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“Why is Brother here again”

Aris, who had been waiting for her gigolo with a pounding heart, had an intuition as soon as she saw Evan who opened the door and entered.

That her own plans had gone awry.

‘Other people are having a good time with the gigolo!’

It’s nothing to go so far for.

Hasn’t he heard vividly what Leonhardt is doing with courtesans in the room next door just today

“Lie down.”

Contrary to her anger, Aris’ body steadily went to bed and laid down as Evan instructed.

No matter how rebellious Aris was, she was already twenty-two years old.

She knew that her own life stemmed from the maintenance of her dignity, which her brother, Evan, provided.

She even knew that she was being paid more than any lady.

‘Tomorrow, I will not call a gigolo to my house, but I will have to spend time outside.’

As she had come this far, she felt like she shouldn’t not do something because it was unfair.

It was okay if it wasn’t night.

She can do it even during the day!

“Don’t think about useless things and go to sleep.”

“…… It is not useless.”

“This is the last warning, Aris.”


“Don’t try to call a gigolo home any more.”


Aris replied meekly.

She was going to meet outside anyway, so she didn’t mind her brother’s warning not to call it home.

“Brother, after I got married later,”

“Are you going to get married”

Is this what you’re talking about now

To be honest, some of her friends went from Count Lady to Marchioness.

It’s already been two years since her friend got married.

“Are you going to take me with you for the rest of your life”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”

Aris was originally going to say that she would call a gigolo home after she got married, and what to do if she got a divorce, and that she wanted to call gigolo in advance, to prevent it from happening.

But she decided to change her question a bit after Evan said that he would take her for the rest of her life.

“Then you won’t kick me even if I call a gigolo”

Evan’s beauty was wrinkled.

That was a bad sign.

One of Evan’s greatest strengths is that he can hide facial expressions almost completely.

However, if there was a wrinkle between his forehead, that means he was extremely angry.

“Br, brother.”

“Did you ever wonder what you were going to do with the gigolo”

“No, that…….”

“Right, Aris was curious about what you were going to do with the gigolo, and I don’t like the  gigolo coming.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t this brother tell you”

Evan smiled coldly as he pulled the blanket.

Evan’s face, with his back to the moonlight, was not clearly visible, but she could tell.

Evan was probably never this mad at her, even if she said she killed someone.

“Brother will tell me, what do you mean…….”

Confused Aris tried to stop him belatedly, but Evan did not pretend to listen.

“If the gigolo had come, he would have laid you down and kissed your lips.

Like this.”

Evan’s lips overlapped hers.

Aris’s mouth, startled by the sudden kiss, opened in surprise, and Evan’s tongue entered her mouth as if waiting.

He steadily indulged in Aris’s mouth, who couldn’t get her head around what was going on.

“And take off the gown you are wearing.”

Evan exhaled a warm breath from a distance close enough to touch her nose, pulling the end of the knot tied around her waist.

Aris hurriedly stopped him and shouted.

“Br, brother! Why are you doing this!”

“Have I not already explained why you are doing this”

“We, we are a family.

No, Brother!”

However, Evan didn’t care and untied the knot in Aris’s gown.

Then, her white underwear appeared.


“You were going to show this to the gigolo…….”

At Evan’s low voice, Aris shrank unknowingly.

“…… If the gigolo had come, he would have taken off your underwear.”

When Evan’s fingertips untied the ribbon that was holding Aris’ underwear, a silver-gray pubic hair the same color as her hair appeared.

Aris tried to cover it with her hand, but it was quicker for Evan’s finger, which had already pushed one of her thighs, to slip between her legs.

“He must have put his finger inside your body.”


“Does it hurt Of course it will hurt.

You didn’t know it would hurt.

Didn’t the book tell you how much it hurts”

Aris had no time to feel his touch.

It was because she had already been intimidated and had no previous experience.

There was no way she could feel anything underneath because it was just sore without any caress.

As if nothing had happened, he pulled his fingers out of her pubic area only when he saw that the pain had brought tears to Aris’ eyes.

“If you had known, you would give up on the gigolo now…….”


Evan, who was about to get his body up, fastened Aris’ robe neatly again and covered her with the duvet, then stopped.

“Which gigolo shoves their fingers without caressing”


“Did you really think I didn’t know anything”

Aris jumped up from her bed, sat down, and put her robe on.

On the contrary, Aris hardened her heart with Evan’s actions like this.

The one that didn’t know was Evan, not her.

So that’s why he must have done such a reckless act.

She didn’t want to know anything like her brother.

So, she wanted to spend the night properly by calling a gigolo.


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