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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (14) – unedited

“What are you doing!”

“It’s better to take it out than to let it flow.

Or should I ask the maid to prepare bath water”

“…… that, that.”

It seemed that if he went out now the maids would immediately talk to her older brother.

Just like how they told her older brother right away that she went to Ash.

When Aris couldn’t keep up with her words, Leon scraped her inner walls with his finger to help her.

“Uhk, Leon.”

“I cummed to mouch.

I’ve done it a few times, but I don’t think I counted to five.”

Leon’s semen flowed out from between Aris’ legs, along with her love liquid .

Leon thought he wanted to put it back in, but he put off the fun of the night, and grabbed his cock, which had grown a while ago, and started shaking it.

“Haa, Aris.”

“Leon, huwahk……,uhk!”

The more Leon got excited, the rougher the hand that touched Aris’s pussy grew, and the more he did it, the more love liquid flowed out.

“Sister seems to like things a little rough.”

“No, no! Uh!”

“No, it’s pouring out like this.”

Leonhardt pretended to be relaxed and smiled, but in fact, seeing his sister holding him all night and getting disorganized, he was feeling a terrible thirst.

Already from the employee’s residence, the sound of some diligent people getting up and moving could be heard.

‘Older Brother will know, what should I do’

Still, he didn’t want to see his sister in trouble.

It was enough for his sister to be in trouble when she was lying under him, like now.

‘Oh, I want to cum.

I would want to go to the courtesans before going to work, but no one would come out.’

But if he goes at night, isn’t his sister at home, who is rude to be compared to courtesans at night

Why are there only 24 hours in a day, and why are the nights so short If the time he spent with his sister had been much longer than the time he worked at the imperial palace, he wouldn’t have had to worry about this.

‘Night and day, I want to put my dick in Sister’s pussy.’

Leon desperately wished to hold his sister during the long night, and sleep, eat, and train for the rest of the day.

“Hey, Leon… … !”

“Uh, Aris.”

His sister, who ate his dick all night, was still cramped inside as if he had never been inside.

It was difficult to even move his fingers freely because they were tightened from all directions as if they were twisting his fingers.

He felt his sister’s womb descending and her inner muscles churning, foreshadowing that his sister’s climax was coming soon.

As he stimulated only where she felt pleasure, he was content to have his sister keep calling his name.

“Leon, uh, Le, Leon.”

“It’s okay, Aris.

A little bit more.”

“I, I can’t.”

“A little bit, huh”

At Leon’s plea, Aris fell into his arms even more.

She was enduring the pleasure.

At that, Leon smiled even more deeply.

Then, when Leon’s fingertips pressed against Aris’ sensitive spot, Aris reached a climax again.


“Good job, sister.”

Her hole spewed out his and her liquid.

Leon watched with satisfaction as the liquid poured out of his sister’s pussy.

Aris was shy, so she turned her head and clasped her legs as she wanted to run away from his gaze, but she couldn’t cover herself because Leon’s body was holding it.

Then she felt the warm sunlight and looked outside and the sun had already risen.

It would not be a strange time for the employees to wander around looking for things to do.

“Leon, look outside.”

“The sun has already risen.”

Leon pulled his hand from between her legs.

As he pulled out his hand, he scraped the wall of her vagina, leaving her with a sound of pain.

The afterglow of the climax still lingered, and her waist seemed to tremble.

“Le, Leon!”

Then Leon placed his hand on her clitoris and shook it quickly from side to side.

For Aris, who was relieved thinking that it was all over, she had no choice but to panic.

“What, what are you doing!”

“It’s the last, the last one.”

Aris unknowingly stepped onto the bed with her feet and lifted her waist high.

The problem was that she wanted to run away from the overflowing pleasures to the point that her head was dizzy, but she shook her back as his hand had led her, her body wasn’t even trying to run away from him.

Instead of rolling her clitoris gently, the quick rubbing motion caused her love liquid to splatter and splash on both thighs.

Although Leon had already seen it countless times in other women, it felt so new.

“Sister, can I put it in”


Aris desperately refused, saying she couldn’t do it anymore, shaking her head.

It was overwhelming just being harassed by his hand right now.

“Just once.

I feel like my bottom is going to explode now.

Huh please.”

However, the words of permission did not fall from Aris’s mouth.

Leon also spoke with the thought that he had to go inside her, but he didn’t think that she would actually allow him, so he steadily concentrated on leading her to climax.

At one point he noticed that Aris lifted her waist higher and she stiffened.

Still, Leon was rapidly stimulating her clitoris, and eventually love liquid pour out of her pussy.

“Ah! Huhk, uh…….”

Aris’ body shook without thinking and her head was dazed, and then she flopped down onto the bed.

“Stop, stop it now.”

“What about me”

“I don’t know.”

“…… I can’t help it.”

Leon sighed deeply.

Then he placed his lips against his sister’s forehead, smiled and wiped her body, including Aris’s pubic area, with a new towel.

Aris, who seemed to be out of her mind, followed Leon as he got up and put a new underwear and gown on her.

Leonhard’s thing was still erect, but Aris tried to ignore it and pretended not to know it.


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