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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (12) – unedited

When the unspoken permission was given, Leon untied the ribbon holding her undergarment at the tips of his fingers.

Unable to contain the smile that spread across Aris’s face, Leon pulled his belt off and took off his pants.

“Aris, I’ll put the ring on you.”

When Aris nodded her head, the ring that Leon had obtained yesterday was placed on her finger.

Aris got a ring different from the one she had received during the day and she looked at it with interest.

Leon wanted to shove and come in satisfaction right away.

But he didn’t want to stain his sister’s first with pain.

His own technique to make girls climax, and the size of his cock, all of which he was proud of before her, would make it difficult for her.

Leon pulled Aris’ slip down and put her soft breasts in his mouth.

He circled and squashed the round breasts in his own large hands, rubbing them, and twisting the raised nipples slightly hard.


He didn’t get drunk just because he drank a glass or two of wine, but he thought it must have been Aris’s fault that his head was so dizzy.

Rubbing his own cock, he gradually got into her entrance.

He moved his longest middle finger and moved as if melting the walls of her vagina.

He was intent on putting his own cock in while widening her opening.

Leon remembered exactly where Aris’ favorite part was, and as he pressed it down, she soon swallowed another finger.

As he flexed his fingers and scraped the inner wall, Aris unknowingly shook her back, wandering in search of greater pleasure.

“Haa……, good.

Put, put it in.”

Leon swallowed a curse inside.

With her skin reddened due to fever, Aris is telling him to put it in her!

Reality was sweeter than a dream.

“If I put it in now, it will hurt.”

Leon put another finger in and started to piston.

She’s more receptive than he thought, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful.

“Hahhk! Ah, good! Uht! The, there Huwang!”

No matter how sensitive she was, Aris reached her climax without him even moving much.

It was better to widen her with his hand just in case.

But Aris ignored his superhuman patience, and wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him back.

“Han, hand, stop it…… I want it.”

“Aris, tell me if you are hurt.

I will be patient.”

“It’s okay.”

A cock slightly curved to the left stimulated her clitoris and went shallow.

Because the penis was a little thicker than her older brother’s, when the glans came in, it felt a little heavy, and wrinkles were formed on her fine forehead.

However, whenever Leon, who came in after pushing himself, moved his waist, her clitoris was pressed and the pleasure grew.

But because he came in shallowly, it was not enough.

“Uhng, hua…… good, do more.”

Aris, who already knew pleasure, exhaled moans, spread her legs wide, and urged him to put it in.

“I can’t believe it.

Aristasia Verdic.”

Aris in real life who knows how to enjoy sex and is far more lewd than the Aristasia he saw in his dreams.

Leon couldn’t keep on being patient and shoved his dick into her depths.

A cock that was as lumpy as his firmly entrenched muscles pressed against her vaginal walls.

Then she tightened her narrow, moist, relentless walls as if to cut off his cock.


“Aris, are you okay”

The already fluctuating inner walls seemed to tell everything, but a confirmation was necessary.

In real life, Aristasia Verdick was more attractive than any woman he had ever seen, and even more attractive than the Aristasi Verdick that he had harassed in his dreams.

To the extent that it is rude to compare.

‘Maybe it’s not Sister that got drunk from two bottles of wine, but I was dreaming because I drank two bottles of brandy and got drunk.’

Even when he woke up and had came in his underwear, he was able to be satisfied for a week saying that he had a good dream rather than falling into vain.

Maybe he would stock up on sleeping pills in order to dream again.


This vivid pleasure, isn’t it a dream It’s good even if it’s a dream

Leon decided to give Aris, who was feeling this way, even greater pleasure.

But it wasn’t too bad.

It may be difficult for the novice Aris to use tools.

First of all, it was her first time getting used to his body rather than a tool.

“Aris, come on up.”

He sat Aris on his lap on top of him.

Leon fitted the tip of his glans to her hole and lowered her waist, and she trembled at the pleasure.

Leon grabbed Aris’s waist and moved her up and down.

After Leon moved a few times, Aris lifted herself up and she moved to find a place she liked.

It was possible because she had already been in the position she had with her older brother during the day.

“Aristasia Verdick, my Aris.”

Leon leisurely took her hand to her pussy, watching his sister pounded above him.

As Aris followed his movements and he pressed his finger on her clitoris, controlling the strength, Aris’s sobbing voices erupted from her mouth.

“Hahuhk, uhht!”

When Aris’s speed slowed down by the too strong pleasure, Leon lifted her from below.

“Aht! Heuk! Ah…!”

Aris was trembling with the climax that came quickly, but Leon ignored her, tormenting her clitoris and stroking his dick under her.

“If the door opens right now, they can see Sister **ing right above me now right”

“Do, don’t!”

“I wish someone would open it.

Who would be good”

Like Evanstein Verdick.

Aris shook her head, Leon right now, looked like he wanted to ran to their older brother’s bedroom where he was sleeping while putting his cock inside her.

Her insides have been putting more pressure on him than ever before.


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