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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (4) – unedited

It was terribly obscene to see that big man feeling pleasure from Aris’s hands, and trying to go crazy with her mouth.

Reluctant to be caught by her older brother, Aris, who had been forced to put the cock in her mouth, worked diligently to get Leon, now weakened, to ejaculate.

Leon resisted his climax and held Aris’s head weakly, but she moved her head back and forth on her own, thoroughly licking the cock in her mouth.

“Si, Sister, kuhk!”

Aris put his cock deep inside her mouth, then pulled it out and licked it with her tongue, causing the veins of the cock to twitch as if it were about to burst.

Leon, having a foreboding that he could no longer bear it, hurriedly took his cock from her mouth, but it was too late to give up what had given him the ultimate pleasure.


Eventually, his semen shot out at her mouth to her forehead and from her eyes to her chin.

“…… Leon.”

“So, sorry!”


Surprised by Leon, who apologized to her in a loud voice, rather than the muffled voice, Aris scolded him.

“Older brother is gone.”

“…… If you don’t clean it soon, I think I’ll get a little angry.”

The sound of footsteps had long since moved away from the door, but Leon, just in case, went out through the window instead of the door and into his room.

Then he brought the wet towel he had prepared in his room and wiped her face thoroughly.

He thought he’d wipe his sister’s body, but never thought he’d wipe her face, so he hurriedly wiped her.

“I’m sorry, sister.”

“If we get caught by Older brother…… I’m going to be really mad.”


Leon bowed his head.

He was terribly sorry that he had come on her beautiful face, apart from being found out by Evan.

However, after he was able to clean it, he regretted that he should have enjoyed it enough before brushing it off.

Someday when he gets a chance…….


He heard Aris’s voice pulling him out of his thoughts.

If he gets a chance someday, he wanted to take it easy and enjoy it again, but it was clear that his sister would be angry if she found out that he was thinking like that, so he quickly responded with an apologetic expression as much as possible.

“Yes, sister…….”

“What else are you going to play with Don’t do it on my face.”


Leon was touched and embraced Aris.

He didn’t care if he was caught by Older brother.

He would rather have been caught.

But his sister said she didn’t want to, so he thought she might have rejected him by now.

But Sister told him to do more!

“But I can’t go to bed too late.

I have to get up early tomorrow.

got it”

Leon nodded his head several times and promised.

Leon had committed a crime that night, and he voluntarily decided to practice something he had never even cared about in the first place.

“Sister, bend down.”

“…… Here”

Like a puppy waving its tail softly, Leon, who was delighted, told her to bend down on the windowsill.

Aris leaned her body over the windowsill with a slightly subtle emotion.

Because it reminded her of Leon’s boast that it would be difficult to keep quiet once she got down on the windowsill.

Aris got her hips pulled back as she leaned her body on the windowsill.

Leon sat down on one of his knees behind her and licked her pussy again with his tongue.

It was like before when he had been caressing her with his tongue, but it was definitely a new feeling when they changed places.

Besides, looking out the window, she saw several knights standing guard at the Duke’s residence in the distance, making her tremble even more.

Leon, who noticed that his sister’s vagina was already wet from the time he licked it, continued to lick, inserting the index fingers of both hands and moving them differently.

Every time he bent his fingers and scraped the inner wall, Aris shook her back, giving her body to the pleasure.

“Uhhk, good…… uhk!”

She was already wet enough that he could insert it right away, but Leon thought that the order was very important.

He didn’t even know that it may be an illusion that would soon be broken.

“Sister, don’t be surprised.”

“Uhh …… Huwak!”

Leon wiped Aris’s anal after dipping some liquid on the handkerchief, which he pulled out of his pocket as Leon ran through her pussy with one hand.

“What all of a sudden!”

“It’s for anal use only, so don’t worry.”

“Whatever it is!”

“Everything is in demand, so there is supply.”

Leon smiled and smirked.

And his tongue, which had been licking her pussy, gradually climbed up the skin and touched Aris’ anal.


His fingers slipped through her wide legs and began to piston, his tongue licking around the anal, occasionally going into it.

“Le, Leon! Don’t do it, it’s dirty!”

“Don’t worry, it has already been cleaned.”

“I don’t like it!”

When you wipe it with a handkerchief soaked in a special liquid, it becomes clean as if you have washed your hands thoroughly, which is a must for those who enjoy playing with the back.

“You say you don’t like it, but it’s very tight down here.”

Leon wished he could lick her with his cock inside…… He had some crazy idea.


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