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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (13) – unedited

“Are you sure you don’t want it Why are you so tight Isn’t it something you want to see”


“I don’t mind if Aris wants to do it in the garden or on the terrace Or would you call all the employees But not boys.

I’ll want to cut off their throat when they see your pussy while looking at Sister.”


Apart from her condition below, tightening on him like cutting him off, she was shedding tears and refused.

But why do her tears arouse sadism

“If you don’t like it, move yourself.”

It reminded him of their childhood, when he fell in love with Aris and chased after her and teased her.

If only he had known how to open his heart to her like Evan, who took good care of her, he distanced herself from her.

The young Leonhard Werdick, who was an immature boy, didn’t know that.

If he met his former self, he would have threatened him with his aura and made himself get a definitive anwer.

“Haa, uh…….”

One way or another, the scene where Aris was already at her climax and in a sensitive state moving her back on her own was enough to make him come.

But Aris struggled with her strength, so she stumbled, and she came down from above him.

But that didn’t mean she was out of Leon’s grasp.

Leon grabbed her by the waist and made her lie down on her bed, then shoved his hard cock with force again.


“Haa, Aris.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you go before the sun rises.”

His sister doesn’t seem to want to be found out, so he can understand this.

º º º

“…… Leon”


It was about the time dawn came.

She had just woken up, but her eyes, accustomed to the darkness, recognized Leon immediately.

“Haaht! Le, Leon! Uhng!”

“Haa, Aris.”

Her two hands were lifted over her head and clasped tightly underneath Leon’s.

Leon, who did not lose his breath even after several rounds of training, hours of battle, exhaled wildly, and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.

Confused about what was going on, Aris immediately recalled the memories of her last night, as she spat out moans from the pleasure given by Leon.

‘I, I provoked Leon…… I must be crazy.’

Even though she tried to shake off the memory and thought it’s something that didn’t happen, the memory gradually became clearer.

Aris was a little embarrassed.

It’s not much, but just a little.

‘I thought he was Brother Evan!’

But waking up from her drunkenness, Leon was just calling out his name.

She didn’t hate it.

But it was her drunk self who corrected him to call her name.

Now that she thought about it, there were not just one or two differences between him and her older brother.

At first, he called her sister, and he insisted on showing off to other people, and the style of having sex with her itself.

But now that she came to find the difference, what can she do No matter how much Leon had foretold an affair with her, it was after she had slept with Evan.

But here’s her younger brother, Leon…….

Evan had been someone she had admired since she was a child, so then, what about Leon

‘I have nothing to say even if Brother Evan and Leon don’t get married because they misunderstood that I seduced them.’

“What are you thinking about”


As Leon bounced his hips, the liquid splashed out with a sound.

One leg was locked between his legs, and the other was lifted high and placed over his shoulder.

Leon, who instinctively noticed that Aris had woken up from the alcohol, drove himself even more fiercely.

He had no intention of thinking that it had never happened.

He rather wanted to make Aris an accomplice when she was in her right now.

“Don’t think about anything now.”

“Bu, but.”

As if not wanting to hear more of Aris’s words, Leon pushed again so that she could not spit a word.

He didn’t seem to be moving that passionately, but his cock was rough as if it was a separate creature.

It is also a creature that poked only the point where she feels.

“Aahk, huht, Leon! Uhk!”

Although Aris had reached climaxes that she could not count, it was her first climax when she was sober.

Leon couldn’t help but come inside her.

After coming, Leon relaxed Aris’ legs and laid down on her, enjoying the aftermath.

He kissed her neck, shoulders, back and waist, and stroked her hips and thighs.

It was cute to see Aris trembling in surprise when he touched her.

Then, as she vomited his thing from underneath her, he was desperate to do a little more.

But didn’t he promise to let her go before sunrise Now that the sun was rising slowly, he had to let her go, even if it was a pity, to keep his promise.

After all, Aris had given up and he couldn’t do her as he intended.

“…… Leon.”

“Wait a minute.”

Leon dressed roughly and went out quietly, wetted a towel with water and wiped her thoroughly.

“You must be popular with courtesans.”

“Are you saying that in this situation”

He had sex with her a while ago.

Does he have to retell what they did all night

“No, I just don’t want to be quiet, so…….”

“I’m afraid I might be misunderstood, but I don’t even do this to courtesans.”


“Why would I do this to you”

When he said that, she had nothing else to say.

“No, well, thank you…….”


But I guess I did too much, it just keeps flowing.”

“…… Le, Leon.

Do you have to say that yourself”

“Oh sorry.

Just a second.”

Leon shoved his finger back into Aris’s hole, where he had shoved his own cock.

Although he had wiped the entrance, there was a lot of semen remaining inside, so it went in without difficulty, and Leon immediately put another finger in.


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