younger brother who shared pleasure at night.

Aris quietly ate the stew.

“…… The butler can do it, but why”

“Isn’t it okay for me to do it”

“It tastes better if I give it to you.”

Aris really has no intention of being caught by Older Brother, nor by Leon.

However, these two seemed to be anxious because they couldn’t show off.

But since the two of them acted the same, it seemed to be taken for granted.

“Isn’t Leon going to the palace”

“It’s okay to go a little later today!”

“Is Older Brother still on vacation”

“This time I took a little longer vacation.”

Brother Evan sat at the top of the table, and Aris and Leon were sitting next to him, so before Leon put food on her plate, the older brother who was sitting nearby moved it first.

Leon, who at first had an annoyed expression, raised his mouth at an angle and smiled at her, and a sudden ominous feeling overtook her.

‘Something is ominous.

When Leon smiles like that, is it when he’s up to something’


Something struck Aris’ toe.

Her feet were still in place, so something must have hit her.

Even the maids in charge of cleaning cannot be counted with two hands, so there must be no rats or insects.

When Aris didn’t respond, it tapped twice again, as she was going to pretend she didn’t know.

“Aris, why don’t you go to the opera today”

“Opera Like what”

“There is talk of a famous play being held, so I bought a ticket before vacation just in case.”

“Wow, is it It’s famous, so I wanted to see it!”

It was a topic of discussion several times during tea time with the ladies.

Aris also wanted to visit it once, but everyone had decided to go with gigolos, and she refused, so she couldn’t go.

“If you wanted to see it, you should have gone a little earlier.”



“No, nothing! Looking forward to it!”

While the brother and sister were having a conversation, Aris’s voice secretly leaked out as she felt a strange touch on her ankles.

It was the one she was trying to ignore, the tapping.

Leon took Aris’ ankle to the side under the table with a disapproving expression.

It wasn’t until her voice escaped her mouth that he gave a satisfied look.

Leon smiled brightly, as if he knew Aris, whose heart was pounding violently in an anxious mind.

He seemed to think that the sound of her pounding heart was not because of anxiety, but because she was conscious of him.


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