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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (11) – unedited

The sound was not very loud as she had fallen on the carpet, but to the Sword Master’s sensitive hearing, it was as if a chandelier had fallen onto a marble floor.

He opened the door right away without even asking his sister for permission.

This was a privilege given only to him in this mansion.

It was obtained with the consent of his older brother and Aris since the day an assailant broke into Aris’s room.

This was something his older brother couldn’t and shouldn’t have done either.



You told me to drink water, so I was going to drink water.”

“Stay still.”

Leon grabbed Aris and put her down on the bed, then pulled out another glass and poured water.

“Wha, can you hug me”

Who do you think was the one who brought you to this room from the dining room before

“What the hell did you see me as…….”

Aris smiled bashfully and was handed a glass of water.

She couldn’t even drink the water properly, so a stream of water ran down the side of the glass.

Thinking of wanting to lick it, Leon hurriedly avoided his gaze.

To avoid this situation, he pulled the rope and called the servant, lifted the carpet from which the glass had fallen, and turned it over, and ordered that the new carpet be laid when the day is bright as his sister needs to rest.

Seeing Aris behind him, who sighed heavily, she emptied her glass and then grabbed it and stared inside, playing mischievously.

He took her glass and placed it on the table next to her, fearing she would break it again and get hurt.

He then looked to see if she was injured, but luckily she had no scratches on her arms or legs.

The problem was with Leon, who grabbed her by the ankle and looked around.

His eyes were full of worry and lust dwelled in him.

But he was not blind enough to attack his drunken sister.

He laid Aris down on the bed and, barely pulling his hand full of regret, covered her with the blanket.

“It’s hot…….”

“You’ll catch a cold, so I’m covering you well.”

“You can hug me so I won’t catch a cold.”

His name is Leonhard Verdick.

He’s a man who doesn’t know how to give up.

He was not shrewd enough to attack his drunken sister, but it wasn’t a brother’s job to turn down his sister’s wet-eyed request (it was because she had a fever from alcohol, but that didn’t matter to Leon).

Leon quietly took off his coat, hung it on a chair, and laid down next to her.

Aris laid back towards Leon’s side, and she put her arms around his waist and took a deep breath without realizing it.

Although the number of times he attacked her in his dreams is uncountable, Aris in reality was different from his dreams, and he couldn’t even breathe with just this much.

‘No, Leonhard Verdick.

You have to be patient.

It’s Sister’s first time, so you can’t do it while she’s drunk!’

Every time Aris exhaled her breath, there was the scent of alcohol.

He couldn’t understand why the smell of alcohol from Aris was too sweet.

Besides, Aris’s hair that was close because she was holding his body tight and the scent emanating from her body are really…….

Having smelled the perfume of courtesans countless times, he couldn’t understand what was so different from his sister that it made him so nervous.

“Aren’t you going to hug me”

“Who, who is not going to hug you”

Leon quickly put his arms under Aris’ head, gave her his arm as a pillow, and hugged her with his other arm.

By the time he cried out in his mind, “I’m going crazy, I’m really crazy, what should I do, I’m really crazy” dozens of times, Aris raised her white legs and wrapped them around Leon’s lower body.

Leon’s body was as hard as a piece of wood, but since he was not a tree, the cock he had stored in his left thigh became hard and touched her secret place.

He felt all his blood flowing through his body rushing to his lower body.

“Si, sister.”

“It’s Sister, not Aris”

Aris giggled as if hearing a funny joke.

“A, A…… Aris.”


Leon thought deeply.

He can’t touch his drunk sister and he will leave her and return quietly to his own room.

Even though he doesn’t know when an opportunity like this will come, he’ll put up with it for now.

“I wanted to ask you before.”


In a low, hoarse voice, he barely answered.

As if to ridicule Leon, Aris kissed his lips.

Aris was smiling, but Leon couldn’t smile at all.

It wasn’t a kiss that he stole like a thief when his sister was asleep back in the day, it was the kiss his sister gave first.

Flames flew out of his red eyes and blazed as if on fire.

“If I do it first, don’t you like it”

“No, it’s good.

Keep going.”

Leon took Aris in his arms and swallowed her lips in a hurry.

And, faithfully to her instincts, she moved her waist to rub his cock that was touching her secret place.

“Huaa……you asked me to do it, huhk, why are you waiting until I do it first”

“Next time, next time, I’ll do it first.”

Leon continued to rub his cock while Aris spoke, kissing her on her collarbone and nape, sucking in her soft skin, and squeezing her lips.

Aris was thrilled and tired of the pleasure each time her entrance clogged with her underwear touched his pants.

Until today she had struggled with the heavy pleasures, and she could not be satisfied with this.

Aris, who had gained courage from her drunkenness, took his hand and brought it into her slip.


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